Mission Valley Speedway June 3 results

Mission Valley Speedway Saturday By: Stefanie Nordberg Pablo, MT - Once again at the Mission Valley Speedway a driver sweeps his class with first place finishes in all three races! Dave Drake, Hobby ...

Mission Valley Speedway Saturday
By: Stefanie Nordberg

Pablo, MT - Once again at the Mission Valley Speedway a driver sweeps his class with first place finishes in all three races! Dave Drake, Hobby #1 had the honor this past Saturday night here in Pablo. Drake also posted fast time for the night in the MGD Light Hobby Stock Series, a 17.66 sec lap for the 3/8-mile tri-oval track!

Trophy sponsor of the night was Diamond Auto Glass of Polson, with trophy presentations being made by Rebecca Long, a freshman at Ronan High School. Rebecca's parents are Guy and Lisa Stinger who also provided the 1969 Camaro SS that was used as the Trophy car for the evening.

The wild ride of the night went to Chuck Swope, driver of Hobby #00! Swope had to take turn one high trying to avoid the dual spin out of Brad Lee and Carl Nordberg that occurred just after the green flag flew in the Hobby Stock Main Event. Wade Shepard and Dave Drake were able to slide by Lee and Nordberg but Swope wasn't quite as lucky. Swope was unable to make it around the corner that high, and unfortunately contacted the equipment tires at the top of the turn, sending tires as well as his car high into the air!

Swope was shook up, and sore, however he was able to walk away on his own! Unfortunately his car did not fare quite as well. Swope's car had an imprint of one of the huge tires in the drivers rear quarter, almost bending it in half! The car had to be towed off the track.

The Kruser class made its third debut of the 2000 season this past Saturday as well. Six dual controlled cars competed in a Trophy Dash and a Main Event. Halfway through the Main the race was red flagged and drivers instructed to stop in front of the grandstands. They were then instructed to swap the driver and throttle man positions! Two cars also had one spark plug wire pulled due to their lap speed going under 22 seconds. (The Kruser class is a non-race prep, spectator type, entertainment, and beginner class.)

The race was then restarted. Three different pairs of drivers shared the lead during the Kruser 16 lap main. Car number 142, the Ronan Volunteer Fire Department, ran by Jim Violet and Shawn Morehouse ran first during lap one, Randy Steinebach and Shawn Emmett held the lead from lap two through eight, with the winning father and son pair of Duane and Justin Drake took and held the lead from lap nine through 16!

The Drake family wasn't finished there! Brother of Duane and Dave, Mike Drake posted the fast time of the night in the Bomber class as well as winning the Heat race!

Bob Watt, Sr. had his eye on the winners circle Saturday, however, winning both the Trophy Dash, which he lead the entire race, and his first ever Main Event, taking the lead from James Kammerer on lap 16 of the 20 lap race!

The added attraction of the night was the rollover contest that pitted two brothers against each other! Mike and Jessie Mikesell competed for a trophy and $200. Both brothers rolled several times, with Mike edging Jessie out for the win!

Next week will see the Northwest Late Model Fours out of the Washington/Idaho area. The class does have two local valley drivers within its membership. Come watch Brad Forman and Jeff Smyth compete with the NW Late Model Fours!

The Budweiser Compacts and the Alamon Telco Formula Indys will also be on the racing agenda for the 10th of June along with a pitman and sponsors race. Time trials start at 6 PM with racing at 7 PM.

RACE RESULTS Saturday, June 3, 2000

MGD LIGHT HOBBY STOCKS Fast time of the night: Dave Drake 17.66 Trophy Dash: 1) Drake, 2) Chuck Swope, 3) Fred Ashley Heat: 1) Drake, 2) Brad Lee, 3) Ashley Main: 1) Drake, 2) Lee, 3) Carl Nordberg, 4) Ashley, 5) Wade Shepard

BOMBERS Fast time of the night: Mike Drake 18.89 Trophy Dash: 1) Bob Watt, 2) Drake, 3) James Kammerer Heat: 1) Drake, 2) Watt, 3) Kammerer Main: 1) Watt, 2) Kammerer, 3) Drake 4) RJ Watt, 5) Jim Hawk, 6) Corky Sias, 7) Ray Matt

DUAL CONTROLLED KRUSERS Fast time of the night: Jeremy Stevenson & Troy Spence 21.76 Trophy Dash: 1) Duane & Justin Drake, 2) Bill Stevenson & Cody Carpenter, 3) Randy Steinebach & Shawn Emmett Main: 1) Drake & Drake, 2) Stevenson & Carpenter, 3) Steinebach & Emmett, 4) Jim Violet and Shawn Morehouse, 5) Bud Lucas & Lee Dailey, 6) Stevenson & Spence

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