New Smyrna results 2005-06-25

McLeod leads the way for Super Lates at New Smyrna Speedway Samsula, Fla. (June 25, 2005) Don't look at weather radar because if you do, you may just see the wrong thing. The radar looked very, very bad. Black clouds looked like the bottom was...

McLeod leads the way for Super Lates at New Smyrna Speedway

Samsula, Fla. (June 25, 2005) Don't look at weather radar because if you do, you may just see the wrong thing. The radar looked very, very bad. Black clouds looked like the bottom was going to just fall out but New Smyrna Speedway lucked out for a second week in a row and was able to get the full program in. Because of the rainy weather that has covered the state of Florida, heat races were cancelled and only features run.

Today it is very hard on everyone, economy wise, and when the weather looks as bad as it did, alot of racers just don't come thinking they will spend all that money getting to the truck only to be sent home without one lap down due to weather. You can't blame them, gas is just too precious today. But there were a few brave ones even some deperate ones from Orlando SpeedWorld, who normally only race there, who needed a racing fix after four weeks of nothing but rainouts.

This was the last race for the Super Lates before the big July 3rd event in which they could check out and fine tune their cars.B.J. McLeod had the pole for the 25 lap feature and proved to himself and the fans that he can still put on one heck of a show.

B.J. held off the hard charge, and I do mean hard charge because that is what David Rogers is best at, of David Rogers lap after lap to take his first checkered flag for the 2005 season. Crossing the checkered behind McLeod and Rogers was David Froelich, "Hottie" Scotty Crockett, and Jared Allison. Dave Riley of Melbourne came in sixth in his brand new Super Late which is a very nice looking car and still being fine tuned.

Mark Smith had the pole for the Late Model feature but found his hands full right off the bat with Rusty Ebersole. Ebersole and Smith went side-by-side as Ebersole finally took the lead followed by Smith, Alli Owens, Charles Kopach, and Duane Schubert.

Kopach passed Owens for third with a very fast Sam Watts coming from the rear for fourth and Owens in fifth. A.J. Curreli was making his presence known as Watts passed Kopach for third. The caution came out for Schubert and Curreli as they got together in turns 3 and 4. Both were fine but done for the night and went into the pits.

Ebersole took the point on the restart followed by Smith, Kopach, Watts, and Owens. But it did not take Watts, winner of last week's Late Model feature, long to pass Kopach and begin to reel in Ebersole for the point. Watts finally made his move and took over as Kopach came with him putting Ebersole in third. Watts took the checkered for his second win in a row over Charles Kopach, Rusty Ebersole, Alli Owens, and Mark Smith.

Ted Helmes had the pole for the Open Wheel Modified feature but it was Art Kunzeman who took the lead on the green followed by Bobby Blake, Ted Helmes, Alan Bruns and Tank Tucker. Tucker wasted little time coming up and taking over third from Helmes as Helmes went to fourth. By WATCH OUT, Jerry Symons has now shown his face and is in fifth.

The yellow is thrown when Helmes loses his motor in turn 4. Helmes goes into the pit and done for the night. On the restart, here comes Tucker who quickly takes the point over Blake, Jerry Symons and Brad May. Rob Partelo brings out the yellow as he visits the frontstretch wall. Partelo is now done for the night.

Tucker holds the point on the restart followed by Bobby Blake, Jerry Symons, Brad May, and Chuck Burkhalter (now that is a top five). Symons puts pressure on Blake who fights but can't hold off Symons as Symons takes over second. Then Brad May shows his power and passes Blake for third as Blake settles into fourth with Burkhalter now behind him. Burkhalter does not want fifth at all and puts the pressure on Blake and takes over fourth.

Tucker does not yield and takes the checkered for yet another win at New Smyrna Speedway followed by Jerry Symons, Brad May, Chuck Burkhalter and Bobby Blake.

Pro Trucks are also getting ready for Sunday, July 3rd, as they go 50 laps. Ron Dubeau has the pole for the feature but it is Marty Wolf and Bill Stacy who go side-by-side right off the bat. But a spin by Vic Slacker on the frontstrech brings the field under yellow. On the restart, it is Wolf, Stacy, Scott Reeves, A.J. Curreli and C.J. Calabrese in the top five.

Reeves, who debuted his new truck last weekend, proved he did alot of homework over the week as he takes over second. Curreli goes along with Reeves taking over third as Stacy goes to fourth followed by Calabrese in fifth. Suddenly Curreli begins to slow and must pull his truck into the pits after a very good run. The yellow comes out to check the track and once again, the field is realigned.

Wolf takes little time taking the point over Reeves, Stacy, Slacker, and Calabrese. But it is obvious that Calabrese is fighting a loose truck as he slides in the corners. Dubeau takes advantage of this problem and takes over fifth with Calabrese going to sixth. Wolf takes the checkered for his first feature win followed by Scott Reeves, Bill Stacy, Vic Slacker, and Ron Dubeau.

Bruce Wingate had the pole for thye Super Stock feature but spun going into turn one bringing out the yellow before the first lap was down. Several cars had flat tires and had to pit but were able to rejoin the field for the green. On the second green it was Josh Wronkowski who took the point followed by Bill Wingate, James Adams, Jason Foster, and Faris Crews.

Crews passes Adams and takes over fourth as Adams settles into fifth. The yellow comes out again for Crews and Wingate who have gotten together in turn 3. Once again Crews has a flat tire and must pit for a change. The race goes green with Wronkowski on the point followed by Foster, Barber, Bruce McGonigal Jr., and JT Tippins who has a slightly damaged front from the first caution of the race. Wronkowski holds on and takes the checkered followed by Jason Foster, Ed Barber, James Adams and JT Tippins.

Mike Wofford had the pole for the Strictly Stock feature but it was Jose Rivera who took the point over Maureen Dahm, Ray Tanguay, Nick Boley and Jeremy Hovencamp. Hovencamp was shaking down the car which his sister will race in the Strictly Stock division. Tanguay takes over second with Boley in third followed by Hovencamp and Dahm. Andy Richards, who runs the Strictly Stock division at Orlando SpeedWorld, makes his presence known as he takes over fifth. Ken Walker brings out the yellow on lap 10 when he spins and goes in for the night.

Rivera holds the point for the restart and takes the checkered followed by Ray Tanguay, Nick Boley, Andy Richards, and Chris Ridley.

<pre> SUPER LATE MODELS 1. #78 B.J. McLeod 2. #11 David Rogers 3. #22 David Froehlich 4. #28 Scotty Crockett 5. #18 Jared Allison 6. #05 Dave Riley

LATE MODEL 1. #73 Sam Watts 2. #53 Charles Kopach 3. #23 Rusty Ebersole 4. #22 Alli Owens 5. #48 Mark Smith 6. #20 Brett Baltimire 7. #2 A.J. Curreli 8. #39 Duane Schubert 9. #53x Darren Brown

OPEN WHEEL MODIFIED 1. #15 Tank Tucker 2. #66 Jerry Symons 3. #00 Brad May 4. #51 Chuck Burkhalter 5. #2x Bobby Blake 6. #4b Alan Bruns 7. #05 Dan Lane 8. #9 Art Kunzeman 9. #93 Rob Partelo 10. #61 Ted Helmes 11. #18 Jared Allison

PRO TRUCKS 1. #9 Marty Wolf 2. #21 Scott Reeves 3. #32 Bill Stacy 4. #07 Vic Slacker 5. #11 Ron Dubeau 6. #38 C.J. Calabrese 7. #47 Tim Bagnall 8. #11k A.J. Curreli

SPORTSMAN 1. #07 Ron Lufcy 2. #111 Donny Williams 3. #55 Jim Snyder 4. #63 Dale Howard 5. #70 John Nusbaum 6. #25 Timmy Todd Jr. 7. #18 Ken Lewton 8. #6 Bruce McGonigal 9. #C-88 Big John Cannon

SUPER STOCK 1. #21 Josh Wronkowski 2. #49 Jason Foster 3. #123 Ed Barber 4. #29 James Adams 5. #31 JT Tippins 6. #22 Bruce McGonigal Jr. 7. #210 Bill Wingate 8. #33 Bruce Wingate 9. #8up Faris Crews 10. #31x Rich Lindner 11. #07 Buck Atherton

STRICTLY STOCK 1. #73 Jose Rivera 2. #007 Ray Tanguay 3. #88 Nick Boley 4. #33 Andy Richards 5. #11 Chris Ridley 6. #68 Alvin Morris 7. #21 Maureen Dahm 8. #16 Jeremy Hovencamp 9. #51 Johyn Cast 10. #15 Mike Wofford 11. #61 Ken Walker


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