Nebraska State Fair Championships report 2001-08-29

NEBRASKA STATE FAIR PARK RACEWAY 1800 State Fair Park Drive Lincoln NE 68508 Veterans drivers, Joe Kosiski and Al Humphrey showed the youngsters the fast way around the Nebraska State Fair Park Raceway, as the NASCAR O'Reilly's All Star Tour and...

1800 State Fair Park Drive
Lincoln NE 68508

Veterans drivers, Joe Kosiski and Al Humphrey showed the youngsters the fast way around the Nebraska State Fair Park Raceway, as the NASCAR O'Reilly's All Star Tour and the Freisen Chevrolet Central Nebraska Circle Track Association ran a twin bill of Late Model racing, Wednesday night.

At the start of the 50 feature for the NASCAR O'Reilly's All Stars, Leon Zeitner jumped out a big lead over Dave Eckrich, Joe Kosiski and Jeff French. On the 12th lap, just as Zeitner was entering lapped traffic, Kosiski slipped around Eckrich for second and began cutting into Zeitner's big lead. A yellow flag on lap 18 put Kosiski right on Zeitner's rear bumper and the two dueled for the next seven laps before Joe slipped under Leon as the reached the stripe at the halfway point. At this same time Kyle Berck had joined the fight for third between Eckrich and French.

As J. Kosiski built his lead, the third place battle became more intense as Gary Webb drove by French and joined Eckrich and Berck. Berck's excellent run was ended on the 32nd lap when a flat tire sent him pitside. He was able to rejoin the race just as the green was coming back out, but another flat sent him back to the pits and he lost four laps changing rubber. Meanwhile, Eckrich had passed Zeitner for second, but couldn't make any ground up on Kosiski. On the 40th lap Zeitner went back around Eckrich, and seemed to be in control 2nd place until the 48th lap, when Eckrich again got around. Webb was also able to pass Zeitner on the last lap.

J. Kosiski coasted to a comfortable win with Eckrich, Webb, Zeitner, Ed Kosiski, French, Skip Frey, Steve Kosiski, Sonny Findling and Greg Larsen round out the top ten.

Craig Muirhead jumped out in the lead of the Freisen Chevrolet CNCTA 25 lapper. Al Humphrey immediately started charging from deep in the pack, and by the fifth lap was running down Murhead. Humphrey made his pass for the lead on the outside of turn four on the eighth lap, and proceeded to run away and hide from the rest of the field. Behind Humphrey though, several great drives were taking place. Tommy Rowe broke into the top five on lap seven and by the 14th lap was up to 2nd. Mike Wiarda and Jason Freisen were also making inspired charges, with Freisen coming from dead last after tangling with another car on the initial start. Don Smith Jr. was also making a bid for the runner-up spot by this time. Rowe, Smith Jr., Wiarda and Freisen exchanged second through fifth several times as the diced in lapped traffic, but none of them could muster a challenge to the high flying Humphrey. At the finish it was Humphrey gaining the easy win followed by Rowe, Smith Jr., Wiarda, Freisen, Billy Murphy, Jason Humphrey, Eric Rempel, Dennis Swanson, and Kim McDonald.

O'Reilly's All Star heat races were won by, Vic Lovejoy, French, Eckrich and Berck. The pole dash was won by Leon Zeitner and the B Main went to John Hampel.

Freisen Chevrolet CNCTA heats went to, Muirhead, Smith Jr., Bruce Wasserman and Jason Humphrey. The B Main was won by Murphy


NASCAR O'Reilly' s All Star Tour: 1st Heat-1. Vic Lovejoy; 2. Joe Kosiski; 3. Sonny Findling; 4. Steve Guss. 2nd Heat-1. Jeff French; 2. Greg Larsen; 3. Davey Nall; 4. Tom Cannon. 3rd Heat-1. Dave Eckrich; 2. Ed Kosiski; 3. Skip Frey; 4. Steve Kosiski. 4th Heat-1. Kyle Berck; 2. Leon Zeitner; 3. Al Zeitner; 4. Brain Harris. Pole Dash-1. L. Zeitner; 2. J. Kosiski; 3. Eckrich; 4. Findling. B Feature-1. John Hampel; 2. John Anderson; 3. Mike Conkwright; 4. Scott Koskovich. A Feature-1. J. Kosiski; 2. Eckrich; 3. Webb; 4. L. Zeitner; 5. E. Kosiski; 6. French; 7. Frey; 8. S. Kosiski; 9. Findling; 10. Larsen; 11. Nall; 12. Kurt Kile; 13. Harris; 14. Jason Hobscheidt; 15. Conkwright; 16. Berck; 17. Guss; 18. Anderson; 19. Donnie McClellan; 20. Lovejoy; 21. Cannon; 22. Hampel; 23. Bill Mlarnik; 24. Ace Ilm; 25. Al Zeitner; 26. Koskovich.

Freisen Chevrolet CNCTA 1st Heat-1. Craig Muirhead; 2. Harold Schriner; 3. Kim McDonald; 4. Jason Freisen. 2nd Heat-1. Don Smith Jr.; 2. Mark Henery; 3. Al Humphrey; 4. Steve Kempt. 3rd Heat-1. Bruce Wasserman; 2. Eric Rempel; 3. Mike Wiarda; 4. Dennis Swanson. 4th Heat-l. Jason Humphrey; 2. Tommy Rowe; 3. Bo Egge; 4. Ron Lee. B Feature-1. Billy Murphy; 2. Marc Peters; 3. George Murdock; 4. Ron Dake. A Feature-1. A. Humphrey; 2. Rowe; 3. Smith Jr.; 4. Wiarda; 5. Freisen; 6. Murphy; 7. J. Humphrey; 8. Rempel; 9. Swanson; 10. McDonald; 11. Schriner; 12. Murdock; 13. Kempt; 14. Lee; 15. Dake; 16. Henery; 17. Egge; 18. Peters; 19. Muirhead; 20. Randy Said; 21. Wasserman; 22. Jonathan Rehnberg.


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