Ocala results 2005-06-08

Anderson shows the Way for Powell Memorial at Ocala Speedway With lightning dancing across the evening skies, no rain stopped the 10th Annual Powell Memorial. With twenty one of the finest Super Late Model drivers around, it was...

Anderson shows the Way for Powell Memorial at Ocala Speedway

With lightning dancing across the evening skies, no rain stopped the 10th Annual Powell Memorial. With twenty one of the finest Super Late Model drivers around, it was Gainesville's Jay Middleton who set fast time followed by Brian Finney, Mike Fritts, Wayne Anderson and Jeff Choquette.

As each driver was introduced to the crowd, fans waited for that magic moment that is music to the ears, "Gentlemen, Start your Engines."

The field was started straight up, no pill was drawn. Jay Middleton set on the pole with Brian Finney on the outside pole. As the green flag waved, Middleton and Finney were racing each other hard for that number one spot when Ryan Foster and Scott Grossenbacher got together coming off four. Grossenbacher hit the frontstretch wall hard but luckily was unhurt. Foster also suffered severe damage to his car and was done for the night.

The track was cleared and cleaned and a complete restart was in order. Middleton got the jump and took the lead followed by Mike Fritts, Brian Finney, Wayne Anderson and Jeff Choquette. Anderson puts pressure on Finney and takes over third as Finney slides back to fourth. Finney gets stuck on the outside and shuffled back to seventh as Rich Pratt moves into fifth and James Powell to sixth.

The yellow comes out again on lap 5 for Herb Neumann, Brock Oglesby and Troy Robinson as they get together in turn 1. Oglesby retires to the pits for some crew attention but returns for the green flag. Middleton takes the lead once again on lap 12 followed by Fritts, Anderson, Choquette, Pratt, Powell, Finney, Michael Williams, Daryl Shelnut, and Kevin Durden.

By lap 19, Finney has worked his way back up to sixth and looks to be on a mission. Top ten are Middleton, Fritts, Anderson, Choquette, Pratt, Finney, Powell, Williams, Durden, and Shelnut. By lap 29, Fritts is putting pressure on Middleton but Middleton is able to hold but by lap 30, Fritts takes the lead with Anderson in hot pursuit of Fritts. Middleton settles into third followed by Choquette and Pratt.

Lap 34 sees the yellow again as Durden spins coming off 4 with Shelnut spinning into the infield avoiding Durden. Durden retires to the pits and the race is red flagged on lap 39 for track clean-up. Once the track was clear, it was back to green flag racing as Fritts shows the way over Anderson, Middleton, Choquette, Pratt, Finney, Powell, Williams, Shelnut and Jason Boyd.

Fritts and Anderson take off leaving the rest of the field to battle among themselves. Anderson is hot on Fritts but Fritts is not having anything to do with the pressure. By lap 58, Choquette finds his hands full of Finney who is trying to get the fourth place spot. Both have to let off to correct with Powell and Williams taking advantage and moving into fourth and fifth as Finney settles into sixth and Choquette seventh.

Lap 64 sees the yellow as Neumann, Keith Zavrel and Jeremy Gerstner spin in turn 4. All are fine but the track is not and once again the red flag comes out for track clean-up. Lap 70 sees the green with Fritts, Anderson, Middleton, Powell, Williams, Finney, Pratt, Choquette, Boyd and Shelnut in the top ten.

But only two laps after the restart, Brian Finney hits the frontstretch wall hard and the race goes yellow. Finney is fine but that cannot be said for his car which is obviously severely damaged. Once again the race must be red flagged for track clean-up.

Lap 74 sees the green with Fritts in the lead but Anderson gives Fritts a little love kiss causing Fritts to have to let off to correct. Anderson takes the lead as Fritts slides back to seventh. Now it is Anderson, Middleton, Powell, Williams and Pratt in the top five.

Lap 78 sees Fain Skinner and Daryl Shelnut doing some close racing. Shelnut holds his position and Skinner has a slightly bent hood. By lap 83 it is Anderson, Middleton, Powell, Pratt, Williams, Fritts, Choquette, Boyd and Shelnut leading the way. Powell shows his desire for the win as he puts the pressure on Middleton and takes over second followed by Pratt, Williams and Fritts. Middleton settles into sixth.

Fritts is showing that he still has the car to beat as he takes over fourth from Williams and Williams goes to fifth. By lap 91, Skinner has finally gotten around Shelnut for ninth. Now it is Anderson, Powell, Pratt, Fritts, Williams, Middleton, Choquette, Boyd, Skinner and Shelnut.

Boyd is all over Choquette but Choquette holds. Boyd tries again but spins out and into the infield coming off four on lap 98. Boyd is told to go to the rear of the field but decides with so few laps left to retire to the pits and save the car.

Lap 100 sees the green as Anderson leads the way over Powell, Pratt, Fritts, Williams, Middleton, Choquette, Skinner, Shelnut and Neumann. Fritts shows his muscle one more time on lap 106 as he passes Pratt and takes over third with Pratt going to fourth.

Just as it looks like clear sailing for Anderson, the yellow comes out again for Neumann who has spun coming off four. The end is almost in sight as the race goes back green on lap 120 but one lap later Robbie Smith brings out the yellow as he spins in turn 4. The cars are realigned for hopefully the last yellow of the race.

Anderson once again takes the lead on the green with Powell hot in pursuit. But Powell just does not have enough power to overtake Anderson as Anderson takes his fifth win in the Powell Memorial. Following Anderson across the checkered is James Powell, Mike Fritts, Rich Pratt, Michael Williams, Jay Middleton, Jeff Choquette, Fain Skinner, Daryl Shelnut and Herb Neumann.


1. #84 Wayne Anderson
2. #57 James Powell
3. #27 Mike Fritts
4. #0 Rich Pratt
5. #32 Michael Williams
6. #74 Jay Middleton
7. #70 Jeff Choquette
8. #1 Fain Skinner
9. #77 Daryl Shelnut
10. #98 Herb Neumann
11. #47x Keith Zavrel
12. #01 Robbie Smith
13. #65 Jeremy Gerstner
14. #88 Brock Oglesby
15. #54 Kevin Bryant
16. #92 Jason Boyd
17. #0B Troy Robinson
18. #80 Brian Finney
19. #17 Kevin Durden
20. #09 Scott Grossenbacher
21. #10 Ryan Foster


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