Mission Valley Speedway results 2004-07-10

Midseason Madness at Mission Valley Speedway July 10th marked the midpoint of the Mission Valley Speedway Season. All classes hit the track for Midseason Madness. Lightning was striking in the distance during the main...

Midseason Madness at Mission Valley Speedway

July 10th marked the midpoint of the Mission Valley Speedway Season. All classes hit the track for Midseason Madness. Lightning was striking in the distance during the main events but the real excitement was on the track.

Ron Peterson and George Tiegue #147 picked up the main event win in the Kruser class ahead of points leaders David Hall and Beau Stewart #113.

Howard Lilly #4 got back to winning in the Bomber 4's as he took the main event. Points leader and heat race winner Joe Pierce #77 took second followed by Don Eutsler#68.

Mike Drake #1 jumped out to an early lead in the Stuart's NAPA Autocare Bombers main event. Ryan Troutwine #13 who lost a radiator in the heat race tangle worked the high side to get from fifth to second. Heat race winner Justin Drake #66 was able to maneuver through the traffic right after Troutwine. Troutwine and Justin Drake started to reel in leader Mike Drake. Troutwine went to the high side to challenge Mike Drake As the two battled side by side Justin Drake went to the inside to make it three wide. It was a dead heat as the three leaders drag raced each other down the front strait. But in turn one the inside line prevailed as Justin Drake took the lead, Mike Drake held second and Troutwine got squeezed up next to the dirt bank and had to lift. Troutwine was able to get around Mike Drake but didn't have enough laps left to challenge Justin Drake. Justin Drake #66 who has been fast all year picked up his first main event win of the season.

"Psycho" Cyrus Mock #45 was holding down the early lead in the Budweiser Compact Main Event, But Trisha White #22 was applying the pressure. White was able to slip by as Dennis Schneider #15 and Chris Carpentier #20 followed her by Mock. A couple laps later Mock went for a spin and slid back onto the front stretch as cars were flying by. John Adams #13 got on the brakes and just bumped the spun car of heat race winner Mock. In the closing laps Schneider went to work on the high side of White. The two put on a great side by side battle. Schneider's bid for the lead ended when Carpentier got into Schneider for the third time of night. The contact sent Schneider sideways all the way down the front stretch. He managed to save the car just as he took the white flag. This left Trisha White #22 unchallenged for the win. White has been on her game lately.

In the MGD/Lite Hobby Stocks Robert Watt Sr. #18 started from the pole and held on strongly to the lead. Heat Race winner Casey Brandt #31 was moving forward, but got placed to end of the pack for going below the white line. This only prolonged Brandt's charge to the front. The field was very competitive and all the cars seemed pretty close in speed as they battled with each other, but Brandt was able to pick them off one by one. Brandt completed his climb through the field as he passed Watt for the top spot. Dennis Dumont #45 and Willy Ovitt #0 caught Watt and were going for second on him when Watt's engine let go in a big way ending his night. Doug Moeller #74 went for a spin with two to go, possibly getting in some fluid from Watt's car. Casey Brandt #31 took home another Main Event trophy.

The Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stocks saved the closest finish of the night for the last race. Nathan Dumont #46 held the early lead in the main event, but was over taken by Alvin Brester #44. With two laps to go heat race winner Kirk Hennefer #25 started to really apply the pressure to race leader Brester. Hennefer was just inches off Brester's bumper as they barreled trough the corners. Coming out of turn four on the last lap Hennefer went low and pulled along side Brester. As they crossed the line Brester still had the edge over Hennefer and was victorious.

The University of Montana mascot Monty was on hand for the evening's races. Monte hit the front stretch wall with his ATV and received a black flag for going below the white line and taking out the cones marking the tracks racing boundary. Monte the grizzly bear also got to do some flagging during the Kruser heat race and might have even confused some of the drivers. Monte entertained the crowed as he did flips and performed several silly antics.

Ricciardi's Italian Seafood sponsored the evening's races. The trophy car was a 2002 Chevy Corvette provided by the Ricciardi family. Anna Collins handed out the trophies. Chris Ricciardi got the honorary duty of throwing the green flag for a compact race, and his girlfriend Judy started a hobby stock race.

Next weekend is an off weekend at Mission Valley Speedway. But the track will roar back to life in two weeks as the Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stocks battle it our for 150 laps and double points. The Flathead Legends will be making an appearance and Budweiser Compacts and Noon's Formula Indy's are also on tap.

For more information about Mission Valley Speedway visit www.missionvalleyspeedway.com or call our 24-hour information hotline at (406) 675-RACE

Results Saturday July 10, 2004


Trophy Dash: 1) 113 David Hall/Beau Stewart 2) 142 Jason Larson/Dave Bigart 3) 130 Chris Carpentier/JR Grenier 4) 147 Ron Peterson/George Tiegue

Heat Race: 1) 178 names not know at press time 2) 133 Hall/Stewart 3) 142 Larson/Stewart 4) 147 Peterson/??? 5) 188 Robert Hall/AJ Sanders 6) 130 Carpentier/Grenier 7) 118 names not known at press time

Main Event: 1) 147 Peterson/??? 2) 113 Hall/Stewart 3) 178 names not known at press time 4) 130 Carpentier/Grenier 5) 188 Hall/Sanders 6) 118 names not known at press time 7) Larson/Bigart

Bomber 4's

Trophy Dash: 1) 4 Howard Lilly 2) 68 Don Eutsler 3) 77 Joe Pierce 4) 69 Amanda Watt

Heat Race: 1) 77 Pierce 2) 4 Lilly 3) 68 Eutsler 4) 69 Watt

Main Event: 1) 4 Lilly 2) 77 Pierce 3) 68 Eutsler 4) 69 Watt

Stuart's NAPA Autocare Bombers

B Trophy Dash: 1) 18 Ben Dumont 2) 1 Mike Drake 3) 78 Mike Bettencourt 4) 9 Greg Dicken

A Trophy Dash: 1) 44 Pete Zeiler 2) 66 Justin Drake 3) 13 Ryan Troutwine 4) 74 Shawn Dumont

Heat Race: 1) 66 J. Drake 2) 1 M. Drake 3) 13 Troutwine 4) 74 S. Dumont 5) 44 Zeiler 6) 18 B. Dumont 7) 69 Ron Watt 8) 9 Dicken 9) 78 Bettencourt 10) 43 David Scray 11) #35 Wes Milljies

Main Event: 1) 66 J. Drake 2) 13 Troutwine 3) 1 M. Drake 4) 44 Zeiler 5) 9 Dicken 6) 78 Bettencourt 7) 18 B. Dumont 8) 43 Scray 9) 69 Watt 10) 74 S. Dumont 11) 35 Milljies

Budweiser Compacts

B Trophy Dash: 1) 22 Trisha White 2) 3 Tony Adams Sr. 3) 44 Tim White 4) 13 John Adams

A Trophy Dash: 1) 12 Tim Corbett 2) 45 Cyrus Mock 3) 20 Chris Carpentier 4) 15 Dennis Schneider

Heat Race: 1) 45 Mock 2) 22 Tr. White 3) 20 Carpentier 4) 15 Schneider 5) 13 J. Adams 6) 12 Corbett 7) 3 T Adams 8) 44 Ti. White

Main Event: 1) 22 Tr. White 2) 20Carpentier 3) 3 T. Adams 4) 15 Schneider 5) 13 J. Adams 6) 44 Ti. White 7) 45 Mock

MGD/Lite Hobby Stocks

Trophy Dash: 1) 31 Casey Brandt 2) 45 Dennis Dumont 3) 74 Doug Moeller 4) 0 Willy Ovitt

Heat Race: 1) 31 Brandt 2) 18 Robert Watt Sr. 3) 0 Willy Ovitt 4) 73 Russ Burland 5) 45 Dumont 6) 74 Moeller 7) 15 Robert Whitley

Main Event: 1) 31 Brandt 2) 45 Dumont 3) 0 Ovitt 4) 73 Burland 5) 74 Moeller 6) 18 Watt

Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stocks

Trophy Dash: 1) 55 Nathan Hampson 2) 44 Alvin Brester 3) 25 Kirk Hennefer 4) 46 Nathan Dumont

Heat Race: 1) 25 Hennefer 2) 46 N. Dumont 3) 55 Hampson 4) 44 Brester 5) 18 Shawn Dumont

Main Event: 1) 44 Brester 2) 25 Hennefer 3) 46 N. Dumont 4) 55 Hampson 5) 18 S. Dumont


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