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CARSTAR Monte Carlo banged up at Flamboro! Hard earned fifth place for Russ Bond at Flamboro Speedway FLAMBOROUGH ONTARIO The CARSTAR Monte Carlo had an adventurous night of racing last Saturday in the penultimate round of the...

CARSTAR Monte Carlo banged up at Flamboro!
Hard earned fifth place for Russ Bond at Flamboro Speedway

FLAMBOROUGH ONTARIO The CARSTAR Monte Carlo had an adventurous night of racing last Saturday in the penultimate round of the 2004 Ontario Pro Challenge Series. "Well, it's a really good thing that I have the best collision repair centers in North America as a sponsor," driver Russ Bond said after a hectic night behind the wheel of the CARSTAR Monte Carlo. "They have some extra work to do this week as the CARSTAR Monte Carlo got 'modified' several times! The good thing is that all the CARSTAR locations do fantastic work, so no matter which location fixes the car, it will look fantastic again when we head to Peterborough for the season finale."

In the first heat, Bond lined up third and had a door banging battle with the #88 of Tim Norris for most of the race. "That was fun," Bond said. "Tim is good to race with, he gives you room, and we banged a bit, but judging from the crowd response, the donuts were worth it."

In heat two, Bond lined up sixth and moved forward to third, but had another side to side battle, this time with the International Truck and Engine Pontiac of Ken Nicholson. "Normally you get hung on the outside, but I think the outside was actually a little better I was on the inside. Again, it was a great battle with Ken this is why we do this."

In the final, Bond settled into fourth on the start then, bang! "The last I heard on the radio was three car lengths, so it was a bit of a surprise," Bond said of the incident. The impact knocked the rear bumper cover off, but the CARSTAR Monte Carlo was able to continue albeit at the back of the pack.

By the end of the feature, a well worn CARSTAR Monte Carlo had moved back up to fifth. "I think we put on as a series one of the best shows ever in the three year history of the series. It was great to be part of it. Fans come out to see good, hard, stock car racing and there is no doubt that all the drivers in this series gave it their all tonight it was really fun."


The CARSTAR Monte Carlo of Russ Bond will be at the Big Brothers Soap Box Derby at Hyde Park next Saturday. "This is a great event," Bond said. "It is a huge thrill for us to have the honour of taking the winner of the derby up and down the hill in the passenger seat of the CARSTAR Monte Carlo. It is a 'victory lap' for the youngster and their Big Brother."

SOAP BOX DERBY INFORMATION - Each year Big and Little Brothers and Sisters work together on a special project which produces memories that last a lifetime. They build a Soap Box car together and participate in the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Toronto's Soap Box Derby.

Date: Saturday September 11, 2004 (rain date Sept. 12th)
Location: Centre Road in High Park across from Grenadier Restaurant.
Time: 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Originating in 1967, the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Toronto Annual Soap Box Derby and Celebrity Challenge for the Midas Gold Cup is one of the oldest and largest events of its kind in Canada. It has become an institution and a major highlight of September's Big Brothers' and Big Sisters' Month volunteer recruitment campaign. The experience provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about individual talents and relationships. The race day provides a further life-learning experience for the Little Brothers and Sisters, who must deal with victory or defeat. This experience is gained in an ideal situation as the results of the day can be shared by the Big and Little Brother or Sister team, in what has always been a cooperative environment.

To start the event, Politicians and Celebrities race to raise awareness of our new programs which make volunteering easier and the constant need for new volunteers. As the day continues, see what being a Big Brother and Big Sister is all about as you watch Little Brothers and Little Sisters race their soap box cars.

The event participation is open only to Big and Little Brothers and Sisters, media and politicians. However, we love spectators and it is very fun to watch.

If you are participating in one of our programs and are interested in racing or just learning more about the event, watch for one of the Soap Box Derby Workshop and Information Meetings, usually held in April, and you can get all your questions answered. To register for a workshop and/or to learn more about the Soap Box Derby, contact Gary Nurse by emailing gnurse@bbbst.com.


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