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3 OUT OF 4 - WHO CAN ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE! Lake City, Fla. - The National Late Model Sportsman Series took their traveling road to show to the tight 3/8 mile oil treated oval of Lake City Speedway and after an exciting 100 laps late model...


Lake City, Fla. - The National Late Model Sportsman Series took their traveling road to show to the tight 3/8 mile oil treated oval of Lake City Speedway and after an exciting 100 laps late model action, 4 leaders and 8 cautions the face of the winning driver was a familiar one for fans and competitors alike. Driving the Hollywood GRIT/Beaver/ Budweiser/Southway Industrial Services/Piping Services Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 1995 NLMS Series Champion Skip Pannell of Albany, Ga. held off the late race challenge of Billy Godowns in the Walter Newman/Wynns/Henderson Chevrolet/Godowns Farms Chevrolet Monte Carlo to take his third win in the last four Southern Dirt Tour races. Dewayne Johnson of Columbus, Ga. in the W.J. Plemons Insurance/Truitt Oil Chevrolet came home third.

“This was tough one,” Pannell said afterwards. “The car was not right for the first third of the race, but then it got really good in the middle but faded at the end. The car would get loose if I went into the turns too hard, and if I slowed too much it would tighten up. The crew told me that I was not shaking Billy (Godowns) so I just did everything I could to hold him off. This is our third win since Budweiser came on board with us and Southway Industrial Services and Piping Services have really helped us get this team where it is now. We certainly could not have done it without them.”

David Browning of Jacksonville, Fla. in the Russell Brown/Scruggs/Durham Building Materials Chevrolet set the fast time in qualifying and then won his heat race to capture the pole for the start of the Pat Mitchum Memorial 100. When the green flag fell on the 25 car starting field, Browning jumped into the early lead with Ivedent Lloyd in second, Tuck Trentham third, Pannell fourth and Keith Philman in fifth.

The field wasted little time to start shuffling positions as Toby Justice took the high line in turn two to pass Steve Lashley on the second lap and 1998 Series Champion Cecil Eunice and Michael Lloyd also went high to pass Kasey O’Steen on lap 3 along the front straight. Browning and I. Lloyd were slowly opening a small gap between their two car battle and the rest of the tightly bunched field led by Trentham, but on lap 7 Billy Godowns dropped to the low side coming off turn four and passed Keith Philman on the inside down the front straight.

The first caution of the race came out on lap 15 when Wesley Hood lost his motor in a big way on the front straight. Tuck Trentham also went to the pits with was determined to a cracked block at the same time as did Jeff Gordon who lost his drive shaft. With two of the top ten out of the race early the order at the front saw Browning still leading I. Lloyd with Pannell, Godowns, Philman, Johnny Lieupo, Dewayne Johnson, Justice and Lashley rounding out the top ten.

On the restart both Johnny Collins and Eunice slipped inside Lee Newsome in turns one and two while the rest of the field were battling hard for position. Browning and Lloyd began to pull out to a slight lead with Lloyd glued right to the back bumper of the leader. In third, Godowns was putting heavy pressure on Pannell and Eunice continued to move through the field as he passed Bobby Oglesby and Richard Ferry. As the leaders began to work lapped traffic, the battles to prevent from being lapped intensified at the rear of the field as Terry Lumley and Lonnie Roberts worked hard to find a way around Wayne Shugart, and Newsome.

On lap 44 the leaders came up on the slower car of Rance Phillips as they roared through turns three and four. Phillips, obviously suffering a problem in keeping his car running attempted to make an entrance to pit road and Browning had to brake hard to avoid him. Lloyd went low, into the dirt, and slipped by on the inside to take the lead, Browning was able to get around Phillips and hold second while Pannell went high and almost hit the wall and Godowns, unable to see much in the dust, hit the rear of Phillips, hastening his entrance to the pits. All of the leaders were able to continue, but now with Lloyd leading Browning, Pannell and Godowns.

The next caution came out on lap 49 when Lashley spun to the inside in turn four, giving everyone a breather. Lieupo had now moved into fifth followed by Johnson with Philman relegated to seventh. Also making his first appearance in the top ten was Henry Carter who was ninth with Justice holding down tenth.

Lloyd, the 1996 Series Champion, was able to pull out to a five car length lead on the restart and seemed to be cruising easily when, on lap 54 he slowed on the back straight and coasted around to the pit entrance with an overheating engine, handing the point back to Browning. By this time Eunice was working his way through the top ten, after having to make the field through a consolation race.

On lap 69 as the cars crossed the start finish line and headed into turn one, Browning continued straight on, and only a hard application of the brakes kept him from exiting the track over the top of turn one and the caution was out again. Browning was later found to have broken an upper control arm, and thus ended his run and Pannell now inherited the lead.

The order, as the race went back to green, was Pannell, closely pursued by Godowns, Johnson, Philman, Eunice, Carter, Lieupo, Justice, Oglesby and Ferry. On lap 70 Eunice made the pass on Philman in turn four and closed in on Johnson. Johnson now was under heavy pressure while Pannell had managed to open a two car length lead over Godowns.

Two quick cautions, on lap 81 when Terry Lumley and Justice got together on the back straight, ending Justice’s race, and when Philman spun in turn two collecting both Carter and Lieupo, slowed the race, but while Carter had to make a quick visit to the pits for repairs to his nose, all three were able to continue. As the field returned to full speed racing, Oglesby went inside Ferry in turn two on lap 83 only to slow one lap later and retire to the pits with rear suspension problems.

As the race moved into the final ten laps, Godowns was right on the rear bumper of Pannell, and this time Pannell was unable to pull away. Godowns tried the high side and tried the low side, but could not get alongside the leader. Carter meanwhile, was charging back through the field after his pit stop and passed Lieupo, Philman and Newsome in short order.

With two laps left Pannell and Godowns roared down the front straight with Godowns nose firmly under the rear bumper of Pannell’s car, bringing the large crowd to its feet, but Godowns backed off as the two entered turn one and again tried to make a move coming out of turn two. Although he was able to get his nose up to the rear wheel of Pannell, Godowns smartly backed off as they entered turn three. The duel continued as the white flag flew, and again Godowns tried to make a pass down the inside on the front straight, but Pannell was protecting his spot and countered the move as they headed into turn one for the final time. Godowns final gasp was made down the back straight, but Pannell was able to get a good bite coming out of two and Godowns had to settle for second place at the checkered flag. Johnson was able to fend of Eunice and take third, while Wayne Shugart had quietly worked his way through the field to nab fifth. Carter’s charge netted him a sixth place finish. Lieupo, Philman, Newsome and Lumley rounded out the top ten.

There were 36 cars on hand for the event with David Browning’s lap of 17.49 leading the qualifying. Browning, Trentham, Pannell and Ivedent Lloyd won the heat races while Lee Newsome and Johnny Collins won the two Consolation races. Cecil Eunice was the race’s Hard Charger as he advanced from 22nd starting position to a fourth place finish. The next event for the National Late Models Sportsman Series will be March 26 and 27 at Waycross (Ga.) Motor Speedway.

Lake City Speedway - RIS - Provisional results for the National Late Model Sportsman Series, Pat Mitchum Memorial 100:

Ps.Ql.No.  Driver , Car                                          Laps  Notes
-- -- ---- ----------------------------------------------------- ----- -------
 1     P1  Skip Pannell, Albany, GA Southway Industrial ServChev 100          
 2     20  Billy Godowns, Louisville GA Godowns Farm        Chev 100          
 3     45  Dewayne Johnson, Columbus GA WJ Plemons InsuranceChev 100          
 4     22  Cecil Eunice, Blackshear GA Norman Pont/Ace Pole Chev 100          
 5      1  Wayne Shugart, St Augustine FL Shugart Oyster HseChev 100          
 6     28  Henry Carter, Swainsboro GA Mimbs Farm           Chev 100          
 7     12  Johnny Lieupo, Valdosta GA Lieupo Motorsports    Chev 100          
 8     83  Keith Philman, Bell FL Philman Silage Harvesting Chev 100          
 9     07  Lee Newsome, Valdosta GA Azalea City Pressure WshChev 100          
10      4  Terry Lumley, Swainsboro GA Rhino Linings        Chev  98          
11     19  Kasey O'Steen, Waycross GA Satilla Motors/KFC    Chev  97          
12      3  Steve Lashley, Americus GA C&J Pallett/WISK 98.7 Chev  86          
13     17  Richard Ferry, Lake City, FL                     Chev  85          
14     37  Bobby Oglesby, Bloomingdale GA TE Hughes/D. TutenChev  84          
15     91  Toby Justice, Waycross GA Big River Oil          Chev  81          
16      7  David Browning, Jacksonville FL Durham           Chev  67          
17     21  Ivedent Lloyd, Ocala FL Koury/Snow Brothers      Chev  53          
18     46  Everett Phillips, Lake City FL Everett Custon SerChev  48          
19     27  Rance Phillips, Branford FL Columbia Title Loan  Chev  43          
20      O  Johnny Collins, Jacksonville, FL Danny Clanton   Chev  37          
21     81  Lonnie Roberts                                   Chev  37          
22     18  Michael Lloyd, Jacksonville FL Lumber Unlimited  Chev  29          
23     54  Tuck Trentham, Deland FL Koury/Kar House         Chev  15          
24     57  Wesley Hood, Cowpens SC Clary Hood Inc.          Chev  15          
25    114  Jeff Gordon, Alabany GA RV Specialties           Chev  15          

Track Length : 0.3750 Miles

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