New Egypt Speedway 2000-06-02

New Egypt, NJ (June 3) -- In a 30 lap Modified thriller that had the fans on their feet and screaming for their favorite, Frenchtown, NJ's Billy Pauch took the checker for his third win of the season at the New Egypt Speedway on Saturday ...

New Egypt, NJ (June 3) -- In a 30 lap Modified thriller that had the fans on their feet and screaming for their favorite, Frenchtown, NJ's Billy Pauch took the checker for his third win of the season at the New Egypt Speedway on Saturday night.

Ralph Rue led the field down for the start with Rick Grosso Jr. using the outside lane to take command at the completion of Lap 1. Grosso then opened up a commanding lead on the field as Pauch began to work his way toward the front, moving into third at the Lap 10 mark. Pauch then bested Mike Hendershot for second and set his sights on Grosso. Lap after lap Pauch cut Grosso's lead until he moved inside for command on Lap 16. Lapped traffic worked to Grosso's advantage as he regained the top spot with Pauch in pursuit. With three laps remaining, Pauch made an inside charge on Grosso down the frontstraightaway for the lead and the win. Trailing Pauch and Grosso, who drove a super race for second; were Kenny Brightbill, Gary Butler and Eddie Bohn.

Lining up 27th at the start, New Egypt's Ron John Koczon turned in a super outing to post his first win of the year in the 20 lap Sportsman main. "We're ecstatic," Koczon told the crowd. "Tonight we weren't going to be denied - we just buckled down and got it done." Koczon used the cushion to charge to the front passing current point leader Rich Scagliotta for the win with five laps to go. Rounding out the top five were Mike Lyons, JC Mears and Dominick Buffalino Jr.

The Street Stock Division saw action in two feature events with Waterford NJ's Bill Gerber grabbing his first win of the season in the held over race from May 13th. Second was Ralph Gargiulo followed by Dale Haines, Al Cheney and Joe Garey. Allentown, NJ's Pat Freiberger was the victor in the regularly scheduled Street Stock feature event for his first score of '00. Freiberger fought off a persistent Ralph Gargiulo in the late goings for the win, followed by Steve Mongiello, George Quinlan and Kim Cooke.

The 50/50 paid $645 to one lucky fan. The Checkered Flag Fan Club presented jackets to the feature winners. Using our new state-of-the-art AMD TranX260 Transponder scoring system, OfficeMates 5 of Englewood Cliffs, NJ presented Fast Time Awards in the three regularly scheduled features with Bill Gerber ($25), Ron John Koczon ($25) and Rick Grosso Jr. ($50) picking up the prize money in their respective divisions. The OfficeMates 5 Fast Time Awards will be a weekly attraction.

Next Sat. June 10th is Be-Bop Night with a 50's Theme at New Egypt Speedway. On the bill are two Sportsman features for the price of one (make-up race from 5/13), Modifieds and Street Stocks. The Garden State Vintage Stock Cars will also be featured. Gates open at 4 p.m. and the first heat takes the green at 6:30. For more information, call (609) 758-1900.



1st Heat: 1.Grosso Jr.2.Butler 3.McCaughey 4.Hendershot 5.Moss 6.Blackwell

2nd Heat: 1.Pauch 2.Hoffman 3.Bohn 4.Worthington 5.Bauma 6.Adams Jr.

3rd Heat: 1.Brightbill 2.Singley 3.VanGorder 4.Infante 5.Rue 6.Hager

"B" Main: 1.Carberry 2.Tanner Jr. 3.Bitner 4.Drayton 5.Osmun 6.Robbins 7.Keimig (Fans Prov: Miller)

Feature (30 laps): 1.Billy Pauch 2.Rick Grosso Jr. 3.Kenny Brightbill 4.Gary Butler 5.Eddie Bohn 6.Steve Moss 7.Mike Hendershot 8.Tim Tanner Jr. 9.Ralph Rue 10.Darren McCaughey 11.Bob Drayton 12.Tom Carberry 13.Bob Worthington 14.Scott VanGorder 15.Willie Osmun 16.Bob Bauma 17.Jeff Miller 18.Todd Singley 19.Art Adams Jr. 20.Korey Keimig 21.Tom Hager 22.Rocco Infante 23.Mark Bitner 24.Keith Hoffman 25.Dick Robbins

DNQ: Mark Tranquilli, Billy Dubovick, Mike Isles, Chris Grbac, Mark Blackwell (scratched).


1st Heat: 1.Lyons 2.Buffalino3.Szwed 4.Singley 5.Liedl

2nd Heat: 1.McClelland 2.Marra 3.Hoffman 4.Stravinsky 5.Ely

3rd Heat: 1.Gareis 2.Taylor Jr. 3.Papiez 4.Dallett 5.Scagliotta

4th Heat: 1.Morrison 2.Foster 3.Falzini 4.Infante 5.Hammond

1st "B" Main: 1.Brown 2.Mears 3.Pearson 4.Koczon

2nd "B" Main: 1.Eppolite 2.Swain 3.Flesch 4.Kline

Feature (20 Laps): 1.Ron John Koczon 2.Rich Scagliotta 3.Mike Lyons 4.J.C. Mears 5.Dominick Buffalino Jr. 6.Jim Falzini Jr. 7.Keith Foster 8.Jim Dallett 9.Donnie Kline 10.Matt Papiez 11.Lee Taylor Jr. 12.Brian Pearson 13.Kenny Hammond 14.Jack Swain 15.George Gareis 16.Gene Stravinsky 17.Kyle Morrison 18.Brien Ely 19.Dave Hoffman 20.Tom Eppolite Jr. 21.Joe Infante 22.Chuck Flesch 23.John McClelland 24.Joe Szwed 25.Paul Marra Sr. 26.Bryant Brown 27.Doug Liedl 28.Scott Singley

DNQ: Ryan Godown, Mick Toth, Jeff Carpenter, Steve Ramsey, Tom Tomasko, Larry Reed, Dave Bailey, Dan Austin, Scott Hyland, Larry Lippincott, John Piazzolla, Joey Tinnes Jr, Rob Pfister, Bryan Lamparter, Mike Reutter Jr., Keith Fleming, Larry Archer, Joe Sarvis, Scott Reid, Mickey Kessler, Chris Wasson.


Make-up Feature from 5/13 (15 laps): 1.Bill Gerber 2.Ralph Garguilo 3.Dale Haines 4.Al Cheney III 5.Joe Garey 6. Pat Conaway 7.Kenny Roth 8.Pat Freiberger 9.Keith Flores 10.Billy Bauer 11.Evan Berardi 12.Bruce Leote 13.Jim Hewitt 14.Jim Gerber 15.Richie Byrne 16.Carol Whitehouse 17.Kory Fleming 18.Joe Mongeau 19.Spider Ensinger 20.Brian Wagner 21.Nick Giris 22.George Quinlan 23.Rich Page 24.Kenny Guyer DNS: Pat Hires

1st Heat: 1.Mongeau 2.Bauer 3.Quinlan 4.Giannino 5.Roth 6.Haines

2nd Heat: 1.Page 2.Freiberger 3.Cheney III 4.Cooke 5.Flores 6.Whitehouse

3rd Heat: 1.B.Gerber 2.Conaway 3.Hewitt 4.Gargiulo 5.Mongiello 6.Berardi

"B" Main: 1.Holloway 2.Miscoski 3.Quick 4.Leote 5.Rudolph 6.Cooke Feature (15 laps):1.Pat Freiberger 2.Ralph Garguilo 3.Steve Mongiello 4.George Quinlan 5.Kim Cooke 6.Joe Mongeau 7.Bill Gerber 8.Al Cheney III 9.Carol Whitehouse 10.Dale Haines 11.Ricky Giannino 12.Tom Holloway 13.Evan Berardi 14.Dave Cologna 15.Joel Quick 16.Bill Miscoski 17.Kenny Roth 18.Bruce Leote 19.Keith Flores 20.Rich Page 21.Billy Bauer 22.Pat Conaway 23.Mike Rudolph 24.Jim Hewitt

DNQ: Art Avery, Jeff Bethman, Jim Gerber, Bryan Reed, Blair Guker III, Nick Giris, Kevin Bifulco, Joe Garey, Spider Ensinger, Rich Roveda, Chris Halstead, Jerry Ellingsworth, Kory Fleming, Brian Wagner, Richie Byrne.

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