Mission Valley Speedway results 2004-07-24

The action started early in the Kruser Main Event. On lap one Robert Hall and AJ Sanders ...

The action started early in the Kruser Main Event. On lap one Robert Hall and AJ Sanders #188 got spun in front of the field and kissed front bumpers with #147 George Teague and John Swenson who couldn't avoid the spinning #188. On the restart Tim Denson and Beau Stewart #113 got into Teague and Swenson and both went for a spin on the front stretch. Denson and Stewart looked to be spinning back across the track in front of Ryan Troutwine and Ron Petersen #131, but Denson and Stewart got it stopped and left just enough room between themselves and the wall for the #131 to get by. Under the yellow Jason Larson and Dylan Wittmier #142 got spun by the #130 Dwayne Drake and Jeremy Rice. Back under green Larson and Wittmier #142 blew out a tire and pulled off the track. Denson and Stewart #113 got their front bumper ripped off after getting pushed wide by #130 and getting clipped by #188. There was some mad battling going on for the top spot that Drake and Rice were holding down but heat race winners Denson and Stewart were coming from the back of the pack and took the lead as they were getting leaned on by Drake and Rice. In a three wide battle for third Troutwine and Petersen #131 got pushed into a little slide through the infield by Drake and Rice #130. Later in the race Troutwine and Petersen blew out a tire. Coming to the white flag Hall and Sanders #118 dive-bombed under leaders Denson and Stewart #113 and made some good contact but were unable to complete the pass. Denson and Stewart #113 held on for the win in a wild and exciting Kruser main event.

Tim White #44 and Cyrus Mock #45 where battling side by side for the lead early in the Budweiser Compacts main event. White was able to take the spot and lead some laps before heat race winner Chris Carpentier #20 took over the lead. Trisha White #22 went for a spin and Tim White #44 had to slide in sideways and spun it into the infield to miss her stopped car. That near miss must have got the heart rate up on both drivers. Dennis Schneider #15 was battling Tim White for second when White got high, went up on the dirt bank but kept on going. Chris Carpentier took the win ahead of Trisha White and Schneider.

Brandon Grosvenor #22 pulled out to an early lead in the Noon's Formula Indy Main Event. Heat Race winner Chuck Weich #21 worked his way through the pack and began to reel in Grosvenor. Weich went to the high side and took over the top spot. Don Staggs #1 also worked his way through the field and passed Grosvenor for second. Chuck Weich stayed in front and took home the main event trophy.

The Flathead Legends made a trip down to the Mission Valley for some legend car racing. Bryce Hillard #29 and Jim Hillard #3 both stormed away from the field early in the main event, but heat race winner Jake Grossweiler #48 was closing in on them. Jim Hillard moved his way past Bryce Hillard for the lead. Then Grosswiler got around Bryce for second. Scott Dalla #5 went for a spin in turn three. Jack Watteyne #7j did some good heads up driving to turn his car sideway and head to the infield to miss Dalla as his car coasted down the track. Jim Hillard and Grosswiler battled side by side for the lead as they passed two lapped cars. Grosswiler had the inside line and it prevailed. Grosswiler then stretched it out and picked up the main event win ahead of Jim and Bryce Hillard.

The Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stocks hit the track for their biggest race of the year. Nathan Hampson #55 dominated the first 40 lap segment of the 80 lap race. He lead every lap of the first segment as battles raged on behind him. The supers were two by two by two battling for the second spot. Alvin Brester #44 worked his way through the pack to get up to second and started to reel in Hampson. Brester was barreling into the corners sideways to try to pass Hampson near the end of the first segment, Brester did some good driving just to hang onto his sideways car. Early in the second 40 lap segment points leader Kirk Hennefer #25 was able to get around Brester for second and Jeff Smyth #28 followed Hennefer through. Hennefer then set his sites on race leader Hampson. Hennefer got under Hampson and took the lead as the rest of the field looked to freight train Hampson. Coming out of turn four Hampson came down across Brester and the two tangled hard. Hampson spun across the front stretch as Brester slammed the front stretch wall. Nathan Dumont #46 got all crossed up having to slow down for the wreck but hung onto it, Justin Drake #3 had to get on the binders to miss Nathan Dumont and Shawn Dumont #18 had to spin to avoid hitting the slowing cars. The race restarted with Hennefer and Smyth in first and second. Smyth was working Hennefer over for the top spot as the two raced side by side for laps. Smyth was able to take the top spot. A few laps later Hennefer got a flat tire and pulled of the track. Second place Nathan Dumont pulled off the track. Shawn Dumont took over the second spot and held off a strong running Justin Drake in the closing laps. Jeff Smyth who was last years season champion was making his first start of the season picked up the win the Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stock 80.

The Lake County Detention Employee Association sponsored the evenings racing. Tara Ewers a Lake County dispatcher was the trophy girl. One trophy car was a 1934 hot rod extended cab Chevy pickup owned by Wayne Hobbes, a Lake County detention association member and the late Debra Hobbes. Another trophy car was a1931 model A 4 door owned by Dave and Donna Bennett, Dave is Secretary Treasurer of the Lake County detention association. Several emergency vehicles did a lap in memory of Debra Hobbes with all their emergency lights flashing.

Next Saturday Night the Northwest Late Model 4's are coming to the Mission Valley Speedway for the second and final visit of the season. Also racing will be the MGD/Lite Hobby Stocks and Stewart's NAPA Bombers. Kids rides are also on the schedule. Kids can ride around the track in a stock car for free.

For more information about Mission Valley Speedway visit www.missionvalleyspeedway.com or call our 24-hour information hotline at (406) 675-RACE

Results Saturday July 24, 2004


Trophy Dash: 1) 147 George Teague/John Swenson 2) 142 Jason Larson/Dylan Wittmier 3) 188 Robert Hall/AJ Sanders 4) 113 Tim Denson/Beau Stewart

Heat Race: 1) 113 Denson/Stewart 2) 147 Ron Petersen/Swenson 3) 188 Hall/Sanders 4) 130 Dwayne Drake/Jeremy Rice 5) 118 Terry Hamilton/Zach Mathers 6) 101 Jerry Tabor/David Tammen 7) 142 Larson/Wittmier

Main Event: 1) 113 Denson/Stewart 2) 188 Hall/Sanders 3) 101 Tabor/Tammen 4) Ryan Troutwine/Petersen 5) 130 Drake/Rice 6) 147 Teague/Swenson 7) 142 Larson/Wittmier 8) 118 Hamilton/Mathers

Budweiser Compacts

B Trophy Dash: 1) 44 Tim White 2) 11 Ryan Mitchell 3) 45 Cyrus Mock 4) 13 John Adams

A Trophy Dash: 1) 20 Chris Carpentier 2) 22 Trisha White 3) 3 Tony Adams Sr. 4) 15 Dennis Schneider

Heat Race: 1) 20 Carpentier 2) 22 Tr. White 3) 44 Ti. White 4) 45 Mock 5) 3 T. Adams 6) 15 Schneider 7) 11 Mitchell

Main Event: 1) 20 Carpentier 2) 22 Tr. White 3) 15 Schneider 4) 45 Mock 5) 3 T. Adams 6) 11 Mitchell 7) 44 Ti. White 8) 13 J. Adams

Noon's Formula Indy's

Trophy Dash: 1) 22 Brandon Grosvenor 2) 13 Chris McCallum 3) 1 Don Staggs 4) 21 Chuck Weich

Heat Race: 1) 21 Weich 2) 1 Staggs 3) 13 McCallum 4) 8 Dave Schatzka 5) 22 Grosvenor 6) 9 Steve Martin

Main Event: 1) 21 Weich 2) 1 Staggs 3) Grosvenor 4) 8 Schatzka 5) 9 Martin 6) 13 McCallum

Flathead Legends

Trophy Dash: 1) 48 Jake Grosswiler 2) 3 Jim Hillard 3) 29 Bryce Hillard 4) 5 Scott Dalla

Heat Race: 1) 48 Grosswiler 2) 29 B. Hillard 3) 3 B. Hillard 4) 5 Dalla 5) 7j Jack Watteyne 6) 1 Joe Toppel 7) 64 Spike Schultz 8) 72 Frank Stainbrook

Main Event: 1) 48 Grosswiler 2) 3 J. Hillard 3) 29 B. Hillard 4) 64 Schultz 5) 1 Toppel 6) 7j Watteyne 7) 5 Dalla

Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stocks

B Trophy Dash: 1) 18 Shawn Dumont 2) 28 Jeff Smyth 3) 8 Chuck Morigeau 4) 3 Justin Drake

A Trophy Dash: 1) 46 Nathan Dumont 2) 55 Nathan Hampson 3) 44 Alvin Brester 4) 25 Kirk Hennefer

80 Lap Main Event: 1) 28 Smyth 2) 18 S. Dumont 3) 3 Drake 4) 46 N. Dumont 5) 25 Hennefer 6) 8 Morigeau 7) 44 Brester 8) 55 Hampson


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