Misson Valley speedway race report 2000-08-05

Mission Valley Speedway Saturday, August 5th, 2000 By: Stefanie Nordberg Pablo, MT - The Bomber 50, Krusers and the Ronan Pioneer Days Demolition Derby was on tap Saturday night at the Mission Valley Speedway here! Twelve bombers made an...

Mission Valley Speedway Saturday, August 5th, 2000
By: Stefanie Nordberg

Pablo, MT - The Bomber 50, Krusers and the Ronan Pioneer Days Demolition Derby was on tap Saturday night at the Mission Valley Speedway here! Twelve bombers made an appearance for their premiere race of the 2000 season. All races were alternated between demolition derby heats and mains.

Trophy Sponsor of the night for the Bomber 50 and Krusers was Timberlane Auto of Ronan, with trophy presentations being made by Brenda Shepard, daughter of Hobby Stock driver Wade Shepard and his wife Tracy. The Flower Mill located on Main Street in Ronan provided flowers. Two trophy cars were used during the night, the first, a 1971 Dodge Challenger owned by Brian and Nancy Holm, and the second, a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner owned by Shane Van Ness.

The evening started early with time trials at 5:00 due to the schedule ran by the Pioneer Days Committee. The first trophy dash for the Bombers had car #68, Howard Lilly jumping immediately into the lead from his start in the pole position. Lilly was able to fend off Doug Moeller of Missoula, and Raymond Matt of Polson who both held the second spot at different times during the race.

The 'A' bomber dash was a tight show of the top five cars in this class! Lap after lap they raced still in box formation from taking the green. Positions changed but these drivers and their cars are so closely matched that they continued side by side, and bumper to bumper through out lap five of the race. Mike Drake was the leader on laps one through three when Chuck Morigeau passed Drake for the lead! Morigeau held on for the final three laps to take the checkered and the trophy for his first place finish!

The dual-controlled Kruser class put on one of its most exciting races of the season in their 15-lap Main event Saturday! New comers Ed and Dennis Stevenson, driving car #181, from the Seely Lake area, stretched out an impressive lead throughout the first half of the race. At this time the flagman stopped the race to regroup the cars.

Just about anything can happen in a Kruser race, -officials pull plug wires if a car runs under 22 second laps, -officials stop races in the middle and make the driver and passenger "throttle" man change places, or they just stop and regroup the stretched out cars as happened in this race. If you haven't seen a dual-controlled Kruser race yet, make sure to catch one before the end of the season; they are an entertaining class of cars!

The Stevenson car continued on in the lead after the restart when car #155, with the team of Randy Steinebach and Shawn Emmett at the wheel, passed them for the lead on lap 11 for one lap only. The Stevenson duo regained their lead on lap 12 and looked as though they were running for their first ever checkered flag win! Unfortunately the Stevenson car busted its passenger side front tire off just a quarter lap before the finish of the race, allowing #155 to speed past them for the win!

The Ronan Volunteer Fire Department team in car #142 finished in an impressive second place after the mishap with #181. And the two other Seeley Lake cars of Stevenson's and Spence both pulled from the race on lap eight with mechanical problems.

The first half of the Bomber 50, double points race ran with just two cars running in the lead position. Bomber #67, Rob Steinebach lead for the first four laps when Mike Drake, #66 made his way up from the back of the pack to pass Steinebach for the lead. Drake continued through the first half still in the lead position.

At the start of the second 25 laps of the Bomber 50, Drake held the lead through lap 34 when a yellow caution flag came out. Drake and #38, Robert Watt who was running in second both slowed, while third place driver James Kammerer in #69 sped past them. MVAR rules state that you race under yellow.

Drake did his best to run down Kammerer, however in the last few laps Watt was able to pass him to bump Drake to third. The final lap had Kammerer in first, Watt in second, Drake in third and Raymond Matt in fourth. Bob's Auto Mart, Duane Olsen Trucking, Buffalo Beau's, Lyle Hurt, Scotty Gardipe and Russ Burland donated purse money for the Bomber 50.

Don't miss the premiere of the Mission Valley Speedways "MOTORHEADS" documentary video about the 30+ year history of the Speedway, this Thursday the 10th of August at Dick's Pheasant Lounge in Ronan. Showing of the video will start at 7:30 pm.

Next week will be the Can-Am SUPER STOCKS, the Alamon Telco Formula Indy's, the dual-controlled Krusers, Tuff Trucks and a special IRON MAN TRUCK PULL! Time Trials begin at 6:00 PM with racing at 7:00 pm. Check us out on the World Wide Web! www.pitstop.com/mvs/index.htm Also for a month long "Track of the Month" special look to www.scorpionspeedways.com!

RACE RESULTS {TB} Saturday, August 5th, 2000

DUAL-CONTROLLED KRUSERS Fast time of the night: #110 Bud Lucas & Lee Daley 22.27 Main: 1) #155 Steinebach & Emmett, 2) #142 Ronan Vol. Fire Dept. 3) #181 Ed & Dennis Stevenson, 4) #110 Daley & Lucas, 5) #197 Spence & Stevenson, 6) #199 Stevenson & Carpenter

BOMBERS Fast time of the night: #38 Robert Watt 18.67 Dash B: 1) Howard Lilly, 2) Ray Matt, 3) Doug Moeller, 4) Matt Gollehan, 5) Rob Steinebach Dash A: 1) Chuck Morigeau, 2) Mike Drake, 3) Shawn Dumont, 4) Robert Watt,

50 Lap Main: 1) James Kammerer, 2) Robert Watt, 3) Mike Drake, 4) Ray Matt, 5) Matt Gollehan, 6) Shawn Dumont, 7) Howard Lilly, 8) Chuck Morigeau, 9) Rob Steinebach, 10) Michael Gonzales, 11) RJ Watt

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