Mission Valley Speedway results 2004-06-19

Smoke Flies at Mission Valley Speedway David Hall and Beau Stewart ...

Smoke Flies at Mission Valley Speedway

David Hall and Beau Stewart #113 had a new ride this week in the Kruser class and looked like they were just toying with the field as they picked up the heat race win. It was a different story in the Main Event. Chris Carpentier and JR Grenier held the lead in Kruser main until the race was stopped and the cars had to turn around and finish the last four laps in reverse. There were some wobbly looking cars and some pretty good contact as the kruser drivers attempted racing in reverse. In the end Chairman of the Mission Valley Auto Racers board of directors Ron Peterson and fellow board member and track announcer John Swenson #147 picked up the win by being smooth and consistent in reverse. Peterson and Swenson just picked up the car earlier in the day for $250 and were able to get a win in there first ever Kruser event.

Amanda Watt #69 was looking strong in the Bomber 4's as she won the heat race. But in the Main Event point leader Joe Pierce #77 got back to the top of the leader board as he picked up the win ahead of Watt and Don Eutsler #68.

It was a tough night for the point leaders in the Stuart's NAPA Autocare Bombers. Second place in points Justin Drake #66 blew motor in the heat race while leading and points leader Ryan Troutwine #13 was nudged into a spin twice in the heat race by Steve Mills #69. Pete Zeiler #44 made a late race pass on Greg Dicken #9 to pick up the heat win. In the main event Dicken took the early lead and looked like he didn't want to give it up. Troutwine was on the outside of Dicken for a couple laps, but didn't have enough to complete a pass. Mills got into the back of Troutwine; the jolt broke Troutwine's battery cable and killed his car. Zeiler got around Mills for second and had two laps to make a charge on Dicken. Zeiler got wild on the high side going for the lead but couldn't quite pull it off as the first three cars all came across the line together. Greg Dicken #9 gets the main event trophy.

Trisha White #22 and Dennis Schneider #15 were tied at the top of the Budweiser Compacts point's standings going into this race night. Schneider was on his game as he won the heat, but White was only one spot back. In the main Schneider was able to pull off another victory, but this time Tony Adams Sr. #3 got the second spot with White in third.

Tire smoke blanked the Mission Valley Speedway as the burn out contest competitors put on some awesome smokes shows. Chris Carpentier was the man who out smoked 'em all. Shawn Dumont and Big Rod also scored well with the crowd. Wes Johnson drove the 1968 Mustang Fastback trophy car. Trophy girl for this evening was the lovely 14 year old Shelby Zentner of Missoula. S & S Sports sponsored the evening's events. The weather looked gloomy early but cleared up and heated up and made for a beautiful evening. The warm weather and several early engine failures leaving fluid on the track made for a slick track giving several drivers a handful.

Next Saturday night is the MGD/Lite Hobby Stock 125. This is always an interesting race with a strong field of cars. Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stocks, Stuart's NAPA Bombers, Bomber 4's and a hoola hoop contest are also on the schedule for Saturday.

To learn more about Mission Valley Speedway visit www.missionvalleyspeedway.com or call our 24-hour information hotline at (406) 675-RACE



Trophy Dash: 1) 113 David Hall/Beau Stewart 2) 130 Chris Carpentier/JR Grenier 3) 147 Ron Peterson/John Swenson 4) 149 Shawn Carpentier/Josiah Houle

Heat Race: 1) 2) 188 Robert Hall/AJ Sanders 3) 147 Swenson/Peterson 4) 130 Carpentier/Grenier 5) Carpentier/Houle

Main Event: 1) 147 Swenson/Peterson 2) 188 Hall/Sanders 3) 113 Hall/Stewart 4) 130 Carpentier/Grenier

Bomber 4's

Trophy Dash: 1) 77 Joe Pierce 2) 68 Don Eutsler 3) 69 Amanda Watt

Heat Race: 1) 69 Watt 2) 77 Pierce 3) 68 Eutsler

Main Event: 1) 77 Pierce 2) 69 Watt 3) 68 Eutsler

Stuart's NAPA Autocare Bombers

B Trophy Dash: 1) 1 Mike Drake 2) 69 Steve Mills 3) 78 Mike Bettencourt 4) 18 Jerry Taber

A Trophy Dash: 1) 66 Justin Drake 2) 13 Ryan Troutwine 3) 44 Pete Zeiler 4) 9 Greg Dicken

Heat Race: 1) 44 Zeiler 2) 9 Dicken 3) 18 Taber 4) 69 Mills 5) 13 Troutwine 6) 66 J. Drake 7) 1 M. Drake 8) 78 Bettencourt

Main Event: 1) 9 Dicken 2) 44 Zeiler 3) 69 Mills 4) 18 Taber 5) 13 Troutwine

Budweiser Compacts

Trophy Dash: 1) 3 Tony Adams Sr. 2) 22 Trisha White 3) 45 Cyrus Mock 4) 15 Dennis Schneider

Heat Race: 1) 15 Schneider 2) 22 White 3) 3 Adams 4) 44 Tim White 5) 45 Mock 6) 11 Ryan Mitchell

Main Event: 1)15 Schneider 2) 3 Adams 3) 22 White 4) 11 Mitchell 5) 45 Mock 6) 44 White


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