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Mission Valley Speedway Saturday, September 16th, 2000 By: Stefanie Nordberg Pablo, MT - Mission Valley Speedway's grand finale championships were held Saturday, September 16th, 2000. All classes ran receiving double points for their main...

Mission Valley Speedway Saturday, September 16th, 2000
By: Stefanie Nordberg

Pablo, MT - Mission Valley Speedway's grand finale championships were held Saturday, September 16th, 2000. All classes ran receiving double points for their main event race. No time trials or heat races were held, instead a fast time of the year and a high point trophy dash were both held per class.

The first race of the night was the Fast Time of 2000 Bomber Trophy Dash. James Kammerer took the lead on lap two of the six-lap dash from Mike Drake, holding it for the win. In the High Point Bomber dash, Drake was able to take and hold the lead for all six laps this time, leaving Kammerer on his tail. Drake took the checkered this time for his own!

Next up saw Wade Shepard in the Hobby Stock Fast Time dash hold the lead for the first two laps before being passed by Dave Drake who held first through the checkered. Then in the Hobby High Point dash it was Brad Lee who held off Drake for the first three laps before Drake made his move taking over first for the win!

In the dual-controlled Kruser class, the team of Stevenson and Spence, jumped into the lead immediately, holding off the continued efforts of current Kruser points leaders Steinebach and Ovitt. Stevenson and Spence lead the entire six laps of the fast time trophy dash taking the win.

It was Chad Brown's night for wins in the Compact class. Brown ran in both the Fast Time and High Point dashes leading all laps in both. Brown took home both first place trophies having held off point's leader, Arnie Coleman in the Fast Time dash and Lolo's, Alvin Brester in the High Point dash.

Formula Indy driver, Robert Ragland took home his first trophy of the season in the Fast Time trophy dash, while in the High Point dash, points leader Don Staggs lead the entire race through the checkered.

Columbia Falls', Chris DeReu, made it look easy in the Super Stock Fast Time trophy dash. DeReu ran in first all six laps with Polson's Shawn Burland running in second through lap four. It was then that Kirk Hennefer passed Burland for the second spot trying to make his way toward DeReu. DeReu was able to keep the lead and took the checkered. Hennefer got his turn in the High Point Super Stock dash, however, leading the entire race with Mike Lyons following close behind the entire six laps! Hennefer held off Lyons for the win.

The added attraction for the evening was held during intermission. Kids Bike races were held in varying age groups. The kids started at the top of turn four by the barrels, rode down the hill of the track and onto an infield course of whoop-d-do's with finish at the winners circle! The first group of 6 to 8 year olds saw Trae Fouty place first with Levi Burland in second. Winner in the next group of 6 to 8 year olds was Michael Kautz, with Drew Fouty placing second. Race three was the first group of 9 to 11 year olds with EJ Hammer placing first and Aneena Antiste second. Group two of the 9 to 11 year olds had John Adams in first, and Daniel Brown in second. Next up were the 12 to 14 year olds. Tyler Crockett placed first with Bret Ragland in second. And finally the highlight of the kids' races.a toddler three-wheel race held on the track in front of the grandstands. Noah John Fouty was the first place finisher in this race, with McKenzie Dulmes in second and Ryan Talsma in third!

Prior to the start of the double point Main Events, all trophy cars and trophy princesses for the 2000 season were paraded out onto the track. The drivers voted in the pits earlier in the evening, picking a trophy queen and trophy car of the year that were to be announced. 1999 Trophy Queen, Chanel Broom crowned the new 2000 Trophy Queen, Becca Long, while 1999 Trophy Truck owner, Steve Altman awarded the 2000 Trophy Car of the year plaque to Lisa Stinger for her 1969 Camaro!

The 25-lap Bomber Main Event race was full of black flag warnings, spinouts and accidents! Mike Drake, lead from lap two through ten when James Kammerer passed him to take over the lead. Prior to the lead change, rookie driver, Doug Moeller of Missoula took turn one too high finding himself up in the tires at the top of the turn. Moeller was out for the rest of the race. Kammerer continued in the lead when on lap 19, Matt Gollehan ended up teetering on the tires above turn two! It looked as though Gollehan's car might roll off the equipment tires, however thanks to the efforts of our local wrecker drivers and fire crews, they managed to get the car down and it was able to drive away under its own power! After the restart, Kammerer was able to maintain his lead taking the checkered on lap 25.

There was action right away in the Compact main event! Donny Webster running in first after lap one, and Chuck Morigeau made contact with each other on the front stretch of the second lap, sending them both up and off the track on turn one! Both cars were realigned in the rear of the pack leaving the lead to Pablo's Vic Robinson. Robinson continued in the lead through lap eight when his brother Brian Robinson of Ronan passed him! Brian, who went on to win the race, took home his first ever Main Event win this year!

In the Hobby Stock Main, Pablo's Brad Lee looked like he was going to hold off Dave Drake and take home is first ever trophy at Mission Valley, however, try as he might after leading for 13 of the 15 lap race, Drake passed Lee clean on the inside taking over the lead! Drake went on to claim first in this double points race!

The Kruser Main was an exciting race to watch, having three lead changes in fifteen laps! The team of Ed and Dennis Stevenson ran in first for laps one and two, when the team of Steinebach and Ovitt passed them for the lead through lap nine. However, coming on strong was newcomers from Seeley Lake, Ben Shields and Jeff Drake who took over the lead on lap ten holding it through lap 15, taking their first ever checkered flag win, in this, their second week ever racing at Mission Valley Speedway!

The Formula Indy's Main was all Don Staggs race, but for the first two laps that John Logan of Kalispell lead . Robert Ragland ran second to Staggs for the last ten laps but didn't quite have enough to over take him for the lead.

The final race of the 2000 season was the Super Stock Main Event. This race too it seemed was plagued with action! Don Nestegard of Kalispell held the first lap when Mike Lyons passed him making first his own through lap six. The first incident of the race happened on the start of lap seven when Nestegard broke something in the rear end of his car spinning him into the infield between laps one and two.

The restart caught Lyons sleeping allowing Tracy Burland to jump into the lead followed by Kirk Hennefer in second. Hennefer was warned several times for running on the inside white line during the middle of the race. Then on lap nine, point's leader, Chris DeReu blew his engine on turn two! Lap fifteen saw leaders Tracy Burland and Hennefer spin out causing a red flag restart that sent them both to the back of the pack.

The realigned restart had Lyons back in front again, followed by Shawn Burland. Hennefer and Tracy Burland were working their way back to the front with only five laps remaining in the race. Hennefer did not keep his passing above the inside white line, and after his final pass under the white line for the lead, the flagman gave the checkered to the second place car of Mike Lyons, and black flagged Hennefer.

Lyons was presented with the first place trophy; however still yet, it actually belonged to Shawn Burland in car #38. Lyons let the tech committee know before the night began that he was running a larger engine than is allowed in the MVS rule book for Supers, preparing for a large out of town race. Due to this Lyons opted to run for no points or position awards. The first place winner was then Shawn Burland who was presented with his trophy in the pits.

This finished the 2000 season for the Mission Valley Speedway. Don't miss the 2000 Awards Banquet on October 7th, at KwaTakNuk Resort in Polson. The banquet starts at 6:00 with dinner at 7:00. Tickets can be bought from Bob Lulow, 675-2277. Check us out on the web, www.missionvalleyspeedway.com !


CHAMPIONSHIP RACE RESULTS Saturday, September 16th, 2000


Fast time trophy dash: 1) Chris DeReu, 2) Kirk Hennefer, 3) Shawn Burland, 4) Tracy Burland

High point trophy dash: 1) Hennefer, 2) Mike Lyons, 3) DeReu, 4) T.Burland

Main: 1) S. Burland, 2) T. Burland, 3) Mike Plouffe, 4) DeReu, 5) Nestegard


Fast Time dash: 1) Dave Drake, 2) Wade Shepard, 3) Brad Lee, 4) Chuck Swope

High Point dash: 1) Drake, 2) Lee, 3) Shepard, 4) Duane Drake

Main: 1) Dave Drake, 2) Lee, 3) Shepard, 4) Bob Watt, 5) Swope, 6) James Kammerer


Fast Time Dash: 1) Chad Brown, 2) Arnie Coleman, 3) Alvin Brester, 4) Lynn Olsen

High Point Dash: 1) Brown, 2) Brester, 3) Olsen, 4) Coleman

Main: 1) Brian Robinson, 2) Brown, 3) Coleman, 4) Vic Robinson, 5) Donny Webster, 6) Alvin Brester, 7) Chuck Morigeau, 8) Mike McVey, 9) Olsen


Fast Time Dash: 1) Robert Ragland, 2) Don Staggs, 3) John Logan, 4) Brian Flory

High Point Dash: 1) Staggs, 2) Ragland, 3) Logan, 4) Flory

Main: 1) Staggs, 2) Ragland, 3) Flory, 4) Logan, 5) Morigeau


Fast Time Dash: 1) James Kammerer, 2) Mike Drake, 3) Bob Watt, 4) Ryan Troutwine

High Point Dash: 1) Drake, 2) Kammerer, 3) B.Watt, 4) Troutwine

Main: 1) Kammerer, 2) B.Watt, 3) RJ Watt, 4) Ray Matt, 5) Troutwine, 6) Matt Gollehan, 7) Doug Moeller, 8) Howard Lilly

KRUSERS High Point Dash: 1) Troy Spence & Jeremy Stevenson 2) Randy Steinebach & Willy Ovitt, 3) Bud Lucas & Doug VanDiest, 4) Bill Stevenson & Cody Carpenter

Main: 1) Ben Shields & Jeff Drake, 2) Scott Kautz & Bill Johnson, 3) Steinebach & Ovitt, 4) Ronan Vol Fire Dept., 5) Spence & Stevenson, 6) Lucas & VanDiest, 7) Dale & Terri Tammen, 8) Ed & Dennis Stevenson, 9) Polson Vol. Fire Dept., 10) Stevenson & Carpenter

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