Mission Valley results 2004-06-05

A Smooth Night of Racing at Mission Valley Speedway The car count in the crazy Krusers is climbing as two new cars showed up this week. Josh and Tabitha Larson ( ...

A Smooth Night of Racing at Mission Valley Speedway

The car count in the crazy Krusers is climbing as two new cars showed up this week. Josh and Tabitha Larson (#142) jumped out to an early lead. Shawn Carpenter and Josiah Houle (#149) got into the back of Robert Hall and AJ Sanders (#188) and sent Hall/Sanders for a spin in turn four. Chris Carpenter and JR Graenier (#130) and Larson/Larson made it 3 wide when lapping Hall/Sanders, Carpenter/Graenier were able to take over the top spot. A couple laps later the race was red flagged and the field was inverted, giving the fans a better show. Larson/Larson was able to make their way back though the field to take over the top spot. Carpenter/Houle tagged Carpenter/Graenier and turned them around. The husband and wife team of Larson and Larson held on for the Kruser Main Event win ahead of David Hall and Beau Stewart (#113) and Carpenter/Houle.

The Bomber 4's had a first time winner. Rookie Amanda Watt picked up the main event win in only her third outing in the car. Heat race winner Joe Pierce #77 finished second, Don Eutsler rounded out the top three.

The start to the Stewart's NAPA Bomber Main Event is always exciting and this race was no exception. In turn four of the first lap Justin Drake (#66) got into the back Steve Mills (#69) sending Mills for a spin. The field was lined up for a complete restart. More trouble happened in turn one on lap two of that restart. Mills went to the outside 3 wide and made contact with Jerry Tabor (#18), the contact also forced Tabor into Drake. All cars continued on and Ryan Troutwine (#13) and Drake pulled away from the pack. Troutwine got the win, Drake second, Mills third.

In the Budweiser compact Main Event Howard Lilly (#20) stepped out to an early lead and held it until Trisha White (#22) took the lead away. Dennis Schneider (#15), who had some mechanical gremlins early in the night got them cleared out and was wanting to take the lead from White. White made him work for it, but Schneider was able to find his way around and he went on to take the win just ahead of White. Tony Adams Sr. (#3) took third place.

The largest field of cars for the evening was in the MGD/Lite Hobbys. "Papa" Doug Moeller (#74) was looking pretty racey as he grabbed the early lead in the Main Event. Meanwhile Casey Brandt (#31) was charging though the field. Brandt reeled in Moeller and slipped by for the lead. As the rest of the large field was battling it out for positions Brandt took the checkered flag with Moeller not to far back, Robert Watt Sr. (#18) picked up third place.

As usual weather looked threatening, but the only thunder was the thunder of engines. The trophy car for the evening was a 1984 Buick Grand National owned by Diana Morey of Missoula. Rob Sain piloted the trophy car and. Tennille Hennessy as Sophomore from Polson High School was the evenings trophy girl. Ronan Power Products sponsored the evenings races. The kids got some rides in stock cars during intermission and John Swenson kept the fans informed with great announcing.

A big double header weekend is on tap next for Mission Valley Speedway as the Northwest Modifieds come to town. The Modifieds will race both Saturday and Sunday. Joining the Modifieds Saturday will be the Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stocks, Bomber 4's and Noon's Formula Indy's. Joining the Modifieds Sunday will be the MGD/Lite Hobby Stocks, Budweiser Compacts and kids rides.

Results Saturday June 5, 2004


Fast Time: 113 David Hall/Beau Stewart

Trophy Dash: 1) 113 Hall/Stewart 2) 142 Josh Larson/Tabitha Larson 3) 130

Chris Carpenter/JR Graenier 4) 188 Robert Hall/AJ Sanders

Main Event: 1) 142 Larson/Larson 2) 113 Hall/Stewart 3) 149 Shawn

Carpenter/Josiah Houle 4) 130 Carpenter/Graenier 5) 188 Hall/Sanders

Bomber 4's

Fast Time: 77 Joe Pierce

Trophy Dash: 1) 77 Pierce 2) 4 Howard Lilly 3) 69 Amanda Watt 4) 68 Don Eutsler

Heat Race: 1) 77 Pierce 2) 69 Watt 3) 68 Eutsler

Main Event: 1) 69 Watt 2) 77 Pierce 3) 68 Eutsler

Stewart's NAPA Bombers

Fast Time: 13 Ryan Troutwine

Trophy Dash: 1) 66 Justin Drake 2) 69 Steve Mills 3) 13 Troutwine 4) 9 Greg Dicken

Heat Race: 1) 13 Troutwine 2) 66 Drake 3) 69 Mills 4) 78 Michel Bettencourt 5) 18 Jerry Tabor

Main Event: 1) 13 Troutwine 2) 66 Drake 3) 69 Mills 4) 18 Tabor 5) 78 Bettencourt

Budweiser Compacts

Fast Time: 22 Trisha White

Trophy Dash: 1) 3 Tony Adams Sr. 2) 22 White 3) 11 Ryan Mitchell 4) 45 Cyrus Mock

Heat Race: 1) 20 Howard Lilly 2) 22 White 3) 15 Dennis Schneider 4) 3 Adams 5) 44 Tim White 6) 45 Mock 7) 11 Mitchell

Main Event: 1) 15 Schneider 2) 22 White 3) 3 Adams 4) 20 Lilly 5) 11 Mitchell 6) 44 White

MGD/Lite Hobby Stocks

Fast Time: #74 Doug Moeller

Trophy Dash B: 1) 34 Tony Adams Jr. 2) 18 Robert Watt Sr. 3) 5 Jeff Lulu 4) 32 Jim Hendrickson

Trophy Dash A: 1) 73 Russ Burland 2) 0 Willy Ovitt 3) 74 Moeller 4) 45 Dennis Dumont

Heat Race: 1) 31 Casey Brandt 2) 45 Dumont 3) 75 Moeller 4) 18 Watt 5) 0 Ovitt 6) 73 Burland 7) 34 Adams 8) 5 Derek Flesh 9) 32 Hendrickson Main Event: 1) 31 Brandt 2) 4 Moeller 3) 18 Watt 4) 0 Ovitt 5) 45 Dumont 6) 73 Burland 7) 34 Adams 8) 5 Lulu 9) 32 Hendrickson

To learn more about Mission Valley Speedway visit www.missionvalleyspeedway.com or call our 24-hour information hotline at (406) 675-RACE.


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