New Egypt Speedway 2000-09-09

New Egypt, NJ (Sept. 9) -- The competition on Bally's Park Place Casino Night at New Egypt Speedway proved to be no gamble for Phillipsburg, NJ, driver Gary Butler as he hit the $2,500 jackpot on Saturday, cashing in for his second big Modified...

New Egypt, NJ (Sept. 9) -- The competition on Bally's Park Place Casino Night at New Egypt Speedway proved to be no gamble for Phillipsburg, NJ, driver Gary Butler as he hit the $2,500 jackpot on Saturday, cashing in for his second big Modified win of the season.

"I saw Kenny (Brightbill) stick his nose under me, and then I didn't see him any more, and I figured I was home free," said Butler, who credited engine builder Gary Bouc and his crew for the win during an exuberant victory lane celebration.

Mike Hendershot looked mighty strong at the outset of the 30-lap Modified event, leading the pack for the first seven tours until Butler assumed control with an inside pass in turn one. Butler briefly tussled with a smokin' Kenny Brightbill, who stole second from Hendershot at the halfway mark; but Brightbill's blown right-rear tire dropped him from contention. The two small-block entries of Butler and Hendershot were an easy one-two at the line, with Bob Drayton a fast-closing third, Tom Carberry fourth and Willie Osmun fifth.

Howell, NJ's Mike Reutter Jr. scored his first career win in the Sportsman feature event. A division rookie this season, Reutter led all but one lap in the caution-riddled event, which reached its time limit on lap 13. J.C. Mears, Jeff Carpenter, Brian Pearson and Mickey Kessler followed Reutter at the finish.

Ricky Giannino of Bayshore, Long Island, NY, had the crowd on its feet, besting Pat Freiberger by less than two-thousandths of a second at the line to notch his career-first Street Stock feature event. Giannino was deemed the victor over Freiberger in the photo finish. Bill Gerber, George Quinlan and Billy Bauer completed the top five.

Winners of the OfficeMates 5 of Englewood Cliffs Lightning Lap Awards for fastest lap in a feature event were Brightbill (Mods, 15.299), Reutter (Sportsman, 16.229) and Bauer (Street Stock, 17.525).

Bally's Park Place and L. Parker Sales, Wrightstown, sponsored the winner’s trophies this night. In addition, L. Parker Sales awarded bonus bucks to the fourth-place finisher in all divisions.

This Saturday, September 16, Metal Fab sponsors the annual Ms. New Egypt Speedway contest, with big-block Modifieds, Sportsman and Street Stocks on the action-packed race card. Gates open at 4 pm, with racing getting underway at 6:30 pm. Adult admission is $12, children 7-12 are $4, and kids 6 and under are free. For more information, call the track at (609) 758-1900.



1st Heat: 1.Carberry 2.Tanner Sr. 3.Bohn 4.Miloczar 5.McCaughey 6.Osmun

2nd Heat: 1.Brightbill 2.Butler 3.Hoffman 4.Hager 5.Liedl 6.Wismer

3rd Heat: 1.Worthington 2.Hendershot 3.Grosso Jr. 4.Tanner Jr. 5.Dubovick 6.Drayton

B Main: 1.Voss 2.Velenger 3.Bitner 4.Ploski 5.Keimig 6.Harris (Fans Prov: Brown)

Feature (30 laps):

1.Gary Butler 2.Mike Hendershot 3.Bob Drayton 4.Tom Carberry 5.Willie Osmun 6.Keith Hoffman 7.Darren McCaughey 8.Eddie Bohn 9.Gary Velenger 10.Stan Ploski III 11.Art Liedl 12.Kenny Brightbill 13.John Miloczar 14.Rick Grosso Jr. 15.Bob Worthington 16.Tim Tanner Jr. 17.Barry Voss 18.Kenny Wismer III 19.Tim Tanner Sr. 20.Kory Keimig 21.Billy Dubovick 22.Mark Bitner 23.Tom Hager 24.Jim Harris 25.Bryant Brown DNQ: Steve Moss, Jim Falzini.


1st Heat: 1.Reutter Jr. 2.Morrison 3.Pfister 4.Marra 5.Reid

2nd Heat: 1.Mongiello III 2.Ely 3.Flesch 4.McClelland 5.Taylor Jr.

3rd Heat: 1.Papiez 2.Mears 3.Pearson 4.Carpenter 5.Buffalino Jr.

4th Heat: 1.Toth 2.Archer 3.Reed 4.David 5.Wasson

1st B Main: 1.Godown 2.Scagliotta 3.Koczon 4.Foster

2nd B Main: 1.Swain 2.Hoffman 3.Kessler 4.Kline

Feature (20 Laps):

1.Mike Reutter Jr. 2.J.C. Mears 3.Jeff Carpenter 4.Brian Pearson 5.Mickey Kessler 6.John McClelland 7.Keith Foster 8.Larry Archer 9.Ryan Godown 10.Mike David 11.Paul Marra 12.Donnie Kline 13.Mike Mongiello III 14.Scott Reid 15.Chuck Flesch 16.Mike Toth 17.Lee Taylor Jr. 18.Matt Papiez 19.Rich Scagliotta 20.Rob Pfister 21.Dave Hoffman 22.Brien Ely 23.Chris Wasson 24.Kyle Morrison 25.Larry Reed 26.Ron John Koczon 27.Jack Swain 28.Dominick Buffalino Jr. DNQ: Gary Hager, Keith Fleming, Doug Liedl, Tom Tomasko, Darrell Delnero, Pat Priore, Rick Holsten, Joey Tinnes Jr., Joe Szwed, Bryan Lamparter, Dave Bailey, Gene Stravinsky, Chuck Barker, Jim Zangli, Tom Eppolite.


1st Heat: 1.Quinlan 2.Gianinno 3.Miller 4.Miscoski 5.Whitehouse 6.Gerber

2nd Heat: 1.Cologna 2.Bauer 3.Quick 4.Guyer 5.Carr 6.Mongiello

3rd Heat: 1.Freiberger 2.Cheney 3.Hewitt 4.Conaway 5.Bauma 6.Nixon

B Main: 1.Fleming 2.Mongeau 3.Wagner 4.Page 5.Reed 6.Ensinger

Feature (15 laps):1.Ricky Gianinno 2.Pat Freiberger 3.Bill Gerber 4.George Quinlan 5.Billy Bauer 6.Pat Conaway 7.Billy Bauma 8.Dave Cologna 9.Carol Whitehouse 10.Joe Mongeau 11.Al Cheney III 12.Brian Nixon 13.Rich Page 14.Lester Miller 15.Brian Wagner 16.Kory Fleming 17.Jim Hewitt 18.Brian Reed 19.Joel Quick 20.Kenny Guyer 21.Shawn Carr 22.Steve Mongiello 23.Bill Miscoski 24.Spider Ensinger DNQ: Evan Berardi, Art Avery, Mike Freda, John Hewitt, Ron Barnstead, Ken Snook, Tony Horner, Jason Seredy, Ralph Gargiulo, Adam Guker, Dale Haines.

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