Mission Valley Speedway 2000-08-12

Mission Valley Speedway Saturday, August 12th, 2000 By: Stefanie Nordberg Pablo, MT - Intermission at the Mission Valley Speedway held a special event featuring 30-year-old Missoula native, James Greene in a 'Strong Man Truck Pull'! Greene, a...

Mission Valley Speedway Saturday, August 12th, 2000
By: Stefanie Nordberg

Pablo, MT - Intermission at the Mission Valley Speedway held a special event featuring 30-year-old Missoula native, James Greene in a 'Strong Man Truck Pull'! Greene, a four-time national power-lifting champion, pulled a 24,000-pound truck for 100 feet with his own brute strength! Woody's building centers donated the use of the truck filled with two lumber packs for use in the pull. Greene accomplished the 100 foot pull in his best ever time of approximately 30 seconds! Money that was raised during the event went to the Woody's Relay for Life team.

A Tuff trucks competition was also held during intermission with six drivers competing. Sun Rental and Buffalo Express Auto Parts, both of Polson donated the time and materials that were needed to prepare the obstacle course. Defending 1999 tuff trucks champion, Bryce Simpson, Missoula took this 2000 event as well! Simpson won $180.00 as well as a first place trophy.

Trophy Sponsor of the night was Missoula Nissan Hyundai, with trophy presentations being made by Niki Foster, daughter of Cora & Buddy McElwain. Valerie Lien provided the 1972 Plymouth Roadrunner GTX with a 440 6 pack that was used as Trophy Car for the night.

Super stock driver Chris DeReu, went home with two first place finishes in the Trophy Dash and Main Event races. Local driver, Mike Lyons was able to hold of DeReu taking the Heat race win for his own, leaving second to DeReu.

It looked as though Ronan's Tracy Burland had a good shot at the Super Stock main event win, having lead the race for the first 19 laps. However just as the drivers were rounding turn four coming in for the 20th lap of the 30 lap main, Kenny Lapp, #69 and Burland tangled, with DeReu skidding to a stop just tapping Burland! This caused the only red flag of the race. Lapp pulled from the race while Burland lost the passenger door skin but was able to continue. With Lapp out, DeReu and Burland took their spot to the back of the pack leaving Lyons in front for the restart. DeReu jumped almost immediately into the lead, holding it through the checkered!

The Kruser class trophy dash showed the talents of the #199 team of Stevenson and Carpenter who lead for laps one and two. However, last weekend's main event winning team of Steinebach and Emmett took over the lead on lap three through the checkered.

The Main event race for the Kruser class was an all out fight for first between car #197, Stevenson & Spence and #110, Daley & VanDiece! The Stevenson & Spence team was warned twice for roughness, then blew a tire on lap 12 of the 15-lap race! #110 went on to take the win, but not until after a red flag restart due to the wayward hood that flew up on newcomers Scott Kautz and Bill Johnson, Missoula, in car #121. Johnson & Kautz were able to go home with a second place finish in their first ever Kruser race after the restart!

RJ Watt, Bomber #48 took home his first ever Main event win in the Bomber class, while Mike Drake took home the Trophy Dash win. (Bombers ran for trophies only due to an error in scheduling. No points were awarded.)

It was a short night for the Alamon Telco Formula Indy's Saturday night. During the Indy's trophy dash, Frank Miller, #0 rear ended Chris McCallum's #13 car ending up piled atop each other on the back stretch coming into turn three! This put the Indy's dash and heat races out with cars being repaired in time to hold the Main event. McCallum came out in the Main leading through lap four when he spun, allowing Miller to take the lead. Miller held it through lap 20 taking the win.

Next week will be the Hot August Nights "Late Model 125" $2,000 to win, the Compact 75, Bombers and Krusers. Also scheduled is a Kids Moto Cross competition. Time trials begin at 6:00 PM with racing at 7:00 PM. Early entry for the Late Model 125 saves drivers $25.00, so look to our website on the World Wide Web for your printable entry form! www.pitstop.com/mvs/index.htm

RACE RESULTS Saturday, August 12th, 2000

DUAL-CONTROLLED KRUSERS Fast time of the night: #110 Lee Daley & Doug VanDiece 22.01 Trophy Dash: 1) Randy Steinebach & Shawn Emmett, 2) Bill Stevenson & Cody Carpenter, 3) Jeremy Stevenson & Troy Spence Main: 1) Daley & VanDiece, 2) Scott Kautz & Bill Johnson, 3) Stevenson & Carpenter, 4) Dale & Terri Tammen, 5) Stevenson & Spence, 6) Steinebach & Emmett

BOMBERS Fast time of the night: #38 Robert Watt 18.78 Trophy Dash: 1) Mike Drake, 2) R.Watt 3) Raymond Matt, 4) RJ Watt Heat: 1) Drake, 2) R.Watt, 3) Matt, 4) RJ Watt, 5) Howard Lilly, 6) Doug Moeller, 7) Matt Gollehan Main: 1) RJ Watt, 2) Matt, 3) Lilly, 4) Moeller, 5) Drake, 6) Gollehan

ALAMON TELCO FORMULA INDY'S Fast time of the night: #0 Frank Miller 15.14 Main: 1) Miller, 2) Don Staggs, 3) Chris McCallum, 4) Robert Ragland

SUPER STOCKS Fast time of the night: #69 Kenny Lapp 15.86 Trophy Dash: 1) Chris DeReu, 2) Lapp, 3) Mike Lyons, 4) Tracy Burland Heat: 1) Lyons, 2) DeReu, 3) Lapp, 4) Burland, 5) Darcy Giberson, 6) Mike Plouffe, 7) Sam Westenberg Main: 1) DeReu, 2) Lyons, 3) Burland, 4) Giberson, 5) Lapp, 6) Plouffe

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