NCRA: Salina results 2005-09-03

Purkey Wins Second Straight in O'Reilly/NCRA Late Model Series SALINA, Kan. (Sept. 3, 2005) -- Defending series champion Al Purkey charged from the middle of the field to win his second straight race in the O'Reilly/NCRA Late Model Series, ...

Purkey Wins Second Straight in O'Reilly/NCRA Late Model Series

SALINA, Kan. (Sept. 3, 2005) -- Defending series champion Al Purkey charged from the middle of the field to win his second straight race in the O'Reilly/NCRA Late Model Series, presented by Hoosier Racing Tires, Saturday at Salina Speedway.

Purkey started 11th in the 24-car field but moved into the top five on a lap 10 restart. He was third behind Steve Kosiski and Alan Vaughn just a couple of laps later.

Vaughn suddenly stopped on the front straight with a broken rear end while the field was parading around during a caution, waiting to restart lap 15. That moved Purkey into the runner-up spot behind Kosiski and said the stage for a great finish to this 30-lap race.

On the restart, Dean Moore, who had lead earlier in the race, got around Purkey for second with Kelly Boen in fourth and C.J. Lyle fifth.

Purkey again captured second place as he passed Moore on lap 16. Boen took over third place from Moore going into turn two as they completed lap 17.

From there, Kosiski and Purkey broke away from the field. Purkey would take a look several times during the ensuing laps but Kosiski was able to hold him off.

But Purkey had Kosiski set up as they went into turn three on the 25th lap. Purkey got a good run, went low into the turn and powered around Kosiski coming out of three.

"I had a really good run going and decided I just had to go for it in three," said a breathless Purkey afterwards. "I thought I could beat him to the top."

And beat him to the top he did. Purkey's momentum carried him to the high side out of turn four and he beat Kosiski to the start/finish to complete the slide job for the lead.

Kosiski and Boen closed on Purkey during the remaining five laps but Al was able to hold them off to the checker. Kosiski was second, right on Purkey's tail.

"It was a really good race," Purkey said. "I was better in (turns) three and four while Steve was searching in turns one and two."

"Al and I had a good race at the end," Kosiski said. "When he took the lead and popped back up to the top, I was going for all I could to keep in front."

Boen was running by himself to finish third, while Lyle won the battle for fourth place ahead of Moore and Ryan McAninch.

Unfortunately, Boen and Lyle got into a fracas on the front straight during post-race ceremonies. Officials disqualified both drivers for fighting and dropped them to the end of the finishing order, with Boen receiving credit for 23rd and Lyle 24th.

Before Kosiski and Purkey battled for the win, there was plenty of good racing up front. Moore grabbed the early lead from the outside of row one, dropping low in front of pole sitter David Brock. Series points leader Johnny Bone Jr. soon took over second while Kosiski moved into third.

For several laps it was Moore, Bone and Kosiski fighting for the point as they put some distance between themselves and the rest of the field.

On lap 10, Bone was going for the lead when he got a little help from Moore as they exited turn four. Bone spun and was sent to the back of the pack although he recovered to finish ninth.

Moore maintained his lead on the restart with Kosiski right on his tail. Three laps later Kosiski pulled alongside Moore on the back straight and completed the pass for the lead going into turn three. Purkey joined the front runners on the lap 15 restart a couple of laps later.

His win was the second of the season and the 24th of his NCRA career. Purkey tied the late Larry Phillips for the top spot on the all time NCRA list.

Cherokee Casino and Resort Heat 1 (10 laps):
1. Dean Moore, Grand Junction, Colo.; 2. Ronnie Warman, Wichita, Kan.; 3. Ryan McAninch, Wichita, Kan.; 4. Earl Kinderknecht, Salina, Kan.; 5. Gary Billings, Prairie Village, Kan.; 6. Gary Dechant, Northglenn, Colo.; 7. Brad Fortney, Wichita, Kan.; 8. Dave Conkwright, Manhattan, Kan.

Cherokee Casino and Resort Heat 2 (10 laps):
1. Steve Kosiski, Papillion, Neb.; 2. David Brock, Great Bend, Kan.; 3. David Barker, Kingsville, Mo.; 4. Justin Kinderknecht, Salina, Kan.; 5. John Kuchar, Henderson, Colo.; 6. Brad Morris, Junction City, Kan.; 7. Garry Riley, Valley Center, Kan.; 8. Frank McGehee, Wichita, Kan.

Cherokee Casino and Resort Heat 3 (10 laps):
1. Johnny Bone Jr., Pea Ridge, Ark.; 2. Alan Vaughn, Belton, Mo.; 3. Chris Mayes, Hutchinson, Kan.; 4. Gary Gorby, Caney, Kan.; 5. Eric Main, Hutchinson, Kan.; 6. Dan Topliff, Manhattan, Kan. 7. Shad Badder, Oak Grove, Mo.; 8. Darrick Klima, Belleville, Kan.

Cherokee Casino and Resort Heat 4 (10 laps):
1. C.J. Lyle, Shawnee, Kan.; 2. David Turner, Adrian, Mo.; 3. Al Purkey, Coffeyville, Kan.; 4. Clint Long, Harrisonville, Mo.; 5. Larry Clawson, North Kansas City, Mo.; 6. Kenny Bohman, Ottawa, Kan.; 7. Steve Foster, Abilene, Kan.; 8. Rusty Miller, Norcatur, Kan.

Cherokee Casino and Resort Heat 5 (10 laps):
1. Ted Martin, Bennington, Kan.; 2. Brett LaFollette, Kansas City, Kan.; 3. Delbert Smith, Wichita, Kan.; 4. Jason Bodenhamer, Centerview, Mo.; 5. Kelly Boen, Henderson, Colo.; 6. Billy Murphy, Lincoln, Neb. 7. Kelly Brown, Salina, Kan.; 8. Mike Conkwright, Manhattan, Kan.

B feature 1 (12 laps -- top two transfer):
1. Earl Kinderknecht; 2. Eric Main; 3. Gary Gorby; 4. Larry Clawson; 5. Kelly Brown; 6. Darrick Klima; 7. Brad Fortney; 8. John Kuchar; 9. Brad Morris; 10. Kenny Bohman; 11. Dave Conkwright (DNS); 12. Steve Foster (DNS).

B feature 2 (12 laps -- top two transfer):
1. Kelly Boen; 2. Clint Long; 3. Mike Conkwright; 4. Gary Dechant; 5. Dan Topliff; 6. Gary Billings; 7. Frank McGehee; 8. Justin Kinderknecht; 9. Rusty Miller (DNF); 10. Gary Riley; 11. Billy Murphy (DNF); 12. Shad Badder (DNF).

A feature (30 laps):
1. Al Purkey; 2. Steve Kosiski; 3. Dean Moore; 4. Ryan McAninch; 5. Brett LaFollette; 6. David Brock; 7. Mike Conkwright; 8. David Turner; 9. Johnny Bone Jr.; 10. Eric Main; 11. Gary Dechant; 12. Delbert Smith; 13. Earl Kinderknecht (DNF); 14. Ted Martin (DNF); 15. Jason Bodenhamer (DNF); 16. Ronnie Warman (DNF); 17. Alan Vaughn (DNF); 18. Chris Mayes (DNF); 19. Larry Clawson (DNF); 20. Gary Gorby (DNF); 21. Clint Long (DNF); 22. David Barker (DNS); 23. Kelly Boen (DQ); 24. C.J. Lyle (DQ).


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