New Egypt Results 1999-09-18

Pauch Capitalizes On Brightbill's Misfortune At New Egypt New Egypt, NJ (Sept 18) -- Frenchtown, NJ's Billy Pauch captured his 12th win of the season on Saturday night in the 25 lap Modified main event at the New Egypt Speedway. Point leader...

Pauch Capitalizes On Brightbill's Misfortune At New Egypt

New Egypt, NJ (Sept 18) -- Frenchtown, NJ's Billy Pauch captured his 12th win of the season on Saturday night in the 25 lap Modified main event at the New Egypt Speedway. Point leader Kenny Brightbill held command with Pauch in pursuit when Brightbill was hampered by a left rear flat tire with 2 to go as Pauch moved out in front for the lead and win.

From the pole position, Tom Carberry took charge on the green with Eddie Bohn giving chase. Kenny Brightbill began to make his presence known as he advanced to third with Pauch battling traffic until he was able to slice through cars and take fourth with nine laps complete. Brightbill now began to pressure Carberry and used the inside lane to take command on Lap 13 with Carberry slowing and exiting the event. Pauch was now running second and began to challenge the leader. With the front two entering lapped traffic, Pauch tried high and low to gain an edge but to no avail until an outside charge in turn 4 with two to go found "The Kid" out in front. Bohn now moved in to take second from Brightbill who was battling an ill handling racer due to a left rear flat but he was able to hold on for third at the checker. Johnny Leach turned in a super run for fourth as he was trailed by Darren McCaughey, Tim Tanner Jr., Scott Van Gorder, Larry McVay, Mike Hendershot and Bob Drayton.

Saturday will be a day to remember for Birdsboro, PA's Dave Gable as the first year URC Sprint campaigner took command in the early goings of the 25 lap main and went on to capture his career first win. Gable worked lapped traffic and held off several challengers in a strong performance before an appreciative crowd. "The latter part of the year we got going pretty good," Gable related. "Inexperience hurt me really early in the race with lapped traffic." Brian Siedel, Dave McGough, Kramer Williamson and Bill Brian Jr. rounded out the top five at the checker.

The late goings proved to be the ticket for Sinking Spring, PA's Keith Brightbill as he took the lead from JC Mears on the white flag lap and remained out in front for his 5th Sportsman Division win of the '99 season. "It feels real good. We took our time tonight and we got to the front," Brightbill told the crowd. Mears led much of the 15 lap feature event in his top outing of the year as he garnered second at the finish line. Ron John Koczon survived a caution flag incident to take third as he was followed by Bob Worthington and Mickey Kessler.

Brick, NJ's George Quinlan came from fifth to the lead on the initial go-round and led through to the checker for his second Street Stock feature win of '99. Quinlan held a commanding lead until Pat Conaway closed the distance but Quinlan was up to the challenge. Trailing Conaway were Evan Berardi, Ralph Gargiulo and Billy Bauer. With double points on the line next week, it's a tight chase for the crown between point leader Bauer, Gargiulo and Conaway, as just 27 points separate the three drivers.

The weekly 50/50 was worth $1,578 to one lucky fan.

Next week it's the last point show of the '99 season with double points on the line for the Modifieds, Sportsman and Street Stocks. Gates will open at 4 PM, warm-ups are at 5 PM and the first heat gets underway at 6 PM. Adult admission is $12., children 7-12 are $4. and children 6 and under are free.

MODIFIED RESULTS 1st Heat: 1. Carberry 2. Drayton 3. Velenger 4. Bitner 5. Butler 6. Laureno 2nd Heat: 1. Bohn 2. Brightbill 3. Tanner, Sr. 4. Bauma 5. Garland 6. Hager 3rd Heat: 1. Leach 2. VanGorder 3. Tanner, Sr. 4. Pauch 5. Osmun 6. Hendershot Feature (30 laps): 1. Billy Pauch 2. Eddie Bohn 3. Kenny Brightbill 4. John Leach 5. Darren McCaughey 6. Tim Tanner Jr. 7. Scott VanGorder 8. Larry McVay 9. Mike Hendershot 10. Bob Drayton 11. Gary Butler 12. Gary Velenger 13. Tim Tanner Sr. 14. Kenny Huchko 15. Mark Bitner 16. Tom Garland 17. Tom Carberry 18. Doug Ostwald 19. Willie Osmun 20. Roger Laureno 21. Bob Bauma. DNS: Tom Hager, Rick Grosso, Jr. DNQ: none

SPORTSMAN RESULTS 1st Heat: 1. Brown 2. Reid 3. Reed 4. Coffey 5. Gareis 6. Infante 2nd Heat: 1. Harris 2. Mongiello 3. Tomasko 4. Ely 5. Archer 6. Kessler 3rd Heat: 1. Koczon 2. Mears 3. Papiez 4. Worthington 5. Dallett 6. Grosso 'B' Main 1: 1. Swain 2. Brightbill 3. Scagliotta 4. Pearson 'B' Main 2: 1. Eppolite 2. Toth 3. Lippincott 4. Wasson Feature (20 Laps): 1. Keith Brightbill 2. J.C. Mears 3. Ron John Koczon 4. Bob Worthington 5. Mickey Kessler 6. Tom Eppolite Jr. 7. Paul Marra Sr. 8. Bryan Coffey 9. Larry Reed 10. Brian Pearson 11. Scott Reid 12. Jack Swain 13. Rich Scagliotta 14. Rocco Infante 15. Drew Grosso 16. Jimmy Harris 17. Bryant Brown 18. Matt Papiez 19. Larry Archer 20. Mike Toth 21. George Gareis 22. Jim Dallett 23. Brien Ely 24. Tom Tomasko 25. Larry Lippincott 26. Chris Wasson. DNQ: Bob Burlew, Brian Lamparter, Rob Pfister, Jim Rossell, Chuck Flesch, Donnie Kline, Pat McBride, John Scheideler, Mike Mongiello III, Keith McIntyre, Jimmy Spence, Pat Priore, Dale Clickner.

STREET STOCKS RESULTS 'B' Main: 1. Flores 2. Gerber 3. Haines 4. Knighten 5. Cremer 6. Mongeau 7. Giris 8. Hewitt 9. Horner 10. Dallackiesa Feature (15 laps): 1. George Quinlan 2. Pat Conaway 3. Evan Berardi 4. Ralph Garguilo 5. Billy Bauer 6. Mike Nixon 7. Billy Bauma 8. Steve Mongiello 9. Anthony Knighten 10. Carol Whitehouse 11. Pat Freiberger 12. Richie Byrne 13. Joe Mongeau 14. Dale Haines 15. Kevin Bifulco 16. Joe Dallackiesa 17. Tony Horner 18. Jim Hewitt 19. Nick Giris 20. Keith Flores 21. Kory Fleming 22. Al Cheney III 23. Jeff Carpenter 24. Ken Hammond 25. Bill Gerber 26. Tom Cremer. DNQ: Brian Wagner, Allen Hurley, Spider Ensinger, Chuck Barker, Al Johnson, Blair Guker III, Bill Miscoski.

URC SPRINT CARS RESULTS 1st Heat: 1. Gable 2. Michael 3. Rittenhouse 4. Haggenbottom 5. Thayer 2nd Heat: 1. Seidel 2. Coyle 3. Anderson 4. Stitzel 5. Williamson 3rd Heat: 1. McGough 2. T. Eldreth 3. Clarke 4. Wise 5. Fraschetta 4th Heat: 1. Brian 2. T. Hogue 3. J. Eldreth 4. Pursell 5. Miller 'B' Main: 1. Massey 2. Jones 'B' Main: 1. Coverdale 2. Trout Feature (25 laps): 1. Dave Gable 2. Brian Seidel 3. Dave McGough 4. Kramer Williamson 5. Bill Brian Jr. 6. Jeremy Trout 7. Becca Anderson 8. Jimmy Stitzel 9. Chris Coyle 10. Midge Miller 11. Glenn Clarke 12. Todd Rittenhouse Jr. 13. Todd Wise 14. Greg Coverdale 15. Tim Hogue 16. Rob Jones 17. Mike Haggenbottom 18. Tom Fraschetta 19. Dan Massey 20. Gary Thayer 21. Scott Pursell 22. Jon Eldreth 23. Sean Michael 24. Tim Eldreth. DNQ: Fred Kennedy, John Barnett, Ian Borden, Kevin Darling, Jimmy Martin, Wayne Patterson, Mike Stoer, Tim Higgins, Travis Quinn, Jim Walter, Larry Lamey, Steve Struble.

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