NCRA Sprint: Season opener summary 2006-04-08

Brown Runs Down Lindquist to Win O'Reilly NCRA Sprint Car Series Opener GREENWOOD, Neb. (April 8, 2006) -- For the first 20 laps of the season-opening feature in the O'Reilly NCRA 360 Sprint Car Series, presented by ICM/Ethanol., Dustin...

Brown Runs Down Lindquist to Win O'Reilly NCRA Sprint Car Series Opener

GREENWOOD, Neb. (April 8, 2006) -- For the first 20 laps of the season-opening feature in the O'Reilly NCRA 360 Sprint Car Series, presented by ICM/Ethanol., Dustin Lindquist pretty much had it his own way. He quickly took the lead from the pole and despite five restarts, was easily able to pull away from the bunched field each time.

Behind Lindquist, Brian Brown was steadily moving from the outside of the third row towards the front. Brown caught the leader on lap 20 and took the point on the next lap. From there, Brown held off a late challenge from Chuck Swenson for his first-ever O'Reilly NCRA 360 Sprint Car victory.

"Dustin was setting a really good pace but fortunately I found the rubber before he did," Brown said. "My car was pushing so bad because I was in the rubber, I almost ran into him a couple of times. But he slid high off of the turn and I got a good run on him."

The early laps were tough to put on the boards with cautions on the second and third laps. Swenson was third on the first restart and passed two-time series champion Steve King for second entering turn one. On the second restart, Brown took third from King with a pass in turn two.

Lindquist still led for a few laps of green flag racing, followed by Swenson, Brown, King, and Mike Chadd. Lindquist pulled away from them somewhat on lap six as Brown moved up to challenge Swenson for the runner-up spot, while Chadd slid by King in turn two to take over fourth.

Although the top five remained the same for several laps, you could see Brown gradually gaining on the leader. Lindquist again pulled away on a lap 15 restart with Brown, Swenson, and Chadd still in tow. King remained fifth but Tony Bruce Jr. and Jeff Mitrisin had moved up to challenge for that spot.

Three laps later Lindquist was drifting a bit higher up the track but at first Brown couldn't take advantage. Then he pulled right up behind the leader as they crossed start/finish to begin lap 21.

Lindquist got a bit too high and out of the gas just enough for Brown to make a pass stick coming out of turn two. As they ended the 22nd lap, it was Brown, Lindquist, Swenson, Chadd, and King.

"He (Lindquist) was about three car lengths higher on the track than he should have been," Brown said. "I had moved the wing all the way forward because I had it all the way back early in the race because the track was slick. I just waited until I could clear him and it all worked out."

Before everyone could complete the following lap, the rear end in King's racecar broke and he slowed to a stop in turn four, bringing out the final caution. Bruce moved up to fifth for the restart, during which Swenson went low in turn two to take second from Lindquist. Swenson ran down the leader on the last lap but Brown held him off by two car lengths at the checker for the win.

Bruce finished third; when Chadd slowed on the last restart Jake Peters moved into fourth, while Mitrisin came home in fifth.

For Brown, it was a matter of finding rubber before the others.

"I lost a couple of races last year that way when someone else found the rubber before me," he said. "I just really searched around and it all worked out well."

Cherokee Casino and Resort Heat Race #1: 1. Gary Taylor, 2. Bruce Divis, 3. Toby Chapman, 4. Kevin Hulse, 5. Eric Lutz, 6. Scott Broty, 7. Joe Riedel, 8. Tige Jensen, 9. Stuart Snyder, 10. Ryan Anderson.

Cherokee Casino and Resort Heat Race #2: 1. Dustin Lindquist, 2. Justin Jacobsma, 3. Jeff Lowery, 4. Jeff Mitrisin, 5. Jon Freeman, 6. Rick Halverstadt, 7. Jack Dover, 8. Robby Ross, 9. Scott Winters, 10. Luke Cranston.

Cherokee Casino and Resort Heat Race #3: 1. Jason Linnell, 2. Lee Grosz, 3. Eric Jobe, 4. Dusty Ballenger, 5. Don Droud, Jr., 6. Doug Lovegrove, 7. Josh Riggins, 8. Brent Vonk, 9. Dave Glennon, 10. Troy Vink.

Cherokee Casino and Resort Heat Race #4: 1. Steven King, 2. C.J. Johnson, 3. Curt Lund, 4. J.D. Johnson, 5. Garry Lee Maier, 6. Mike Peters, 7. Ryan Bickett, 8. Ryan Voss, 9. Richard Rogers, 10. Mark Schmidt.

Cherokee Casino and Resort Heat Race #5: 1. Brian Brown 2. Tony Bruce, Jr., 3. Jake Peters, 4. Chad Humston, 5. Jake Martens, 6. Ken Klabunde, 7. Rick Ideus, 8. Bill Boles, 9. Jason Danley, 10. John Nelson.

Cherokee Casino and Resort Heat Race #6: 1. Mike Chadd, 2. Larry Pinegar II, 3. Bronson Maeschen, 4. Gregg Bakker, 5. Shawn VanWyhe, 6. John Klabunde, 7. Brett Geldner, 8. Bobby Becker, 9. Michael Woodruff, 10. Roger Sundquist.

Cherokee Casino and Resort Heat Race #7: 1. Chuck Swenson, 2. Dusty Zomer, 3. A.J. Selenke, 4. Jesse Drost, 5. Brian Herbert, 6. Seth Brahmer, 7. Kerry Grabill, 8. Ryan Roberts, 9. Jeff Griffis.

First B feature (10 Laps -- top 2 advance to A): 1. Tony Bruce, Jr., 2. Dusty Zomer 3. Gregg Bakker, 4. Garry Lee Maier, 5. J.D. Johnson, 6. Ken Klabunde, 7. John Klabunde, 8. Mike Peters, 9. Ryan Anderson, 10. Bronson Maeschen, 11. Chad Humston, 12. Ryan Voss, 13. Richard Rogers, 14. Tige Jensen, 15. Kerry Grabill, 16. Ryan Bickett, 17. Stu Snyder, 18. Jason Danley.

Second B feature (10 laps -- top 2 advance to A): 1. Jeff Mitrisin, 2. A.J. Selenke, 3. Jake Martens, 4. Jon Freeman, 5. Don Droud, Jr., 6. Scott Winters, 7. Brett Geldner, 8. Shawn VanWyhe, 9. Jack Dover, 10. Brian Herbert, 11. Rick Ideus, 12. Kevin Hulse, 13. Bill Boles, 14. Roger Sundquist, 15. Joe Riedel, 16. Michael Woodruff, 17. Robby Ross, 18. Luke Cranston, 19. Mark Schmidt.

Third B feature (10 laps -- top 2 advance to A): 1. Jake Peters, 2. Larry Pinegar II, 3. Curt Lund, 4. Jesse Drost, 5. Seth Brahmer, 6. Eric Lutz, 7. Dusty Ballenger, 8. Scott Broty, 9. Josh Riggins, 10. Ryan Roberts, 11. Rick Halverstadt, 12. Doug Lovegrove, 13. Bobby Becker, 14. Jeff Griffis, 15. Dave Glennon, 16. Brent Vonk, 17. John Nelson, 18. Troy Vink.

A feature (25 laps): 1. Brian Brown, 2. Chuck Swenson, 3. Tony Bruce, Jr., 4. Jake Peters, 5. Jeff Mitrisin, 6. Dusty Zomer, 7. Lee Grosz, 8. Gary Taylor, 9. Eric Jobe, 10. Dustin Lindquist, 11. Jeff Lowery, 12. Justin Jacobsma, 13. Mike Chadd, 14. Steve King, 15. Toby Chapman, 16. C.J. Johnson, 17. A.J. Selenke, 18. Bruce Divis, 19. Jason Linnell, 20. Larry Pinegar II.


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