New Egypt Speedway Results 98-08-29

New Egypt, NJ, August 29, 1998...... Kenny Brightbill of Sinking Spring, PA captured his eighth win of the season, and his 3rd of the last four, at the New Egypt Speedway in the 30 lap Modified feature Saturday night. Brightbill started 14th on...

New Egypt, NJ, August 29, 1998...... Kenny Brightbill of Sinking Spring, PA captured his eighth win of the season, and his 3rd of the last four, at the New Egypt Speedway in the 30 lap Modified feature Saturday night. Brightbill started 14th on the grid and raced quickly to the front. “I just want to thank my crew tonight,” stated the modest Brightbill, “They have done a great job getting the car set-up here this month.”

Bob Drayton lead the 25 car field down to starter Frank Resta’s green flag. After a couple of quick yellows, Drayton assumed command in his Mr. Bob’s #09 followed closely by Scott Van Gorder and Donnie Radd. By lap 7, Drayton still held the top spot running the low groove, however Mark Bitner was on the move as he used the cushion to take second from Van Gorder. Bitner quickly closed in on Drayton, and on lap 10 he raced his #27kc around the outside to become the second leader of the race. However, Brightbill was quickly showing that he was the fastest car in the field as he was already in the top five.

Brightbill raced both high and low, working his way up to second on lap twelve. It then took him only two laps to catch “Mr. Twister” (Bitner) and make what would turn out to be the winning pass. Once in front, Brightbill seemed to be the class of the field as he raced to a straightaway advantage. But last weeks winner Johnny Leach had other idea’s as he raced his Delran Auto Body #99 into the top five just as Brightbill had taken the lead. Leach was obviously really hooked up as he went from fifth to second in just two laps! One lap later, the caution appeared, erasing Brightbill’s huge lead and putting Leach right on his back bumper.

When the race returned to green, Leach kept pace with Brightbill, trying to stay within striking range. However, Brightbill was just too strong as he drove the Tabloid Graphics/International Masonry Institute #19 under the checkered more than a 1/2 of straightaway ahead of his competition.

Bitner came on strong late in the event to claim second, followed by Scott Van Gorder in his Active Tree Service #17. Steve Moss drove a strong race to capture fourth in his #87, and Leach did a great job to keep his car from spinning with five to go as he then held on for fifth. Rounding out the top ten were Roger Laureno, Bob Bauma, Drayton, Mike Sena, and Tim Tanner Sr. The three heat winners were Brightbill, Radd, and Van Gorder with Tom Hager taking the consolation.

In the Mid-State Communications 5 lap Cash Dash, which pits the nights heat winners against last weeks feature winner Kenny Brightbill won his fourth Dash of the season picking up $290 for his effort.

In the 25 lap URC Bar’s Leaks Sprint Car feature, Greg Coverdale of Milford DE made it two for two at New Egypt this season. Coverdale started 12th in the 24 car field, and quickly raced to the front using the cushion on the fast, tacky D-shaped oval. Coverdale moved to second on lap 6, then caught early leader and rookie Chris Coyle in lapped traffic. Coverdale raced around the outside of Coyle 3 wide on the backstretch for the winning pass on lap #9. With just five to go, Kramer Williamson closed in on Coverdale’s Weidel Realtors #63 in heavy lapped traffic, but Coverdale worked the traffic ahead of him perfectly to record his fifth URC win of the season. Coverdale has been on fire in August as this was his third victory this month in just four races.

Williamson of Palmyra, PA came home second in his Tastycake sponsored #2, followed by current point leader Curt Michael of Ocean View DE in the Mica Farms #6. Jeremy Trout of York, PA continues to strengthen his claim on “Rookie of the year” honors as he finished fourth in his #3, while Jimmy Stitzel of Blandon, PA was the hard charger of the event as he came all the way from his 16th starting spot to claim fifth in his #12. Heats went to Jon Eldreth, Coyle and Coverdale with Tom Fraschetta winning the B-main.

In the 20 lap Sportsman feature event, Larry Archer of East Windsor NJ drove to his first win at the New Egypt Speedway this season. Archer raced into the lead on lap 2 from his third starting spot and never looked back. Despite not being able to run away from the competition, Archer was strong enough on this night to win by 8 car lengths in the John Chemidlin owned Edison Generator #747. Bob Worthington of Mt. Laurel NJ finished second while Jack Swain of Tabernacle NJ was third. Six-time winner Larry McVay of Flemington NJ finished fourth in the Moss Landscaping #83 followed by Jim Dallet of Vineland NJ in fifth. Sportsman heats were won by Archer, Rich Scagliotta and McVay while Tom Eppolite Jr. won the consolation.

In the fifteen lap Street Stock feature, Pat Freiberger of Allentown NJ grabbed his fourth feature win this year in his own #x1. Ralph Garguilo of Brick NJ continues to run strong every week finishing second in his #08, followed by Mick Search of Allentown NJ third in the #14. Ted Hargrove of Pemberton NJ and point leader Jeff “the jet” Carpenter of Howell NJ rounded out the top five.

The track was very fast all night as three track records were established in the heat races as well as a new record in the Cash Dash. Larry McVay set a new 8-lap Sportsman record in the third heat with a time of 2:15. Kenny Brightbill established a new 10 lap Modified record in the first heat at 2:33. Scott Van Gorder in heat #3 and Tom Hager in the Consi also broke the old track 10 lap track record held by Mark Bitner at 2:39 set back in June. Brightbill also established the new 5 lap record in the Dash for cash at 1:17, trimming 10 seconds off the previous record that he held. All three 8-lap URC Sprint heats also went non-stop with two timed at 1:54, but the record being established in heat #2 by URC Rookie Chris Coyle at 1:52.

The 50/50, which benefits the New Egypt Fire Dept., was $2946. Seven of eleven qualifying events run went non-stop, with the entire show over by 10:20.

This Saturday, Sept. 5th, will be regular show of Modifieds, Sportsman and Street Stocks, with all of the action getting underway at 6pm. Coming up in two weeks on Sat. Sept 12th will be Banner Night, with 3 prizes being awarded in the two different age groups (6-12 & 13-18) for the best banners. 8/29/98 MODIFIED RESULTS 1st Heat: 1.Brightbill 2.Drayton 3.Infante 4.Sena 5.McClaren 6.Velenger 2nd Heat: 1.Radd 2.Laureno 3.Singley 4.Jones 5.Leach 6.Epright 3rd Heat: 1.Van Gorder 2.Moss 3.Polenz 4.Bitner 5.Hendershot 6.Bauma ‘B’ Main: 1.Hager 2.Cranmer 3.Tanner Jr. 4.Tanner Sr. 5.Wismer 6.Rue (Fans Prov: Lyons)

Cash Dash: 1.Brightbill ($290)

Feature (30 laps): 1.Kenny Brightbill 2.Mark Bitner 3.Scott Van Gorder 4.Steve Moss 5.Johnny Leach 6.Roger Laureno 7.Bob Bauma 8.Bob Drayton 9.Mike Sena 10.Tim Tanner Sr. 11.Fritz Epright 12.Tim Tanner Jr. 13.Gary Velenger 14.Ralph Rue 15.Tom Hager 16.Mike Hendershot 17.Kenny Wismer III 18.Rich Polenz 19.Carmen Infante 20.Donnie Radd 21.Todd Singley 22.Brian Jones 23.Mike Lyons 24.Jerry Glen 25.Eddie Cranmer DNQ: Scott McClaren (scratched), John Megill, Archie Myers III, Tom Clickner, Howard Singer, Rick Cozze

SPORTSMAN RESULTS 1st Heat: 1.Archer 2.R.Grosso Jr. 3.Brightbill 4.Coffey 5.Worthington 6.Papiez 2nd Heat: 1.Scagliotta 2.Foy 3.Koczon 4.Kessler 5.Roth 6.Huchko 3rd Heat: 1.McVay 2.Sarvis 3.Swain 4.Cass Sr. 5.D.Grosso 6.Kline ‘B’ Main: 1.Eppolite 2.Marra 3.Mears 4.Dallet 5.Gareis 6.Mongiello III

Feature (20 Laps): 1.Larry Archer 2.Bob Worthington 3.Jack Swain 4.Larry McVay 5.Jim Dallett 6.Rick Grosso Jr. 7.Tom Eppolite Jr. 8.Joe Sarvis 9.Richie Cass Sr. 10.Mickey Kessler 11.George Gareis 12.Johnny Foy 13.Donnie Kline 14.Matt Papiez 15.Rich Scagliotta 16.J.C. Mears 17.Bryan Coffey 18.Mike Mongeillo III 19.Keith Brightbill 20.Ron John Koczon 21.Paul Marra Sr. 22.Kenny Roth 23.Kenny Huchko 24.Drew Grosso DNQ: Tim Smith, Kevin McCoy, Brian Ely, Bob Burlew, Keith McIntyre, Jim Harris, Jack Amundson, Mike David, Bruce Reiss, John Spiegel, Art Adams, Bryant Brown STREET STOCK Feature (15 laps):1.Pat Freiberger 2.Ralph Garguilo 3.Mick Search 4.Ted Hargrove 5.Jeff Carpenter 6.Billy Bauma 7.Al Cheney III 8.Kim Cooke 9.Billy Bauer 10.Pat Conaway 11.Mike Rudolph 12.Tom Holloway 13.Kory Fleming 14.Ken Hammond 15.Bruce Leote 16.Jim Gerber 17.Dan Wier 18.Tony Horner 19.Benjamin Jones 20.Ken Guyer 21.Jay Morrison 22.Nick Giris 23.Chip Grant 24.Steve Mongiello 25.Glen Dugan 26.Allen Hurley 27.Richie Byrne 28.Kevin Bifulco URC SPRINT CARS 1st Heat: 1.Eldreth 2.Stitzel 3.Swavely 4.Ellis 5.Trout 6. Clarke 2nd Heat: 1.Coyle 2.Michael 3. Hogue 4.Kennedy 5. Pursell 6.Miller 3rd Heat: 1.Coverdale 2.Williamson 3. Capie 4.McGough 5.Staats 6.Singer ‘B’ Main: 1.Fraschetta 2.Wise 3.Anderson 4.Bennett 5.Kelly 6.Barnett Feature (25 laps): 1.Greg Coverdale 2.Kramer Williamson 3.Curt Michael 4.Jeremy Trout 5.Jimmy Stitzel 6.Tom Capie 7.Dave McGough 8.Tom Fraschetta 9.Glen Clarke 10.Becca Anderson 11.Billy Ellis 12.Todd Wise 13.Scott Pursell 14.Fran Hogue 15.Fred Kennedy 16.Russ Bennett 17.Kevin Kelly 18.Ray Staats 19.Jon Eldreth 20.Howard Singer 21.John Barnett 22.Chris Coyle 23. Bob Swavely 24.Midge Miller DNQ: Jim Walter, Danny Massey

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