Mission Valley Speedway race report and results 2001-06-02

Pablo, MT (June 2, 2001) -- Ten cars from the Northwest Bump-2-Pass Association made the ten-hour trek from Western Washington to Mission Valley Speedway Saturday night for their first ever appearance in Western Montana. The basic format of this...

Pablo, MT (June 2, 2001) -- Ten cars from the Northwest Bump-2-Pass Association made the ten-hour trek from Western Washington to Mission Valley Speedway Saturday night for their first ever appearance in Western Montana. The basic format of this bump to pass class is no contact in their trophy dashes or heats, however, in their main event race a driver must make contact with the car he is passing or else it is not a legal position advancement.

President, Rob Christensen and his wife Donna put on an exciting show for the MVS crowd. Rob, who drives bump to pass car #56 won the heat race, and looked as though he would take the main as well when on lap fifteen, Brandon Ketchum, driving Ron George's car #12 (Ron had broken his shoulder in a previous weekend of racing), let his presence be known to Rob with a bump and a pass true to this classes name. Brandon held on for the remaining five laps to take the checkered flag win.

The Bombers, MGD Light Hobby Stocks, Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stocks and kids bicycle races rounded out the evening's events. Pizza Hut of Polson was the trophy sponsor of the night with presentations being made by Jessica Lancaster, a Polson Middle School 7th grader. Ms. Lancaster is the daughter of James and Angela Kammerer. Trophy car of the night was a 1980 T-Top Corvette owned by Kevin Bauer and drove by Chase Bauer. Trophy girl for the kid's bicycle races was LaRae Michel, 9 years old and daughter of Dennis McCrea and Tedi Michel. LaRae is a current beauty pageant winner and is off to Atlanta, Georgia for another pageant.

A special highlight of the evening was the singing of our national anthem by Ronan High School Senior, Charlie Adams. Adams participates in Show Choir, the all Northwest Music Festival and in the RHS rendition of South Pacific.

The MGD Light Hobby Stocks put on allot of bumper grinding action during their Heat race. As soon as the green flag was thrown Missoula driver, John Sterrett #69 got into Dave Drake #1 causing them to spin out on turns one and two. Double start realignment was in order and the green flew once again. The race ran for four laps when rookie driver, Shawn Blixt, driving car #2, got loose on turn four causing a five car wreck. Worst off in the wreck was Wade Shepard #4, the 2000 Hobby Stock points champion, who's car was hit in the drivers door, pinning his leg somehow in his roll cage. The Polson Ambulance Service that is on hand every weekend of racing attended to Shepard. Thankfully Shepard sustained only bruising and stiffness, while his car on the other hand is headed to the stock car graveyard.

The Hobby Stock main event was a thing of beauty. The drivers all raced hard and tight with almost all passes being made clean. The #2 car of Shawn Blixt, who bumped, Carl Nordberg in car #6, caused a red flag on the green flag start. Nordberg was able to gather it back up while Blixt spun a 360. Once again, as in the heat race, no lap had been completed so a double alignment restart was given. After the green flag restart, this class of drivers completed a 30-lap race with not so much as a yellow flag. The competition between so many evenly matched cars made some great racing for the Mission Valley crowd.

The special event of the night was the kid's bicycle races. The kids were divided up into age groups and raced around the entire 3/8th mile track taking the checkered in front of the grandstands at the finish line. John Adams took first in the 12 year olds, Bryce Parker was first in the 10-11 year olds, Ty Fouty took first in the 9 year olds, David Bailey in the 8 year olds, Andrew Fouty in the 7 year olds, Trevor Ehman in the 6 year olds, Jaylen Ducharme in the 4-5 year olds and Anthony Morigeau in the 3 year olds. (Anthony Morigeau - 1st place winner in 3 year olds is pictured below)

On tap next weekend, the 9th of June, is the Rollover Contest $200 to win, Media Race, Budweiser Compacts, Bomber 4's, Alamon Telco Formula Indy's and new to the Speedway this year the Flathead Legends out of Kalispell. Time trials begin at 6:00 pm with racing at 7:00. Check our website for further details: www.missionvalleyspeedway.com or our 24 hr information hotline at 675-RACE. Also new this season is a sports segment on KECI Channel 13 "Weekend at the Races" that will be aired each Sunday night at 6 & 10 PM. <pre> Results June 2nd, 2001

Northwest Bump-2-Pass Fast Time of the night: Bill Pearce #36 -- 19.08

NW B2P Dash A: 1) Bryce Kolar, 2) Brandon Ketchum, 3) Pearce, 4) Rob Christensen, 5) Lonny Wolk NW B2P Dash B: 1) Carl Propeck, 2) Bob Ketchum, 3) Doug Day, 4) Sam Day, 5) Nick Ketchum

NW B2P Heat: 1) Christensen, 2) Pearce, 3) Kolar, 4) Nick Ketchum, 5) Brandon Ketchum, 6) Propeck, 7) Wolk, 8) D. Day, 9) S. Day, 10) Bob Ketchum

NW B2P Main: 1) Brandon Ketchum, 2) Kolar, 3) Christensen, 4) S. Day, 5) Wolk, 6) D. Day, 7) Propeck, 8) Nick Ketchum, 9) Pearce

Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stocks Fast Time of the night: Tracy Burland #7 -- 15.82

Super Trophy Dash: 1) Jarred Burland, 2) Tracy Burland, 3) Don Nestegard, 4) Kirk Hennefer Super Heat: 1) Hennefer, 2) J. Burland, 3) T. Burland, 4) Nestegard

No Main ran - 5 cars needed per rules to run main.

MGD Light Hobby Stocks Fast Time of the Night: David Drake #1 -- 17.59

Hobby Dash A: 1) Wade Shepard, 2) D. Drake, 3) Carl Nordberg, 4) Brad Lee

Hobby Dash B: 1) Justin Drake, 2) Chuck Morigeau, 3) Mike Drake, 4) Shawn Blixt

Hobby Heat: 1) Lee, 2) D. Drake, 3) J. Drake, 4) Josh Burland driving for Nordberg, 5) Blixt, 6) Bob Watt, 7) John Sterrett, 8) Morigeau, 9) M. Drake, 10) Shepard

Hobby Main: 1) D. Drake, 2) Lee, 3) M, Drake, 4) Nordberg, 5) Morigeau, 6) Blixt, 7) Watt, 8) Sterrett, 9) J. Drake

Bombers Fast Time of the Night: James Kammerer #69 -- 18.78

Bomber Trophy Dash: 1) Kammerer, 2) RJ Watt, 3) Willy Ovitt, 4) Ron Watt

Bomber Heat: 1) Ron Watt, 2) Kammerer, 3) RJ Watt, 4) Ovitt, 5) Pete Zieler, 6) Ryan Troutwine, 7) David Scray, 8) Doug Moeller

Bomber Main: 1) Ron Watt, 2) Kammerer, 3) RJ Watt, 4) Ovitt, 5) Zieler, 6) Troutwine


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