MLRA: LA Racway results 2004-09-18

Gary Stolba O'Reilly MLRA Win list at LA Raceway O'Reilly MLRA Latemodel Thunder Tour 2004 Buckner, Missouri Gary Stolba of Willow Springs drove about 200 miles across the state of Missouri to take the first ever O'Reilly MLRA Latemodel event...

Gary Stolba O'Reilly MLRA Win list at LA Raceway

O'Reilly MLRA Latemodel Thunder Tour 2004
Buckner, Missouri

Gary Stolba of Willow Springs drove about 200 miles across the state of Missouri to take the first ever O'Reilly MLRA Latemodel event at Mike White's LA Raceway in LaMonte, Missouri.

"Stolba shows up every once in a while and he's usually running in the top 5 before the night's over" stated a fellow competitor of the MLRA. "You just don't know where he's going to race-he has good equipment and seems to like the challenge that a new track brings" Purkey continued with a grin.

It wasn't an easy shot however as Stolba lined up on the seventh row just behind Purkey. Passing points in the heat race contribute dramatically to the overall program's line up. Jason Bodenhamer garnered the high-point (passing points) front-row pole position at the start of the main.

At the drop of the Green-Flag it was Bodenhamer in the GRT-Buzzard Engine Hitchcock Motorsports rig leading the current MLRA Champ Alan Vaughn on a drag race with St. Joesph's Missouri's Dale Eaton settling into third for the first several laps. By the fifth lap it was Bodenhamer, Vaughn, C.J. Lyle from his 10th starting spot on row five into third. Purkey coming from 11 had wasted no time moving thru the field and was now in 4th followed by fellow Coffeyville Kansas computer Russell Portwood and bringing with him Dustin Mooneyham. Bodenhamer continued to lead Vaughn and Purkey got around C.J. Lyle to take over 3rd. Portwood, Stolba, Mooneyham, Eaton, David Barker and T.J. Kuykendall rounded out the top ten at the end of 10 laps.

At the half-way point with twenty laps completed Bodenhamer was catching the tail end of the field and put Herb Nagy down a lap. Vaughn would have to contend with Purkey and Purkey knew that Stolba had moved around both C.J. Lyle and Portwood and was now in fourth. Dale Eaton who saw his night go bad when he was caught up in an earlier accident bringing out the caution flag was now mired back in the pack and on the twenty four lap was between Purkey and Stolba as Bodenhamer continued his lead with Vaughn in second. Herb Nagy was going thru the leaders and as Lyle riding in fifth and Portwood in six.

Bodenhamer continued the lead when as they were once again approaching lapped traffic. Randy Reynolds another good computer who would latter blow a motor, may have been feeling the effects of a loss-of horsepower as he was hanging on when he and Larry Stephonson tangled sending Bodenhamer and Vaughn into evasive maneuvers. As the Yellow flew for the 55 Reynolds, both Vaughn and Bodenhamer went off the track (no fence) and came up onto the track Vaughn pulled to a stop so that the MLRA Official could check the car and sure-enough Vaughn had cut a tire from debris where earlier in the night the Reid Millard car crashed. Vaughn was then given the 2 laps to retire to the Pit Area and change the tire. As Vaughn pulled back out onto the track he was now lineup in 14 for the twenty-fifth lap.

On the Green it was Bodenhamer Purkey, Stolba, Lyle, Portwood, Barker, as they rounded the twenty-sixth lap with David Turner in seventh. As the pack continued to head towards the ten to go, Bodenhamer still had the lead. Purkey was beginning to feel Stolba moving around on the track Lyle was waiting for the party in front to get started, and Turner was eyeing Portwood.

Coming down for the 34 go round, Stolba saw his move got by Purkey in the other 33 and began to challenge the leader. On lap 36 with just four more to go Stolba went racing! Taking the lead with Bodenhamer and Purkey once more battling lapped traffic as they crossed the line for the Checkered flag on lap 40 it was Stolba, Bodenhamer, Purkey, Turner who had gotten by Lyle on lap 35 then Portwood, Barker and Vaughn. Gary Gorby and Clint Long rounded out the top ten finishers.

Feature Results:
1.) Gary Stolba; 2.) Jason Bodenhamer; 3.) Al Purkey; 4.) David Turner; 5.) C.J. Lyle; 6.) Russell Portwood; 7.) David Barker; 8.) Alan Vaughn; 9.) Gary Gorby; 10.) Clint Long; 11.) Stephen Oerly; 12.) Randy McGraw; 13.) T.J.Kuykendall; 14.) Larry Stephoson; 15.) Dustin Mooneyham; 16.) Dale Eaton; 17.) Herb Nagy; 18.) Larry Clawson; 19.) Kerry Schulze; 20.) Randy Reynolds; 21.) Chris Smyser; 22.) Brett LaFollette

Heat Results:

Heat 1
St.Joseph, Missouri's Dale Eaton lead wire to wire for the second time this year taking the heat race win over N.Kansas City's Larry Clawson. Coming home third after running in a tight battle with Clawson was Randy McGraw, Chris Smyser continues to build back the strength in his arm-wrist with his fourth place. David Turner, Jake Morris, Bob Cumming, Richard Weber, and Gary Gorby round out the field.

Heat 2
The second race was stopped after a first lap crash when cars spun in front of Reid Millard's #14M leaving him no place to go. The crash caused the Millard car to flip. Life-Flight helicopter was dispatched to transport Millard for precautionary measures as he complained of soreness in his neck and tingling in his legs. Once the accident was cleared racing resumed with Brett LaFollette taking the lead and holding off Clint Long and Russell Portwood, Chris Smsyer took third followed by Darrell Mooneyham, Leroy Jackson, Bob Hillge, Greg Choate (dnf), Reid Millard (dnf).

Heat 3
Al Purkey starting from the front row pole held the lead until the Yellow flew for Kenny Bohman on lap three. On the restart Jason Bodenhamer who had been in the catbird seat made his move and took the lead. Gary Stolba used the action ahead as Terry Melton perhaps let off the gas watching Purkey and Bodenhamer next thing he knew Stolba was around him for third. At the Checkered flag it was still Bodenhamer, Purkey, Stolba, Melton, Kerry Schulze in fifth, Stephen Oerly, Wayne Sutton, and Kenny Bohman finishing in 8th.

Heat 4
As the field took the Green Aaron Seabaugh, Thomas Hammond and CJ Lyle got together bringing out the yellow for a restart. Once more Alan Vaughn from the front row took the lead Rookie contender Randy Reynolds was right on line in second followed by David Barker and long time fellow competitor of the Missouri, Shorty Acker., C.J. Lyle, Aaron Seabaugh, John Farmer, and Thomas Hammond rounded out the first go round. At the finish it was Vaughn wire to wire. Reynolds in second with Lyle moving up for third. David Barker Aaron Seabaugh, Short Acker, John Farmer and Thomas Hammond for the finish.

Heat 5
Youngster Dustin Mooneyham started off the front row and lead to the Checkers with good racing action between Larry Stephoson, and Rookie T.J. Kuykendall swapping the second place position. Kuykendall would take the point when it counted to finish second. Coming in fourth was Kevin Kiaser, Lyle Shephard in fifth, James House, Herb Nagy and Larry Moon finishing in eighth.

1st B Feature
Terry Melton from the second row took the lead with Chris Smyser in second on the first go round. By the third lap the yellow waved for Lyle Shephard and Chad Clark. On the restart it was Smyser exercising the stiffness in his arm to take the lead with Oklahoma's Melton in second and Stephen Oerly moving around Seabaugh for third. At the halfway point it was Smyser Melton and Oerly. Stephen Oerly was sitting in wait and was around Melton and looking for Smyser by the lap 9. As they crossed the flag with two to go Oerly must have been counting it down as he was on the heels and made the move to take Smyser or was Smyser wanting a different line? As they crossed for the white flag with one more to go Smyser garnered back the lead. Not to be outdone at the Checkered Flag it was Stephen Orely coming across in first, Smyser in second, Melton, Seabaugh, Gary Gorby, Bob Cumming, Chad Clark, Leroy Johnson, Richard Weber, Lyle Shepard, Herb Nagy, Thomas Hammond, Wayne Sutton.

2nd B Feature
David Turner took the lead on the start and held Kerry Schulz in check, A bit of battle in the early going between Kevin Kiaser and Darrell Mooneyham saw the match cross the line with Mooneyham in third Kiaser in fourth. Jake Morris took fifth while Larry Moon, Shorty Acker, Kenny Bohman, Bob Hillge, and John Farmer made up the top ten.


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