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O'Reilly MLRA Adrian Speedway win to Alan Vaughn Alan Vaughn of Belton, MO reigning three time O'Reilly MLRA Champion chalks another record win at Adrian Speedway. Omaha's John Anderson was a very close second followed by Jason Bodenhamer of ...

O'Reilly MLRA Adrian Speedway win to Alan Vaughn

Alan Vaughn of Belton, MO reigning three time O'Reilly MLRA Champion chalks another record win at Adrian Speedway. Omaha's John Anderson was a very close second followed by Jason Bodenhamer of Centerview, MO.

They say you can never go home-but perhaps that's just what Alan Vaughn of near by Belton, MO needed tonight. A bit of closure on matters of the heart. As he wheeled his truck and trailer into Glenn and Colleen Portzen's Adrian Speedway you just had a feeling that this was an important step to reach out to his beloved Father Jack Vaughn. You see last fall when the MLRA group was here Alan had just come from the Funeral Services for his best-friend. It's been a long winter, one that would have found both he and his Dad working side by side. Vaughn has found very little comfort in the tasks of working without his partner.

Tonight it was for his Dad but more importantly to show his Dad he could do it -- bring back that winning style. Taking the Heat race was a start, and it wasn't a gimmie over C.J. Lyle and arch rival fellow respected driver Jason Bodenhamer.

As they lined up for the feature Vaughn found himself mired back in the fourth row -- a quirk that when you win you don't get those dreaded passing points to take you to the front. Passing points always gives the Fans what they came for -- entertainment from the drop of the Green Flag.

Heat Race Notes:

With Adrian Missouri's newest resident David Turner taking the win last week over Jason Bodenhamer you just knew that they'd have the edge for tonight's race. "In the Heat we drew last row inside" stated Turner as he recapped the night's event. "Bailey builds a strong motor and we knew if we played are cards right we'd have a chance to take the Rocket to the font" Turner concluded. With the Heat win behind him over Rookie contender Randy Timms and David Barker the Adrian Bank crew began prepping for the Feature.

Bodenhamer wasn't as lucky. The Bodees Race Bodies Buzzard Racing Engines GRT found a bit of a mechanical hiccup in his heat race which pitted him outside front row long side Alan Vaughn. At the end of the Heat which found the new expectant Father, Bodenhamer in third behind Vaughn and CJ Lyle a belt had to be replaced.

John Anderson drove down from Omaha to race the 1K Larry Moring Motorsports Rocket with it's Hatfield prepared motor after competing at the World of Outlaw Latemodels event in Eagle, NE on Friday night. At Eagle John took his THT Designs, Jim Leonaard Plumbing MarCorp Electric Creative Memories by Lisa race to a thirteen starting spot out of the 38 "Outlaws" - not racing with this bunch on a weekly basis really adds to the drama of using the correct setups - missing the combination on tires turned out to be critical and found John running in the Consi. After making it to the Feature thru the Consi where he ran a strong 4th he was mired back in the 20th starting spot at the end of the 60 laps John held his own despite having left front brake problems finishing 17 in the $10,000 to win event. Anderson hoped that tonight he could get back to the way the season began -- and he did continuing his streak of (7) top 5 finishes for the year. After taking the lead from his pole starting position in the heat - Anderson pulled away from Freeman MO's Aaron Seabaugh and Iowa's Gary Webb.

Butler Missouri's Bob Fennewald in the Jack Fennewald Auction Services Fennewald Construction Brownsberger Heating and Cooling MO-Kan Livestock Market Prices-Rite Lumber rig started out on the pole and was able to continue the move to the checkers as Caney, KS's #99 Gary Gorby took his G & G Dozer Shaw car from its third row starting spot to finish second while TJ Kuykendall and his Warsaw Building Center True Value Racing Buzzard Racing Engines Bodee's Race Bodies pulled to a good third spot.

The B Main with 1 to 4 going to the A

Dale Eaton just back from the Donnie Moran Chassis and Driving School found lots to be changed on the setup of his Racemart Z-4 towed down from St.Joe, Missouri to take the win aboard the Pickup & Racehaven Riverside Market Collison Repair XPress Mechanical Services BP Petroleum. Finishing second was Archie Missouri's Charley Reed aboard the Kusgen, GT Quality Used Cars, and Carl E. Osborn Bulldozing red number R15 while Barney Bauerenfeind of Adrian and Bartlettsville, OK's Terry Melton rounded out the transferring spots.

The Feature Main Event of 40 laps on what is effectionatly known as the "Bristol of the Midwest" with its short track vengence found that the Promoter and Groomsmaster Glen Portzen had worked his magic as nearly 3" of rain had fallen over the last several days. This track is rich with history as it was one of two built some 25 years ago by Charlie LaFollette who also built Linn County in Pleasanton, KS the bigger of the two. For the last 10 years Illonis transplants the Portzen's have called Adrian Missouri home -- literally with their residence at the track above the Pit-Store. "A labor of love and a good business" stated Glenn when referring to their track. For he and the family it's 24 -7 and gettin' her ready for the next week.

Starting from the Pole by virtue of passing points saw David Turner in the Adrian Bank, Rocket with it's Scott Bailey power plant line up with CJ Lyle of Shawnee, KS in the Randy Spalding Excavting Jim Thompson Sodding Rymeg Development GRT. Second row was Randy Timms of Oklahoma City aboard the Duralite Wheel, Air Born Coatings Mastersbilt Western Flyer next up would be Gary Gorby followed by Anderson's 1K and Fennewald's number 91. On the fourth row inside it was Alan Vaughn opposite Aaron Seabaugh from Freeman. Gentlemen Gary Webb of Blue Grass Iowa the Racer formerly known as 56W now just W who with his years of Championship titles has taught him to come prepared or go home early found it a tough night on the 1/3 bullring. Webb aboard the GRT by Gary Webb Ross Medical Supply of Moline IL, Jim's Cartage Service, Liftruck Service Co.Inc., Peoria Truck Wrecking, Intermoal Maintenance Rebuilders Inc., Real Wheel, Performance Bodies and Pro Power Motor lined up on row five with Kansas City, KS second generation racer Brett LaFollette in his Mastersbilt. TJ Kuykendall and Jason Bodenhamer were next followed by David Barker in the Richards Printing, Barker Racing Inc. Rocket along side of Harrisonville, Missouri's Herb Nagy. Nagy with it's newest sponsor Hill Billy's Doins which are the makers of Fresh Fried Pork Rinds along with his Joe's Tow out of Holden, MO with it's Mann's Speed of Independence, MO powerplant and Team GRT Chassis found his hopes of a better starting spot shot down in the heat race with the tight bullring action and no passing points. Rounding out the last row of the feature were Kerry Schultz of Moundville, MO in the S & S GRT and Ractek Motor sponsored by Adesa Auto Auctions, www-pointcars-com along side Wilson Farms Angus Beef and Bogle Plumbing Nevada, Missouri's Bobby Kerbs in a GRT with an "our-gang-motor."

At the drop of the Green Flag it was CJ Lyle in the lead followed by David Turner until the pack bunched up in turn four to bring out the start of the yellows at the fast action 1/3 mile. On the restart once more Lyle dove to the lead Anderson was behind Turner for third this time it wasn't good with several having to retire to the pit area for a quick fix. Once more Lyle took the lead with Turner in tow followed by Anderson and Alan Vaughn. Several more laps kept the pack tight and racy then Vaughn got by Turner and you could tell Turner was wrestling the car (later it was learned that he'd lost the power steering totally) hold off Anderson Seabaugh and Nagy they continued. About the 11 or 12 Vaughn got by Lyle to take the lead one he'd hold till the checkers. With about 15 laps to go Anderson was into second and began to chase down Vaughn. Five laps from the end saw the caution flag once more displayed and as they came around for the shake down it was Vaughn Anderson Bodenhamer Turner Webb. At the finish it was Vaughn for the win aboard the Rocket by Shaw sponsored Sonny Collison Center, Super Clean Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Helts Turf Farm, Hon Heating and Cooling Smitty's Power Plant at his home town speedway. Followed by Anderson, Bodenhamer, Turner, Webb, Fennewald, Schultz, Seabaugh, LaFollette, and Eaton for the top 10.

After tonight's races it's now Jason Bodenhamer taking the point lead with Alan Vaughn in second.

Heat 1
1. 1K John Anderson
2. 68S Aaron Seabaugh
3. W56 Gary Webb
4. 23L Brett LaFollette
5. 41S Victor Sims
6. 46B Barney Bauerenfeind
7. 53E Larry Evenson

Heat 2
1. 91F Bob Fennewald
2. 99G Gary Gorby
3. 8K T.J. Kuykendall
4. 28N Herb Nagy
5. R15 Charlie Reed
6. 18M Terry Melton

Heat 3
1. 22V Alan Vaughn
2. 24L C.J. Lyle
3. 2B Jason Bodenhamer
4. 1$ Kerry Schultz
5. 63E Dale Eaton
6. 90w Joe Walkenhorst

Heat 4
1. 15T David Turner
2. 5R Randy Timms
3. 88B David Barker
4. 20K Bobby Kerbs
5. 98c Joe Conway
6. 55R Randy Reynolds

B Main
1. 63E Dale Eaton
2. R15 Charlie Reed
3. 46B Barney Bauerenfeind
4. 18M Terry Melton
5. 55R Randy Reynolds
6. 53E Larry Evenson
7. 98C Joe Conway

A Feature (40 laps)
1. 22V Alan Vaughn
2. 1K John Anderson
3. 2B Jason Bodenhamer
4. 15T David Turner
5. W56 Gary Webb
6. 91F Bob Fennewald
7. 1$ Kerry Schultz
8. 68S Aaron Seabaugh
9. 23L Brett LaFollette
10. 63 Dale Eaton
11. 28N Herb Nagy
12. 5T Randy Timms
13. 8K T.J. Kukendall
14. 20K Bobby Kerbs
15. 99G Gary Gorby
16. 18M Terry Melton
17. 55R Randy Reynolds
18. 24L C.J. Lyle
19. R15 Charlie Reed
20. 46B Barney Bauerenfeind
21. 98C Joe Conway
22. 88B David Barker

Factory Stock A Feature
1. Jerry Summers, Parker, Kans.
2. Jerry Brown, Prescott, Kans.
3. Darrin Christy, Louisburg, Kans.
4. Greg Choate, Belton, Kans.
5. Henry Whaley, Harrisonvillem Mo.

Street Stock A Feature
1. Kenny Ferguson, Raymore, Mo.
2. Josh Poe, Garnett, Kans.
3. Josh Crump, Ulrich, Kans.
4. Kenny Gilpin,
5. John Parris, Pleasant Hill, Mo.


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