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Email address: Web site: =================================== CONTENTS: June 30-July 1 results (published July 2) UMP SUMMERNATIONALS: Points leader Korte wins at Mount Vernon, Ill. UMP SUMMERNATIONALS: Kevin Weaver picks up victory at Danville, Ill. =================================== UNITED MIDWESTERN PROMOTERS UMP Summernationals

MOUNT VERNON, Ill. (Tuesday) Randy Korte backed up his claim to the top spot in the UMP national point standings.

Korte, dropping a few positions early after starting on the pole, grabbed the lead from Tony Izzo Jr. on the 13th lap and cruised to a 40-lap victory worth $5,000 in the fifth leg of the UMP Summernationals at K&L Raceway. The Pierrone, Ill., driver became the fifth winner in five events on the 20-race series.

Izzo finished second, followed by ninth-starting Billy Drake and Rick Aukland, who rallied from the tail after a flat left-rear tire dropped him out of the second spot on the 10th lap. Doug McCammon was fifth while Tom Rients, Bob Pierce, John Gill, Donnie Tudor and Bobby Melvin finished sixth through 10th on the quarter-mile oval near the four-lane confluence of interstates 64 and 57.

Korte was fastest among 50 qualifiers, then overcame a rough racing surface that plagued drivers throughout the night. Billy Moyer and Bill Frye were among drivers not able to transfer to the feature through the heat races. "It was a little rough, but you got to expect that sometime," Korte said.

When the race began, Izzo jumped into the lead from his outside pole position, tucking his No. 16 along the inside of the track to lead Korte for three laps before Aukland snuck under Korte to grab second on the fourth circuit.

The top three ran steady five laps until Randy Sellars dropped off the pace on the backstretch. Aukland and Korte lost momentum getting past the slower machine, allowing hometown driver Jimmy Burwell to blast past and take second place. However, Aukland's flat brought out a caution, leaving Korte with second place behind Izzo after Burwell departed with mechanical problems (Aukland barely returned to the track before racing resumed).

Another caution a lap later eliminated Mike Gibbs and Bill Millikan after a Turn-2 pileup, and Korte decided to change his strategy on the restart.

"The first part of the race I ran the bottom, right behind Tony," Korte said. "I seen I wasn't going anywhere so I figured I'd better try something different, so I moved up. I would've thought the bottom would have been the best groove, but it wasn't."

Korte's groovy switch brought him along the outside of Izzo as the leaders passed under the flagstand on the 12th lap, and he took the lead for good a lap later. Korte, Izzo, McCammon, Drake and Tudor broke away from the pack until a lap-19 caution for Brian Wolfmeier's spin exiting Turn 2,

The top five again began pulling away on the restart, except Aukland -- who restarted the 19th lap in the eighth position -- displaced Tudor for fifth on the 21st lap. Another stoppage on lap 26 let the pack catch up again, and when the race restarted Drake and Aukland managed to drop McCammon to fifth by the 33rd lap.

Up front, Korte kept Izzo at bay, drawing out to a 12-length lead on the 36th lap, then by as much as 20 lengths as the race drew to a close.

CAR COUNT: 50 late models


FAST DASH (nine laps; sets first three rows of feature): Randy Korte, Tony Izzo Jr., Donnie Tudor, Rick Aukland, Jimmy Burwell, Brian Wolfmeier, Mike Gibbs, Mark Faust, Jim Rarick.

FIRST HEAT (10 laps; top three advance): Butch Smith, Mike Gibbs, Randy Sellars, Steve Karnes, Kris Patterson, Corey Turner, Charlie Barys, John Prior, Jeff Blackburn, Joe Morris, Mike Martz, Mike Bechelli.

SECOND HEAT: Doug McCammon, Doug Ault, Bill Millikan, Randy McMahon, Steve Ryan, Mike Hammerle, Jon Tindall, Brian Wernle, Buddy Sisk, Tony Boyles, Jesse Davis.

THIRD HEAT: Billy Drake, Kevin Weaver, John Gill, Dan Schlieper, Bob Pierce, Billy Moyer, Terry Muskrat, Ron Fisher, Greg Hensley, Rich Gardner, Ted Dalton.

FOURTH HEAT: Tom Rients, Dennis Erb Jr., Bobby Melvin, Bill Frye, Bruce Unterbrink, Ron Sensel, James Huff, Jerry Bruce, Kevin Claycomb, Lee Thomason, Chuck Baird.

CONSOLATION WINNERS: Steve Ryan and Bob Pierce.

FEATURE (Pos., driver, car no., hometown, chassis, winnings) 1. Randy Korte (00), Pierrone, Ill., GRT, $5,000 2. Tony Izzo Jr. (16), Bridgeview, Ill., GRT, $2,000 3. Billy Drake (9), Bloomington, Ill., Shaw, $1,200 4. Rick Aukland (12), Fargo, N.D., Rayburn, $1,100 5. Doug McCammon (92), Palestine, Ill., Rayburn, $1,000 6. Tom Rients (49), Ottawa, Ill., Bullitt, $700 7. Bob Pierce (32), Danville, Ill., MasterSbilt, $600 8. John Gill (75), Mitchell, Ind., MasterSbilt, $500 9. Donnie Tudor (14), Shawneetown, Ill., GRT, $450 10. Bobby Melvin (95), Logan, Ill., Rayburn, $400 11. Butch Smith (7), Decatur, Ill., Rayburn, $230 12. Doug Ault (1a), Brownstown, Ind., MasterSbilt, $230 13. Steve Ryan (69), Boaz, Ky., Rayburn, $230 14. Brian Wolfmeier (441), St. Charles, Mo., Bullitt, $230 15. Kevin Weaver (B12), Gibson City, Ill., Rayburn, $230 16. Dennis Erb Jr. (28), Carpentersville, Ill., Rayburn, $230 17. Mike Gibbs (33), Bedford, Ind., GRT, $230 18. Bill Millikan (12), Shawneetown, Ill., Shaw, $230 19. Jimmy Burwell (R1), Mount Vernon, Ill., Rayburn, $230 20. Randy Sellars (3), Mayfield, Ky., Rayburn, $230

NOTES: Some top competitors decided to pack up after problems in the heats .... Billy Moyer struggled in his GVS Racing Rayburn and loaded up, while a flat tire cost Bill Frye (driving the Ed Petroff-owned No. 21) a transfer spot in his heat, and he loaded up, too .... Mark Faust was among the top qualifiers but lost a motor in the fast dash .... Kevin Claycomb first had rear-end problems, then brake problems that forced him to call it a night .... Jim Rarick was fifth fastest in qualifying but front-end problems kept him from starting on the pole of a heat .... there were several other scratches for the consolations, when the track was the roughest of the night .... officials completely reworked the surface before the feature, but it still wasn't in as good as shape as last year's race, which Rick Aukland won .... only the top few cars in the feature survived the night with fenders intact .... first- and second-place finishers Randy Korte and Tony Izzo Jr. were parked side-by-side in the pits .... two fans showed off live monkey pets .... the track now features a concrete go-kart track behind the grandstands so fans can get a taste of racing .... strangely, though, the go karts race clockwise.

WEDNESDAY'S UMP SUMMERNATIONALS RACE: I-55 Raceway, Pevely, Mo., $5,000 to win.

CREDIT: Todd Turner <> of DirtNews Digest ------------------------------------------------------------- MONDAY'S UMP SUMMERNATIONALS CAPSULE

WEAVER WINS FOURTH LEG AT VERMILION COUNTY: Sixth-starting Kevin Weaver of Gibson City, Ill., stayed ahead of a lively battle for second between Bill Frye and Rick Aukland to win $5,000 in the caution-free fourth leg of the UMP Summernationals at Vermilion County Speedway in Danville, Ill. Weaver used heavy lapped traffic to work past Aukland, who battled with Frye through much of the race before losing the third spot to John Gill on the final lap. Polesitter Billy Drake was the fast qualifier among 28 late models, but dropped out of the feature with mechanical woes. FEATURE (50 laps): (1) Kevin Weaver, (2) Bill Frye, (3) John Gill, (4) Rick Aukland, (5) Dan Schlieper, (6) Kris Patterson, (7) Tony Izzo Jr., (8) Bob Pierce, (9) Billy Moyer, (10) Shannon Babb. -------------------------------------------------------------

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