Mission Valley results 2004-07-31

Krusers get Krazy at Mission Valley Speedway When the Kruser class hits the track you know it's going to get crazy. Lee Frank Sr. and Lee Frank Jr.

Krusers get Krazy at Mission Valley Speedway

When the Kruser class hits the track you know it's going to get crazy. Lee Frank Sr. and Lee Frank Jr. #131 in their first night of Kruser racing took the early lead. Robert Hall and Dave Hall #188 moved up on the #131 and the two cars made some contact, got hooked for a second and then Hall and Hall #188 took the lead. Frank and Frank Jr. #131 got into the corner too hot and smoked the brakes through turns three and four and lost two spots. In the next set of corners the heat race winners Tim Denson and Rick Sanders #113 spun right in front of #131 and it was very close as Frank and Frank Jr. narrowly avoided the spinning car. The field was inverted under the yellow. #131 took the lead, but Ron Peterson and Dave Day #147 and Hall and Hall #188 were coming hard. It was three wide for the lead when #188 spun Peterson and Day #147, this left Frank and Frank Jr. #131 with a big lead. But then the caution came out for a second and the #131 slowed like they should as the passed the flag stand, then the green came back out for the rest of the field. The caution confusion cost the Frank and Frank Jr. #131 the race. #113 Denson and Sanders moved into the top spot with #188 Hall and Hall right on their tail just like last weeks race. Points leaders Tim Denson and Rick Sanders #113 picked up another win in the season.

Howard Lilly #4 cleaned up in the bomber 4's. He took the trophy, heat and main wins. Don Eutsler #68 and points leader Joe Pierce #77 finish second and third in the main.

The field was tight racing, with sideways cars and three wide racing as the Stuarts NAPA Bomber took the green. Heat race winner Justin Drake #66 was quick working his way through traffic, as he made his way up to leader Mike Drake #1. Justin got under Mike on the low side to take over the lead and held it till the end as he picked up the main event win. Points leader Ryan Troutwine worked his way to second and Mike Drake held on for third.

Dennis Dumont #45 was looking strong as he lead the early laps in the MGD/Lite Hobby Main. Points leader Willy Ovitt #0 was trying Dumont on the outside, but this allowed heat race winner Casey Brandt #31 to slip by Ovitt on the inside. Brandt then mounted a charge on race leader Dennis Dumont. Brandt just got to Dumont's door as Dumont had already committed to turn into the corner. The two made contact and Brandt blew a right front tire. With Brandt out of the picture it looked to be all Dennis Dumont. Ovitt got it lose and went for a spin on the front stretch, Doug Moeller #74 joined in as the two spun together. Dennis Dumont took home the trophy for the main event win.

House of Colors was the evenings trophy sponsor. The owner of House of Colors Lee Frank and his Son Lee Frank Jr. got to get behind the wheel of Ryan Troutwine's Kruser to get a taste of racing, and they put on a great show and ran strong. Stuart Morton and Dale McCullen of Stuart's NAPA auto care who sponsor the bomber class also got to race Jerry Taber's Kruser. There was a grudge match between the House of Colors guys and the Stuarts NAPA guys. Stuarts just edged out a win the in the best out of three one lap shoot outs. Erica Reum an eighteen-year-old out of Polson was the trophy girl. A 1956 Thunder Bird owned by Bryce Smith and a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda owned by Rich and Tina Berditt were the trophy cars of the evening.

Next Saturday night it is the Stuart's NAPA Bomber 100 and the Pioneer Days Demo Derby along with Krusers. The Bombers consistantly bring the most cars to the track every time they show up and all ways put on a great show, so you won't want to miss the 100 laps of bomber action. Demo Derby cars will be showing up to be laying some hits and entertaining the crowd. And the Krusers who sometimes drive like they are in a demo derby will hit the circle track for more crazy racing.

For more information about Mission Valley Speedway visit www.missionvalleyspeedway.com or call our 24-hour information hotline at (406) 675-RACE

Results Saturday July 31, 2004


Trophy Dash: 1) Robert Hall/Dave Hall 2) Tim Denson/Rick Sanders 3) 147 Ron Peterson/Dave Day 4) 118 Terry Hamilton/Zach Mathers

Heat Race: 1) 113 Denson/Sanders 2) 101 Stuart Morton/Dale McCullem 3) 188 Hall/Hall 4) 147 John Swenson/Dave Day 5) 118 Terry Hamilton/Zach Mathers 6) 131 Lee Frank/Lee Frank Jr.

Main Event: 1) 113 Denson/Sanders 2) 188 Hall/Hall 3) 131 Frank/Frank Jr. 4) 118 Hamilton/Mathers 5) 147 Ron Peterson/Dave Day 6) 101 Morton/McCullem

Bomber 4's

Trophy Dash: 1) 4 Howard Lilly 2) 69 Amanda Watt 3) 68 Don Eutsler 4) 77 Joe Pierce

Heat Race: 1) 4 Lilly 2) 69 Watt 3) 77 Pierce 4) 68 Eutsler

Main Event: 1) 4 Lilly 2) 68 Eutsler 3) 77 Pierce 4) 69 Watt

Stuarts NAPA Autocare Bombers

Trophy Dash B: 1) 9 Greg Dicken 2) 44 Pete Zeiler 3) 18 Ben Dumont 4) 35 Wes Milljies

Trophy Dash A: 1) 66 Justin Drake 2) 1 Mike Drake 3) 74 Shawn Dumont 4) 13 Ryan Troutwine

Heat Race: 1) 66 J. Drake 2) 1 M. Drake 3) 18 B. Dumont 4) 74 S. Dumont 5) 69 Steve Mills 6) 44 Zeiler 7) 9 Dicken 8) 13 Troutwine 9) 35 Milljies

Main Event: 1) 66 J. Drake 2) 13 Troutwine 3) 1 M. Drake 4) 69 Mills 5) 44 Zeiler 6) 35 Milljies 7) Dicken 8) 74 S. Dumont 9) B. Dumont

MGD/Lite Hobby Stocks

Trophy Dash: 1) 31 Casey Brandt 2) 45 Dennis Dumont 3) 0 Willy Ovitt 4) 74 Doug Moeller

Heat Race: 1) 31 Brandt 2) 0 Ovitt 3) 45 Dumont 4) 74 Moeller 5) 73 Russ Burland

Main Event: 1) 45 Dumont 2) 73 Burland 3) 0 Ovitt 4) 74 Moeller 5) Brandt


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