Mission Valley Speedway report 2001-05-19

Pablo, MT (May 19, 2001) -- For the second week in a row, Nathan Dumont, Bomber 4's ...

Pablo, MT (May 19, 2001) -- For the second week in a row, Nathan Dumont, Bomber 4's #32, has won the heat and main event races. Nathan gave up taking the trophy dash race however, when rounding corner four to take the green, he tangled with brother Ben, driving #44, and had to leave the race due to tire problems. This left it up to Ben who came up from the back of the pack passing Mike Mikesell, Billy Flesch, Jr. and Joe Broom to take the lead and win the race for the Dumont racing team. Nathan Dumont did however post fast time of the night in the new Bomber 4's racing class with a 19.98.

Mission Mountain Motors of Ronan was trophy sponsor of the evening with presentations being made by Chanona Paul, a 7th grader at Ronan Middle School and the daughter of Robert & Ginny Watt of Ronan. Miles Hackman, owner of Mission Mountain Motors also provided the trophy car of the evening, a restored 1949 Ford Tudor Dix Coupe, known as a Shoebox Ford. This beautiful car sports a 239 Flathead V8 with dual-carbs.

The night seemed to be plagued with infield spins; cars hitting the dirt berm on corner one and two, as well as plenty of cars tangling with each other. The sky threatened rain, having sprinkled a little before time trials, but the entire night of racing was finished without getting hit by any downpours.

The first major wreck of the evening came in the Bomber Trophy Dash B. Rookie driver Pete Zieler making his first appearance this season with a freshly painted red #44 Bomber was racing side by side with Robert Watt Jr. driving car #37. It happened on the last lap of the six-lap dash when rounding corner four and gunning for the finish line, Zieler lost control spinning out on the front stretch, pummeling the cement wall. Watt took the win, and Zieler's car was finished racing for the night.

In the Bomber 4's races four of the seven drivers had been involved in mishaps. Joe Broom driving car #01, took corner four too high and kissed the wall in both the heat and the main. Broom's hit in the main ended his racing for the night. Tony Adams, Jr. driving car #2 caused a red flag in the heat race by taking turns 1 and 2 too high hitting the dirt bank. The restart ran for 7 uninterrupted laps when Ben Dumont, running bumper to bumper with brother Nathan, spun into the infield, and finally on lap 15, Tawny Corrigan spun into the infield as well.

None of these wrecks topped the wild ride of the night that was taken by Hobby Stock driver, Chuck Morigeau. Morigeau who drives car #8 had caused one red flag restart in the Hobby Stock Heat race when he got into the dirt bank, but it was in the Main Event that he lost control on turn one, driving straight up the side of the bank. It looked as though Morigeau was going to go airborne, but the dirt did its job, softening the impact and stopping the car. Morigeau had his bell wrung, but was otherwise uninjured. Morigeau's car sustained considerable damage.

Two specialty races were held for Pitman and Sponsors. Both were 10-lap races that showed these guys and gals had what it takes to be stock car drivers. Shawn Dumont, father of Nathan and Ben won one race, while Dwayne Drake, (brother of Mike and Dave and father of Justin who all run Hobby Stocks), won the other.

On tap next weekend, the 26th of May, is the Budweiser Compacts, the Alamon Telco Formula Indys, the Dual-controlled Krusers and Drag Races. Anyone interested in drag racing on the front stretch, contact Neal Talsma at 676-8111. Time trials begin at 6:00 pm with racing at 7:00. Check our website for further details: www.missionvalleyspeedway.com or our 24 hr information hotline at 675-RACE. Also new this season is a sports segment on KECI Channel 13 "Weekend at the Races" that will be aired each Sunday night at 6 & 10 PM.

<pre> Results May 19th, 2001

Bomber 4's: Fast Time of the night: Nathan Dumont #32 -- 19.98 Bomber 4's

Trophy Dash 1) Ben Dumont, 2) Billy Flesch, Jr., 3) Mike Mikesell, 4) Joe Broom

Bomber 4's Heat: 1) N. Dumont, 2) Flesch, 3) Adams, 4) Mikesell, 5) B. Dumont, 6) Tawny Corrigan, 7) Joe Broom Bomber 4's

Main: 1) N. Dumont, 2) B. Dumont, 3) Mikesell, 4) Corrigan, 5) Adams, 6) Flesch, 7) Broom

Bombers: Fast Time of the night: James Kammerer #69 -- 18.62 Bomber

Trophy Dash A: 1) Kammerer, 2) Doug Moeller, 3) Ron Watt, 4) Willy Ovit

Bomber Trophy Dash B: 1) Robert Watt, Jr. 2) Pete Zieler, 3) David Scray, 4) Ryan Troutwine

Bomber Heat: 1) Ron Watt, 2) Moeller, 3) Ovit, 4) Rob Watt, 5) Moeller, 6) Troutwine

Bomber Main: 1) Kammerer, 2) Ron Watt, 3) Ovit, 4) Rob Watt, 5) Moeller, 6) Troutwine

MGD/Light Hobby Stock: Fast Time of the night: Brad Lee #3 -- 17.42

Hobby Dash A: 1) Chuck Morigeau, 2) Brad Lee, 3) David Drake, 4) Justin Drake

Hobby Dash B: 1) Mike Drake, 2) Wade Shepard, 3) Shawn Blixt, 4) Carl Nordberg

Hobby Heat: 1) D. Drake, 2) Shepard, 3) Lee, 4) Nordberg, 5) Morigeau, 6) Robert Watt, Sr., 7) Blixt, 8) J. Drake, 9) John Sterrett, 10) M. Drake

Hobby Main: 1) D. Drake, 2) Shepard, 3) J. Drake, 4) Watt, 5) Blixt, 6) J. Drake, 7) Sterrett, 8) Morigeau, 9) Nordberg

10-lap Bomber & Hobby Stock Pitman/Sponsors Race

1) Dwayne Drake, 2) Rob (no last given), 3) Bud Watt, 4) Kyle Snyder, 5) Richard Jones, 6) Ken Steinebach 7) Ken (no last given), 8) Mary Wright, 9) Jessie Brown

10-lap Bomber 4's Pitman/Sponsors Race

1) Shawn Dumont, 2) Rick Mikesell, 3) Bruce Patterson, 4) Tony Adams, Sr., 5) Cyrus Mock, 6) Bernard Hakes


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