Mission Valley Speedway results 2000-07-29

Mission Valley Speedway Saturday, July 29th, 2000 By: Stefanie Nordberg Pablo, MT - Saturday night at the Mission Valley Speedway welcomed the Northwest Late Model 4's that hail from the Inland Empire area of Washington and Idaho. This ...

Mission Valley Speedway Saturday, July 29th, 2000
By: Stefanie Nordberg

Pablo, MT - Saturday night at the Mission Valley Speedway welcomed the Northwest Late Model 4's that hail from the Inland Empire area of Washington and Idaho. This traveling class of cars runs supped up 4 cyl, 2300 engines with late 90's or 2000 fiberglass mini-NASCAR style bodies. The Alamon-Telco Formula Indys, Budweiser Compacts and Bombers also ran.

Allwest Drilling of Polson was the trophy sponsor of the night, with trophy presentations being made by Darlene Barnard. Ms. Barnard will be a sophomore at Ronan High School this fall and is the daughter of Robyn Barnard. Benjamin Montgomery provided his 1972 Dodge Charger with a 383 big block for use as the trophy car.

Formula Indy driver, Don Staggs broke fellow driver Frank Miller's track record, (a 14.87) during time trials by a mere 1/100th of a second, posting a 14.86! Stagg's engine was tech'd and given the green light on the new Formula Indy Track Record!

Even with fast time of the night in the Formula Indy class for Don Staggs, it was Frank Miller of Lolo's night to shine! Miller completed a clean sweep in the Indy's, with first place finishes in the Trophy Dash, Heat and Main Event races.

Other than Miller, it was a night full of bad luck for several other Formula Indy drivers! Two cars either broke or wrecked during hot lapping before the evenings racing even began, with two more ending up wrecked during the trophy dash!

The bomber class showed with an impressive number of cars! Due to the number of cars three-trophy dashes were run. Rob Steinebach, #67 looked like he had Dash C's win in his pocket when Howard Lilly, #68 came up fast from behind. Lilly made his move on the inside of corner three. During the pass, Lilly's nose made contact spinning Steinebach out! Lilly continued on for the win, however was warned by the flagman for the aggressive pass.

In Bomber Dash B, Wade Shepard ran the Olsen & Friends bomber #30 to a first place finish! This was #30's first trophy this season and last, due to slamming the wall on turn four of the Bomber Main event later in the night! Farewell Bomber #30..

Mike Drake, bomber driver #66 had fast time of the night, took first in the A dash as well as first place in the Main Event. Drake took over the lead in the Main from Matt Gollehan, #1 on lap 5 and held it for the checkered for the next 30!

In the Budweiser Compact division, Lynn Olsen was able to cut Arnie Coleman's point lead down from 31 to 10! Olsen took home first place finishes in the Heat and Main Event, while Coleman had car problems that set the leader back during the nights racing. Coleman did take home the Trophy Dash win and fast time before his car started having problems.

Thirteen NWLM4's timed in with Kevin McKeehan, #41 posting the fast time of the night with a 16.56. McKeehan beat Joe Ruddach's fast time from 1999 at MVS of a 16.62. Three dashes were held in the NWLM4's as well.

Dash C had Larry Mikkelsen shooting into the lead immediately and holding it through the checkered. Dash B was the same with Bob Winker taking the win. While in dash A, Chris Yochum seemed to have the win all but sewed up, when on the last lap, local Mission Valley driver Jeff Smyth passed Yochum for the win! Smyth is one of two Montana drivers that joined this class during 2000.

In Heat B of the NWLM4's Ruddach took the lead on lap 3 from Mikkelsen. One red flag was thrown on lap 9 when Cliff Campbell spun between turns 1 & 2. The race resumed with Ruddach keeping the lead for the win.

The A Heat held an unfortunate repeat of history for driver #66, Mark Jones. On lap four while starting to take turn one, something broke on a passenger side tire that sent him up and into the tires at the top of the turn. Jones' car was out for the remainder of the night. (In 1999 Jones unfortunately kissed the wall and was towed off then as well.) Dan Anderson started and ended this 2000 A heat in the lead.

The final race of the night was the 40-lap main of the NWLM4's. The inverted start had Bob Winker running in first for eleven laps when Chris Yochum passed him. Yochum held the lead for a mere six laps when Kevin McKeehan, who ran bumper to bumper with Yochum before passing him on lap 18! McKeehan finished off the last 22 laps in the lead!

Thanks go out to Ma & Pa Wolfe for the donation of $100 prize for one of the top five main event place finishers in the NWLM4's main event. The Wolfe's requested that 1-5 be put in a hat and the # drawn would be the position to win the cash prize. Fifth place was drawn out, which was Dan Anderson, driver of car #55.

During the break between the heats and mains a burn out contest was held. Six local gentlemen competed for the crowd's approval and the winner's trophy! Ryan Reum and Kyle Snyder each had the smoke rollin' from the end of turn four to the start of turn one! Shane Reum, Allen Smith, and Aaron Shalk all ran with last but not least, Rod VanNess. Van Ness competed in his Dodge 4x4 that unfortunately rapped out too high blowing the engine at the end of his turn! The crowd judged the competitors giving the win by applause to Van Ness!

Next week will be the PIONEER DAYS DEMOLITION DERBY, the Bomber 50 Double pts race and the dual-controlled Krusers. Time Trials begin at 6:00 PM with racing at 7:00 pm. Please note that MVS season & free passes are not honored this weekend only. Check us out on the World Wide Web! www.pitstop.com/mvs/index.htm also for a month long "Track of the Month" special look to www.scorpionspeedways.com

<pre> RACE RESULTS Saturday, July 29th, 2000

NORTHWEST LATE MODEL 4's Fast time of the night: #41 Kevin McKeehan 16.56 Dash A: 1) Jeff Smyth, 2) McKeehan, 3) Chris Yochum, 4) Mark Jones, 5) John Draper Dash B: 1) Bob Winker, 2) Brian Saling, 3) Dan Anderson, 4) Gene Kaufman Dash C: 1) Larry Mikkelsen, 2) Joe Ruddach, 3) Cliff Campbell, 4) Steve Cone Heat A: 1) Anderson, 2) McKeehan, 3) Kaufman, 4) Smyth, 5) Yochum, 6) Draper Heat B: 1) Ruddach, 2) Winker, 3) Cone, 4) Saling, 5) Mikkelsen, 6) Campbell 40 Lap Main: 1) McKeehan, 2) Yochum, 3) Smyth, 4) Kaufman, 5) Anderson, 6) Ruddach, 7) Saling, 8) Winker, 9) Campbell, 10) Mikkelsen

BUDWEISER COMPACTS Fast time of the night: #2 Arnie Coleman 17.95 Trophy Dash: 1) Coleman, 2) Alvin Brester, 3) Brian Robinson, 4) Lynn Olsen Heat: 1) Olsen, 2) Vic Robinson, 3) Brester, 4) McVey, 5) B. Robinson, 6) Chad Brown, 7) Coleman Main: 1) Olsen, 2) Brown, 3) Brester, 4) V. Robinson, 5) McVey, 6) B. Robinson, 7) Coleman

BOMBERS Fast time of the night: #66 Mike Drake 18.69 Dash A: 1) Drake, 2) James Kammerer, 3) Chuck Morigeau, 4) Bob Watt Dash B: 1) Wade Shepard, 2) Shawn Dumont, 3) RJ Watt, 4) Ray Matt Dash C: 1) Howard Lilly, 2) Matt Gollehan, 3) Doug Moeller, 4) Rob Steinebach Heat: 1) Morigeau, 2) Kammerer, 3) B.Watt, 4) RJ Watt, 5) Matt, 6) Gollehan, 7) Moeller, 8) Dumont, 9) Drake, 10) Shepard, 11) Lilly, 12) Steinebach Main: 1) Drake, 2) B.Watt, 3) Morigeau, 4) Dumont, 5) Gollehan, 6) Moeller, 7) RJ Watt, 8) Lilly, 9) Kammerer, 10) Steinebach, 11) Shepard

ALAMON TELCO FORMULA INDY'S Fast time of the night: #1 Don Staggs 14.86 (new track record) Trophy Dash: 1) Frank Miller, 2) Chris McCallum, 3) Brian Flory, 4) Steve Miller Heat: 1) Miller, 2) Staggs, 3) McCallum, 4) John Logan, 5) Robert Ragland Main: 1) Miller, 2) McCallum, 3) Staggs, 4) Ragland, 5) Logan

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