Mission Valley season opener report 2001-05-12

Mission Valley season opener report 2001-05-12
May 15, 2001, 11:45 PM

Pablo, MT (May 12, 2001) -- The statement on the back of Jarred Burland's Super Stock ...

Pablo, MT (May 12, 2001) -- The statement on the back of Jarred Burland's Super Stock #43, "Hey Dad, how's the back of my car look?" was a prophecy fulfilled Saturday night. It happened in the Super Stock Main Event when on lap 19 of the 20 lap final race of the night. Kirk Hennefer of Darby, driving #25, lead the race for laps 1 through 19 when some sort of mechanical failure happened on the back stretch. Tracy Burland who had tailed Hennefer from laps 14 through 19 was caught off guard when Hennefer broke. This left an opportunity for Tracy's son Jarred, who was running in third, to go high and make his way around both Hennefer and Burland. Jarred continued on and took the checkered flag double points win.

Bob's Auto Mart of Pablo was the trophy sponsor of the evening with presentations being made by the 2000 trophy queen Becca Long. Ms. Long is the daughter of Guy and Lisa Stinger of Pablo. Lisa Stinger also provided her 1969 Camaro SS as trophy car for the evening. Stinger's Camaro won the 2000 trophy car of the year award last season.

50 cars made the show at the double points Mission Valley Speedway season opener. A tremendous crowd showed to watch the racing action and the weather cooperated with a warm evening and very little wind.

In the heat race of the new class of Bomber 4's, Tony Adams, Jr., driving car #2 hit the wall on turn four of the second lap finishing his racing for the night. Lap five of the same race, saw Billy Flesch, Jr., spin and hit the wall in front of the grandstands having to be towed off. Flesch was able to return later in the night for the Bomber 4's, main event race. And finally still in this Bomber 4's heat race, the Dumont brothers, Nathan and Ben were battling it out for first and second. Ben, driving #44 had led the race since lap 2. Ben's brother, Nathan, driving #32 was on his bumper through lap 7 when he finally passed Ben for the lead. Nathan Dumont continued on for the remaining eight laps for the win.

The MVS crowd was thrilled with plenty of spinouts, bumper to bumper racing as well as an awesome wreck or two. One of the wild wrecks of the night came in the Hobby Stock heat race. David Drake, driving car #1 was in the lead when he lost a tire and was sent up into the dirt berm above turns one and two. Drake was unable to continue the heat race but was back in for the main.

Mike Plouffe, car #3 in the Super Stock class took the other wild ride of the night. Plouffe sitting to the right of the pole position when the green was thrown had some contact with rookie driver, John Swenson, #93. This sent Plouffe up and almost over the hill on corner one, causing a double alignment restart of the race. Plouffe was unable to continue in the race.

On tap next weekend, the 19th of May, is the MGD Light Hobby Stocks, the Bombers, Bomber 4's, and specialty races for Pitmen and Sponsors. Time trials begin at 6:00 pm with racing at 7:00. Check our website for further details: www.missionvalleyspeedway.com or our 24 hr information hotline at 675-RACE. Also new this season is a sports segment on KECI Channel 13 "Weekend at the Races" that will be aired each Sunday night at 6 & 10 PM. <pre> Season Opener Results May 12, 2001

Intermission race: 1) #148 Ben Shields & Ryan Plum, 2) #100 Carolyn Keeney & Ken Steinebach, 3) #130 Carla Morigeau & Jackie Aimsbach

Bomber 4's: Fast Time of the night: Nathan Dumont #32 -- 20.50 Bomber 4's A-Dash: 1) Nathan Dumont, 2) Tony Adams, Jr. 3) Joe Broom, 4) Mike Mikesell Bomber 4's B-Dash: 1) Billy Flesch, Jr. 2) Ben Dumont, 3) Leslie Olsen, 4) Bonnie Shepard Bomber 4's Heat: 1) N. Dumont, 2) Broom, 3) Mikesell, 4) Lucinda Shepard, 5) Tawny Olsen, 6) B. Dumont, 7) Flesch, 8) Adams Bomber 4's Main: 1) N. Dumont, 2) B. Dumont, 3) Flesch, 4) Broom, 5) Mikesell, 6) Bonnie Shepard, 7) Leslie Olsen

Bombers: Fast Time of the night: James Kammerer #69 -- 18.76 Bomber Trophy Dash: 1) Ron Watt, 2) James Kammerer, 3) Doug Moeller, 4) Willy Ovit Bomber Heat: 1) Watt, 2) Moeller, 3) Ovit, 4) Ryan Troutwine, 5) Kammerer Bomber Main: 1) Kammerer, 2) Watt, 3) Moeller, 4) Ovit, 5) Troutwine

Alamon Telco Formula Indy's Fast Time of the night: Don Staggs #1 -- 15.87 Formula Indy Dash: 1) Chuck Wiech, 2) Don Staggs, 3) Robert Ragland, 4) Erik Boland Formula Indy Heat: 1) Staggs, 2) Wiech, 3) Boland, 4) Brian Kallis, 5) Ragland, 6) John Logan Formula Indy Main: 1) Wiech, 2) Staggs, 3) Ragland, 4) Boland, 5) Logan, 6) Kallis, 7) Widgren

Budweiser Compacts: Fast Time of the night: Lynn Olsen #43 -- 18.00 Compact Dash A: 1) Chad Brown, 2) Lynn Olsen, 3) Brian Robinson, 4) Arnold Colman Compact Dash B: 1) Vic Robinson, 2) Michael Plummer, 3) Alvin Brester, 4) Jeromy Stevenson Compact Heat: 1) B. Robinson, 2) Olsen, 3) Brown, 4) V. Robinson, 5) Colman, 6) Brester, 7) Stevenson, 8) Plummer Compact Main: 1) Coleman, 2) B. Robinson, 3) Olsen, 4) Brown, 5) Plummer, 6) V. Robinson, 7) Brester, 8) Stevenson

MGD/Light Hobby Stock: Fast Time of the night: Brad Lee #3 -- 17.63 Hobby Dash A: 1) Chuck Morigeau, 2) Brad Lee, 3) David Drake, 4) Wade Shepard Hobby Dash B: 1) Carl Nordberg, 2) Mike Drake, 3) Shawn Blixt, 4) Justin Drake Hobby Heat: 1) Morigeau, 2) J. Drake, 3) Nordberg, 4) Lee, 5) M. Drake, 6) Robert Watt, 7) Blixt, 8) Shepard, 9) John Sterrett Hobby Main: 1) Morigeau, 2) Shepard, 3) J. Drake, 4) Nordberg, 5) M. Drake, 6) Blixt, 7) Watt, 8) Lee, 9) D. Drake

Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stocks: Fast Time of the night: Tracy Burland #7 -- 15.85 Super Stock Dash: 1) Tracy Burland, 2) Jarred Burland, 3) Nathan Anderson, 4) Kirk Hennefer Super Stock Heat: 1) Mike Plouffe, 2) J. Burland, 3) T. Burland, 4) John Swenson, 5) Don Nestegard, 6) Nathan Anderson Super Stock Main: 1) J. Burland, 2) T. Burland, 3) Anderson, 4) Swenson, 5) Nestegard, 6) Hennefer

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