MLRA/WDRLA: Lakeside Speeway summary

MLRA & WDRLA at Lakeside Speedway Friday night 10/8 and Saturday 10/9 (Kansas City, KS) Steve Kosiski roared past Terry Phillips four laps from the checkers Saturday night to win the 50-lap Capital Federal Savings Late Model Showdown, a WORLD...

MLRA & WDRLA at Lakeside Speedway
Friday night 10/8 and Saturday 10/9

(Kansas City, KS) Steve Kosiski roared past Terry Phillips four laps from the checkers Saturday night to win the 50-lap Capital Federal Savings Late Model Showdown, a WORLD Dirt Racing League event, at Lakeside Speedway near Kansas City, Kansas.

The win completed a two-night turnaround for the Papillion, Nebraska veteran, who failed to qualify for the series feature event the night before on the Lakeside Speedway half-mile.

"Terry Phillips is a great racer and a good runner, and it felt good to be up there running with the good guys tonight," quipped Kosiski following the win. "We've had some tough nights, and last night was definitely disgusting for us."

"The rains hit pretty hard Thursday night and it made the track hard for them to prepare last night," he added. "They did an very good job preparing the race track tonight and made it good and raceable for all of us to run on."

Kosiski started fifth in the 28-car field but darted past second row starters Kelly Boen and Eric Pember at the drop of the green flag, to settle into the number three position behind Phillips and Denny Eckrich the first trip in front of the grandstand.

With the leaders running through traffic, the race was slowed by a caution flag on lap ten when Winona, Minnesota's Keith Foss got into the wall in turn two. Kosiski took advantage of the race stoppage and raced past Eckrich and into the runner-up spot on the ensuing restart, with Phillips driving to a seemingly comfortable advantage in his car number 75.

Kosiski began chopping into the southern Missouri driver's lead and grabbed the top spot momentarily as the two front-runners diced through lapped traffic on lap 19, only two lose the point before the leaders crossed the start-finish line. Kosiski again took a shot at the leader a pair of laps later, but Phillips was able to keep his Presley's Country Jubilee/GRT/Monte Carlo in front by less than a car length as the pair raced through the corners.

The final caution flag came out on lap 32, setting the stage for Kosiski's late race heroics. The driver of the TB & Company/Double D Hook 'N Go sponsored car number-52 stalked the front-running Phillips for the next dozen circuits before pulling alongside the leader on lap 44. Three laps later, Kosiski powered to the outside racing out of turn two and outran Phillips down the backstretch to grab the lead.

"You really had to watch how far you got into turn four," said Kosiski of his late-race pass. "But turn two really helped me because I could actually go above Terry a little bit. I knew I wasn't ever going to get room with Terry there, so I had to keep working turn two and hoping something would happen to where I could get enough momentum coming off."

"I knew if I passed him too soon I would be in trouble," he added. "I'm just glad it worked out the way it did."

Denny Eckrich overpowered Phillips on the white flag lap to grab second, with Phillips holding off a fast-finishing Brady Smith for third.

Smith's fourth place finish wrapped up the 2004 PolyDome Super Series driver's championship for the 26-year old Wisconsin native. Smith, of Solon Springs, became the first driver is series history to win both the series championship and the Seubert Calf Ranches Rookie-of-the-Year award during the same season.


First PolyDome Qualifier: 1. Gary Webb (Blue Grass, IA), 2. Denny Eckrich (Tiffin, IA), 3. Eric Pember (Pittsville, WI), 4. Mike Wallace (Carter Lake, IA), 5. Al Zeitner (Bellevue, NE).

Second PolyDome Qualifier; 1. Jason Bodenhamer (Cenverview, MO), 2. Matt Furman (Iowa City, IA), 3. Brady Smith (Solon Springs, WI), 4. Mike Johnson (Clovis, CA), 5. Delbert Smith (Wichita, KS).

Third PolyDome Qualifier: 1. Craig Preble (Yutan, NE), 2. Ed Kosiski (Ralston, NE), 3. Tommy Elston (Keokuk, IA), 4. Sonny Findling (Kirksville, MO), 5. Mike Brown (Fort Gibson, OK).

Fourth PolyDome Qualifier: 1. Terry Phillips (Springfield, MO), 2. Raymond Merrill (Sallisaw, OK), 3. Chris Smyser (Lancaster, MO), 4. Alan Vaughn (Belton, MO), 5. Mark Teske (Spring Valley, MN).

Fifth PolyDome Qualifier: 1. David Turner (Adrian, MO), 2. Kurt Kile (Nichols, IA), 3. Mike Wiarda (Hampton, NE), 4. Al Purkey (Coffeyville, KS), 5. Kyle Berck (Marquette, NE).

Sixth PolyDome Qualifier: 1. Kelly Boen (Henderson, CO, 2. Keith Foss (Winona, MN), 3. Dave Eckrich (Cosgrove, IA), 4. Larry McDaniels (Valley Center, KS), 5. Dean Moore (Grand Junction, CO).

Seventh PolyDome Qualifier: 1. Steve Kosiski (Papillion, NE), 2. Scott Drake (Harrisonville, MO), 3. Ryan McAninch (Goddard, KS), 4. Darrell DeFrance (Marshalltown, IA), 5. Lyle Shephard (Manhatten, KS).

First KSE Racing Products Consolation: 1. Purkey, 2. Chris Spieker (Massena, IA), 3. McAninch, 4. John Anderson (Omaha, NE), 5. Kurt Kile.

Second KSE Racing Products Consolation: 1. Teske, 2. Berck, 3. John Hampel (Nodaway, IA), 4. Dave Eckrich, 5. Tommy Rowe (Doniphan, NE).

Third KSE Racing Products Consolation: 1. Wiarda, 2. Wallace, 3. Bryon Allison (Marshall, MO), 4. Brown, 5. Mike Danburg (Council Bluffs, IA).

Iowa-Illinois Taylor Insulation Pole Dash: 1. Denny Eckrich, 2. Phillips, 3. Pember, 4. Boen, 5. Steve Kosiski, 6. Foss. Capital Federal Savings Late Model Showdown: 1. Steve Kosiski, 2. Denny Eckrich, 3. Phillips, 4. Brady Smith, 5. Ed Kosiski, 6. Purkey, 7. Turner, 8. Johnson, 9. Teske, 10. Elston, 11. Smyser, 12. Bodenhamer, 13. Preble, 14. Spieker, 15. Merrill, 16. Wiarda, 17. Vaughn, 18. Wallace, 19. Brett LaFollette (Kansas City, KS), 20. Webb, 21. Dave Eckrich, 22. Pember, 23. Furman, 24. Boen, 25. Joe Kosiski (Omaha, NE), 26. Berck, 27. Foss, 28. Drake.

Billet Proof Lap Leaders: Phillips (1-46), Steve Kosiski (47-50)

QA1 Shocks Passing Points: 1. Boen (71.32)

Seubert Calf Ranches Rookie-of-the-Race: Brady Smith

Chase Race Decals Hard Luck Driver: Pember

Contingency Awards:

Oval Craft Racing Aluminum Designs: Steve Kosiski, Denny Eckrich, Brady Smith

MSD Ignition: Ed Kosiski

Performance Bodies: Teske

Peterson Fluid Systems: Elston

Fast Shafts by Axle Exchange: Spieker

Hooker Harness: Webb

Weld Racing Wheels: Dave Eckrich

Diamond Oil/Sunoco Race Fuels: Pember

Hoosier Tire: Kurt Kile, Spieker, Elston, Teske

Fri. October 8, 2004
WORLD Dirt Racing League

(Kansas City, KS) -- Brady Smith outran veteran Missouri driver Terry Phillips Friday night following a late-race restart to win the first night of the Capital Federal Savings Late Model Showdown, a WORLD Dirt Racing League PolyDome Super Series event, here at Lakeside Speedway.

With the 35-lap victory, the Solon Springs, Wis., driver can wrap up the WDRL drivers ' championship by simply taking the green flag in the second round of the Late Model Showdown at Lakeside on Saturday night.

"We had a great run here tonight," said Smith following the win. "The guys worked real hard on the car all night, and had the thing dialed in. It was kind of a handful at the beginning. I don't know if it was the track or the car that came to us in the end, but this is a great win.

"I've never had the opportunity to race Terry (Phillips) before," he added. "I've heard a lot of good stuff about him, and I am just happy to hold off a veteran like him at a track we had never been at before."

After winning the six-lap Iowa-Illinois Taylor Insulation Pole Dash, Smith started on the inside pole and darted into the lead at the drop of the green flag with Omaha, Nebraska's John Anderson running a close second, just ahead of Phillips and Kevin Kile.

The first of six caution flags waved on lap six when Kelly Boen got turned around in turn three, with a second caution coming a lap later when Anderson and Phillips tangled briefly in turn two while racing for second, sending Phillips to the pits to replace a flat tire.

On the restart, Anderson outran Smith up the front straightaway and into turn one to take over the lead. But three laps later, on lap 10, Smith returned the favor, roaring off the bottom out of turn four to grab the advantage as the pair raced side by side in front of the grandstands.

Anderson's THT Designs/Rocket/Grand Prix regained the point on lap 11. But following a lap-16 caution period, Smith grabbed the top spot for good, powering to the bottom into turn one, leaving Anderson to battle it out with Denny Eckrich for second, just ahead of Tommy Rowe and Phillips, who had steadily worked his way back through the field following his lap-seven tangle.

The race was slowed by two more caution periods on laps 23 and 25, allowing Phillips to wheel into second. But over the final 10 circuits, Smith's Kapus-Erickson Chrysler/Big Red Motorsports entry proved to be class of the field, winning the race to the checkers by a dozen car lengths.

"We finally got this place figured out in the last 12 laps," Smith said. "I figured out (turns) one and two earlier in the race, but in those last twelve laps, I finally figured out how to run through (turns) three and four.

"Those last few laps, I could put the car in the corner and mash the gas all the way through," he added.

A total of 77 Super Late Models went through technical inspection for the first of two nights of racing, which was co-sanctioned by the Midwest Late Model Racing Association (MLRA).

October 8 Results:

First PolyDome Qualifier: 1. Tommy Rowe (Doniphan, NE), 2. Al Purkey (Coffeyville, KS), 3. Jason Bodenhamer (Centerview, MO), 4. Steve Kosiski (Papillion, NE), 5. Rusty Patterson (Mason City, IA).

Second PolyDome Qualifier: 1. John Anderson (Omaha, NE), 2. Mike Danburg (Council Bluffs, IA), 3. Chris Smyser (Lancaster, MO), 4. Johnny Saathoff (Beatrice, NE), 5. Kelly Boen (Henderson, CO).

Third PolyDome Qualifier: 1. Kurt Kile (Nichols, IA), 2. John Kuchar (Henderson, CO), 3. Brady Smith (Solon Springs, WI), 4. Brian Schutt (Lebanon, MO), 5. Jeremy Bishop (Hutchinson, KS).

Fourth PolyDome Qualifier: 1. Matt Furman (Iowa City, IA), 2. Kevin Kile (West Liberty, IA), 3. Al Zeitner (Bellevue, NE), 4. Dale Eaton (St. Joseph, MO), 5. Mike Wiarda (Hampton, NE).

Fifth PolyDome Qualifier: 1. C.J. Lyle (Shawnee, KS), 2. David Turner (Adrian, MO), 3. Dean Moore (Grand Junction, CO), 4. Will Vaught (Crane, MO), 5. Joe Kosiski (Omaha, NE).

Sixth PolyDome Qualifier: 1. Alan Vaughn (Belton, MO), 2. Denny Eckrich (Tiffin, IA), 3. Dave Eckrich (Cosgrove, IA), 4. Keith Foss (Winona, MN), 5. Ed Kosiski (Ralston, NE).

Seventh PolyDome Qualifier: 1. Terry Phillips (Springfield, MO), 2. Tommy Elston (Keokuk, IA), 3. Earl Kinderknecht (Salina, KS), 4. Ryan McAninch (Goddard, KS), 5. Mike Smith (Jewell, IA).

Eighth PolyDome Qualifier: 1. Carl Edwards (Jefferson City, MO), 2. T.J. Kuykendall (Warsaw, MO), 3. Mike Johnson (Clovis, CA), 4. Mike Wallace (Omaha, NE), 5. Raymond Merrill (Sallisaw, OK).

First KSE Racing Products Consolation: 1. Elston, 2. Dave Eckrich, 3. Moore, 4. Wiarda, 5. Gary Webb (Blue Grass, IA).

Second KSE Racing Products Consolation: 1. Foss, 2. Ed Kosiski, 3. Kinderknecht, 4. Steve Kosiski, 5. Gary Stolba (Willow Springs, MO).

Third KSE Racing Products Consolation: 1. Boen, 2. Saathoff, 3. Smyser, 4. Craig Preble (Yutan, NE), 5. Jeremy Bishop (Hutchinson, KS).

Iowa-Illinois Taylor Insulation Pole Dash: 1. Smith, 2. Anderson, 3. Phillips, 4. Kevin Kile, 5. Kurcha, 6. Kurt Kile.

Capital Federal Savings Late Model Showdown 35-Lap Feature: 1. Smith, 2. Phillips, 3. Purkey, 4. Kyle Berck (Marquette, NE), 5. Denny Eckrich, 6. Dave Eckrich, 7. Elston, 8. Joe Kosiski, 9. Kevin Kile, 10. Kuchar, 11. Brett LaFollette (Kansas City, KS), 12. Danburg, 13. Kuykendall, 14. Bodenhamer, 15. Furman, 16. Rowe, 17. Vaughn, 18. Anderson, 19. Foss, 20. Kurt Kile, 21. Johnson, 22. Edwards, 23. Lyle, 24. Ed Kosiski, 25. Boen, 26. David Barker (Kingsville, MO), 27. Turner, 28. Saathoff.

Additional information of interest:

* Billet Proof Lap Leaders: Smith (1-6), Anderson (7-9), Smith (10), Anderson (11-15), Smith (16-35)

* QA1 Shocks Passing Points winner: Kurt Kile (67.8)

* Seubert Calf Ranches Rookie-of-the-Race: Smith

* Chase Race Decals Hard Luck Award winner: Anderson

Contingnecy award winners:

* Oval Craft Racing Aluminum Designs: Smith, Berck, Denny Eckrich

* MSD Ignition: Dave Eckrich

* Performance Bodies: Elston

* Peterson Fluid Systems: Joe Kosiski

* Fast Shafts by Axle Exchange: Kevin Kile

* Hooker Harness: Matt Furman

* Weld Wheels: Anderson

* Diamond Oil/Sunoco Race Fuels: Foss


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