Oswego race report 2003-05-10

Oswego, NY - It was like deja vu all over again at Saturday's Oswego Speedway Coca-Cola Kickoff, except that the racing started earlier. Mike Ordway hopped aboard a brand new Clyde Booth creation, and for the second straight opening day, the ...

Oswego, NY - It was like deja vu all over again at Saturday's Oswego Speedway Coca-Cola Kickoff, except that the racing started earlier. Mike Ordway hopped aboard a brand new Clyde Booth creation, and for the second straight opening day, the Fremont, NH driver, ran the number 61 supermodified away from the field. It wasn't a big surprise to anyone who had watched the dynamic duo last season. They won just about every race they ran at Oswego during the regular season. Nothing looked to have changed, except the car.

Mike Bond and Doug Reaume won the companion features in the Limited Supers and Super Stocks respectively.

Mike Ordway climbed out of the silver 61, a bit fatigued after fighting a three-day bug. "This is a brand new car. It's the first race for it and I can't say enough. The car is really good. Clyde designed it and he did one hell of a job on it. I can't say enough for him. I thank him for giving me the opportunity to drive for him again. I've been sick for three days and I'm pretty worn out right now. But, this is great."

Tim Gareau, who came up to challenge fellow Fultonian Bob Goutermout for second after a lap 28 restart, was pleased with his car's performance. "For opening day, I think second is great. It's good just to finish in the top five on opening day. I don't think we had anything for Ordway. He's got a pretty tough car out there. My congratulations to him and Clyde. Second is what you need to win that track championship, if not first. I think I kind of surprised Mike a little bit on that one restart, but he outmotored me. We're real happy. My crew is doing a great job for me and I'd like to thank all my sponsors."

Goutermout, in turn, smiled after his third place run. A tribute, just before the feature start, was paid to his late car owner Don Kerfein Sr., who passed away over the winter. "Third was a great run for us, said Bob. "Once the tires heated up, I got going. The cold tires just weren't going good. I started out a little teary eyed after that dedication to Donald . It was nice of them to do that. Hopefully, we'll turn our season around. We know he's up there watching us. We'll try and do a good job for him."

Joey Hawksby led the way in the supers for the first super main of the season with Bob Goutermout and Brian Sweeney chasing.

On lap 10, yellow fell for Jamie Moore, aboard the Muldoon 50, to slow things down.

On the restart, a shakeup at the front found Bob Goutermout out front as he passed the Hawksby 2 on the backstretch. Mike Ordway followed the 77 by as did Jeff Holbrook one circuit later.

One more lap and another lead change as Ordway put the Booth 61 outside Goutermout off turn four and that's all she wrote. Except for restarts, no one really got close to the 61.

On lap 19, the team cars of Jamie Moore and Dennis Wilson - both Muldoon machines, sat in turn one tangled up with the 56 of Hal LaTulip. Tow trucks had to life the 20 to free the other two. Wilson was hooked with Moore and LaTulip rolling in but not restarting.

Ordway ran comfortably out front as Goutermout and Gareau diced for second. Holbrook Sweeney and Hawksby were still in the mix.

On lap 28, yellow flew again, this time for a hit of the inside hub by Jeff Holbrook, whose 35 suffered some minor damage.

On the restart, Ordway flew away while Gareau stole second from Goutermout. Just after the leaders crossed over the line, red flew for a mess which involved Howie Page, Dave Trytek and Joey Hawksby and then Doug Kells and Bob Bond, a little further up the track. Page, Bond and Kells were pitside, while Hawksby got his spot back for an avoidance spin. He probably wished he hadn't. On lap 33, Joey Hawksby took another wild ride at Oswego Speedway. Coming out of two, he was just ahead of Jerry Curran. The 2 came around, went right and then left, catching Curran's tire and then slow rolling off the back stretch wall. With Jerry Curran ending up backwards in turn three, he had full view of Hawksby's 2 sliding at him upside down. Joey was okay after the spectacular crash and a visit to the ambulance. He said later that something may have broken in the car just prior to the hit.

After a lengthy delay, the race resumed. On this restart, Tim Gareau actually got alongside of Ordway, but only for a brief moment before the 61 pulled out front again. It was Ordway's race to win now and he did it handily. Gareau settled in for second, Goutermout third, Joe Gosek, driving for Tim Snyder whose father-in-law had passed away during the week, and Brian Sweeney, rounding out the top five in a decimated field.

Mike Bozzuto, who had won his very first checkered earlier in the day, took up a strong lead for 6 laps in the limited super main before Mike Bond went outside four cars and took over the point.

Steve Austin and Jack Patrick brought out the yellow moments later with Patrick suffering some severe damage to his number 9. Bond began to pull away from the field with J.J. Andrews, Bob Bogwicz, Gregg Davis and Billy Izyk in hot pursuit.

Yellow fell again for a three-car tangle out back with several cars pitting in the interim, including the 8 of the former leader.

Bond was up to fending off Andrews' advances on the restart. Davis, Bogwicz and Izyk were chased down now by Kevin Knopp, Chris Proud and Shawn Walker. Davis made a move on Andrews and took second on lap 19. Davis was now chasing his own car, driven by Bond.

Yellow brought the field together once more with a spin by defending champion Mark Regan.

With five to go, Davis tried to take the lead, but couldn't. J.J. Andrews never let up on Davis as Bogwicz and Izyk were also right in the hunt. Davis made one last attempt to pull by as they came off four for the checkered, but to no avail. It was Mike Bond with the first limited feature win of the season, Davis, Andrews, Bogwicz and Izyk rounding out the top five.

Said Bond in reference to the bonsai pass for the lead, "I just put it out there and kept going. After the red flag the car was never the same after that. This is Gregg Davis' backup car. I'd like to thank Gregg and Mike O'Connor for letting me drive it. Hopefully, I'll be driving it this year if Gregg doesn't kick me out of it.."

Syracusan Dave Reaume led flag to flag in the super stock 20 lapper which was slowed by only one caution/red for a long cleanup after the 22 of Randy Storms spewed fluids all around on lap 2.

Reaume had Joe Skilinski's 4 right behind him for a while, but he soon put some distance between his 99 and the 4. Skilinski had Bobby Newman and Joe Miller to contend with while Reaume ran away. Miller, the defending super stock champ, almost had Newman on several occasions, but just couldn't muster enough to get by. Dave Bock, Don Pringle, Chris Lupa and Jason Spaulding raced a distance behind the battle for third.

At the checkered, it was Reaume, Skilinski, Newman, Miller and Bock finishing the way they had run for some time.

"I tried staying below the oil down there figuring if I could stay below that and get off the corner good, I could stay out front," said Reaume of his race strategy. "This is only my second year in the super stocks. I ran this car all last year. I built it myself with help from Lou LeVea, Bill Moore, Joe Miller and others. I plan on running a limited this year too, but the car wasn't ready yet. I'd like to thank everybody... Wilbur Duck Chevrolet, the Carpet Man and Lou of Volney Tire."

Oswego is closed May 17 and reopens for the second afternoon show of May with the Jim Shampine Memorial 50's for Oswego and ISMA supers on May 24.


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