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CARSTAR Monte Carlo wins at Sunset! Russ Bond takes heat ...

CARSTAR Monte Carlo wins at Sunset!
Russ Bond takes heat #1 at Sunset Speedway -- then has opening on race team

STROUD, ONTARIO -- The Ontario Pro Challenge Series made its final appearance of the year at Sunset Speedway, and the CARSTAR Monte Carlo of Russ Bond claimed heat race #1 and finished third in heat #2 before the night was cancelled due to rain.

"So far it had been a good night for us," Bond said. "But I should add we now have an opening on our race team. We need someone that can draw pills better than me -- which shouldn't be hard."

Bond used www.guysgarageshow.com co host 'JohnnyB' to draw the original 'pill' of five which put the CARSTAR Monte Carlo in third place for heat #1. "That was the best we have started in a while and the crew of Mike Goodyear, Mike Dion and Vladimir Jonak had the car in top shape -- it went straight forward."

After taking the win, and finishing third in heat #2, Bond had to draw the 'inversion pill' for the feature lineup. "Once again I proved that I am the worse person on the planet to draw the inversion pill!" Bond said after drawing a five. "There are only six in there! At Mosport, I went from sixth on the grid to win, then drew a six, which put me right back where I started. Here I get to the front and put myself back to fifth."

That fifth was never tested as the rains came and the CARSTAR Monte Carlo was loaded up for the ride back to the Jonak Brothers Shop in Milton, Ontario, where it will be cleaned up before heading out to a CARSTAR promotional event in Brantford on Tuesday.

"I think we could have moved up in the final, but it would have been tough. To be honest, I don't really have a problem with the pill draw -- it is the same for everyone -- I just have a problem with me pulling the pill. If there's a certified 'great pill drawer" out , there, call me...please!"

The CARSTAR Monte Carlo's next race is at Flamboro Speedway this coming weekend


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