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Mission Valley Speedway Saturday & Sunday, June 17 & 18, 2000 By: Stefanie Nordberg Pablo, MT - The Northwest Modifieds roared into town putting on an awesome two day show at the Mission Valley Speedway here! This traveling class hails from...

Mission Valley Speedway Saturday & Sunday, June 17 & 18, 2000
By: Stefanie Nordberg

Pablo, MT - The Northwest Modifieds roared into town putting on an awesome two day show at the Mission Valley Speedway here! This traveling class hails from the Idaho and Washington area and brought 13 open-wheeled cars and drivers, as well as a midrid of pitman, crew and fans along with them.

Mission Mountain Tire, Les Schwab of Polson and Ronan was the Sponsor of the Northwest Modifieds as well as trophy sponsor for the weekend. Trophy presentations were made by various baseball/softball kids from all around the Mission Valley on Saturday, and Trophy Girl, Kady Altman, a Polson High School Freshman on Sunday afternoon. Ms. Altman is the daughter of Steve and Gail Altman. Dave and Susan Sohr provided the 1939 Chevrolet Coupe, driven by Leslie Sohr, for the trophy car.

Tyler DeLong, Modified driver #84, broke Josh Roberts' 1999 record for the track in this class on Mission Valley's 3/8 mile tri-oval, on Sunday afternoon. DeLong posted a 15.05 second lap, pushing out Roberts' 15.08 from last year!

The Mods ran two trophy dashs on Saturday night along with two 25 lap heat races. Each of the four races Saturday were won by different drivers; however, it looked like at one point that Doug Donner, #12 was going to go home with two trophies Saturday, having won the A Dash, and leading 21 out of the 25 lap B Heat race. But on lap 22 Dave Webber, #32, kicked it up a notch and passed Donner winning the race!

Sunday's Modifieds ran two trophy dashes as well, and the grand finally for the weekend, a 50 lap Main Event! Allen Quist, #94, was the driver in the spotlight Sunday afternoon! Quist won the A Dash as well as the Main Event. Quist took over the lead on lap seven from Tom Hamilton, #16, and held it through lap 50 for the checkered!

Local Bomber driver James Kammerer, #69, posted an 18.69 second lap in his time trials that broke Chuck Morigeau's track record of 18.81! Kammerer was tech'd and confirmed to be legal making him the new Bomber track record holder. Kammerer's night of good fortune didn't stop there. He also took home wins in the A trophy dash and the Bomber Main Event!

Brad Lee, Hobby Stock driver #3, posted fast time for the night, a 17.63. This is Lee's first time marking this accomplishment! In the Hobby Stock trophy dash, Wade Shepard had the win in his pocket from the start. Dave Drake tried to slide by Shepard at the finish line, however Shepard held his lead taking home the trophy!

The Main Event race in the Hobby's was almost like watching three races in one! Lee took the lead right away with Carl Nordberg, #6, doing his best to try to pass him for the first 12 laps! Several car lengths behind was Drake and Shepard battling each other for third and fourth and farther back still were the final three cars of Fred Ashley, Dan Pignotti and Chuck Swope. Ashley and Pignotti got together on turn four of the thirteenth lap causing a red flag that ended up tightening and restarting the race. It only took Drake three laps after the restart to make his way past Lee into the lead. Drake held that position through the checkered marking his third main event win this season!

Sunday's Compact class showed with an impressive number of cars, putting on one of the best shows of theirs this season. Don Webster, runing for the first time at Mission Valley this year, took home first place honors in the Fast time Trophy Dash, having lead all but the first lap of the race.

Lynn Olsen, compact #43, was a double winner Sunday, taking home first in the B Dash and First in the Compact 30 lap Main! Olsen and new comer Scott Cheff, #46, out of Columbia Falls were the only cars still on the lead lap when the checkered flag flew!

Sunday's Kruser class showed with their largest number of cars yet this season as well. The Polson and Ronan Volunteer Fire Departments ran another 10 lap grudge match in which Polson lead through lap 7, when Ronan made contact with Polson's car spinning it out. Ronan VFD was given a rolled up black flag warning, but still went on to win.

In the Kruser Main, the team of Stevenson and Spence took home their second Main Event win of the year, having passed the team of Steinebach and Emmett on lap ten.

Next week at MVS will be the Budweiser Compact 75, the MGD Light Hobby Stocks and Bombers. Time trials at 6:00 pm with racing at 7:00 pm.

RACE RESULTS Saturday, June 17, 2000

NORTHWEST MODIFIEDS Fast time of the night: #9 Josh Roberts 15.23 Trophy Dash B: 1) Lowell Stevens, 2) Tyler DeLong, 3) Alan Quist Trophy Dash A: 1) Doug Donner, 2) Doyle Braden, 3) Jeff Braden Heat B: 1) Dave Weber, 2) Doug Donner, 3) Jeff Braden, 4) Doyle Braden Heat A: 1) Tom Hamilton, 2) Josh Roberts, 3) Tyler DeLong, 4) Lowell Stevens

MGD LIGHT HOBBY STOCKS Fast time of the night: Brad Lee 17.63 Trophy Dash: 1) Wade Shepard, 2) Dave Drake, 3) Carl Nordberg, 4) Brad Lee Heat: 1) Drake, 2) Shepard, 3) Nordberg, 4) Fred Ashley, 5) Chuck Swope, 6) Lee, 7) Dan Pignotti Main: 1) Drake, 2) Lee, 3) Shepard, 4) Nordberg, 5) Ashley, 6) Swope, 7) Pignotti

BOMBERS Fast time of the night: James Kammerer 18.69 New Track Record! Trophy Dash B: 1) Raymond Matt, 2) RJ Watt, 3) Brian Troutwine, 4) Michael Gonzales Trophy Dash A: 1) Kammerer, 2) Bob Watt, 3) Mike Drake, 4) Chuck Morigeau Heat: 1) Bob Watt, 2) Morigeau, 3) Kammerer, 4) Russ Burland, 5) RJ Watt, 6) Matt, 7) Troutwine, 8) Gonzales, 9) Drake Main: 1) Kammerer, 2) B. Watt, 3) Drake, 4) RJ Watt, 5) Matt, 6) Troutwine, 7) Gonzales, 8) Burland, 9) Morigeau

LAW ENFORCEMENT RACE 1) Lance Jamison - Lake County Sheriffs Officer 15-16, 2) Dan Duryee - Lake Co. 15-15, 3) Randy Owens - Montana Hiway Patrol 312, 4) Don Bell, Tribal Police I-O 8, 5) Tara Jamison - Lake County Dispatcher, 6) Andy Cannon - Lake Co. 15-30


NORTHWEST MODIFIEDS Fast time of the night: Tyler DeLong 15.05 New Track Record! Trophy Dash B: 1) Tom Hamilton, 2) Jeff Braden, 3) Nathan Getts Trophy Dash A: 1) Alan Quist, 2) Lowell Stevens, 3) Josh Roberts, 50 lap Main: 1) Alan Quist, 2) Tyler Delong, 3) Josh Roberts, 4) Tom Hamilton

COMPACTS Fast time of the night: Arnold Coleman 18.19 Trophy Dash B: 1) Lynn Olsen, 2) Vic Robinson, 3) Julie Brueckman, 4) Scott Cheff Trophy Dash A: 1) Don Webster, 2) Chad Brown, 3) Coleman, 4) Alvin Brester Heat: 1) Coleman, 2) Cheff, 3) V.Robinson, 4) Mike McVey, 5) Webster, 6) Brown, 7) Olsen, 8) Brester, 9)Brueckman Main: 1) Olsen, 2) Cheff, 3) Brester, 4) Brueckman, 5) Brian Robinson, 6) McVey, 7) V.Robinson, 8) Webster, 9) Coleman, 10) Brown

DUAL CONTROLLED KRUSERS Fast time of the night: Duane Drake & Justin Drake 21.60 Trophy Dash: 1) Drake & Drake, 2) #181 names not avail, 3) Bud Lucas & Lee Dailey Main: 1) Jeremy Stevenson & Troy Spence, 2) Randy Steinebach & Shawn Emmett, 3) Drake & Drake, 4) Dale Tammen & Terri, 5) Ronan Vol. Fire Dept. 6) Polson Vol. Fire Dept. 7) #181, 8) Bill Stevenson & Cody Carpenter Grudge Match: 1) Ronan VFD, 2) Polson VFD

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