MLRA: Reid Millard medical update 2004-09-19

Reid Millard ...

Reid Millard #14M MLRA Injury update 9-19-04

In a phone call to St.Lukes Hospital in Kansas City Missouri this morning it was learned that Reid Millard has been released from the hospital today.

Late yesterday afternoon in talking with fellow racer, Chris Smyser and a good friend of Reid's, stated that most of the test came back showing nothing was broken just badly torn and bruised. Good News.

Reid Millard a young man of I'd say 30's to early 40's has been racing as a hobby when his profession would allow. Reid is a very successful business man in the Jefferson City area with the Owning and Operations of Funeral Homes. Millard has been very active with the Boy's and Girls Clubs of America and working within the intercity community education and betterment groups.

Glad to hear Millard will be on the road to recovery and we look for his return as soon as he's able.


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