Mission Valley results 2000-07-22

Mission Valley Speedway By: Stefanie Nordberg Pablo, MT - Saturday, July 22nd, 2000 - Tornado like winds, nor golf ball sized rain drops kept the Mission Valley Auto Racers from pulling off an exciting night of racing that included the...

Mission Valley Speedway
By: Stefanie Nordberg

Pablo, MT - Saturday, July 22nd, 2000 - Tornado like winds, nor golf ball sized rain drops kept the Mission Valley Auto Racers from pulling off an exciting night of racing that included the Can-Am Super Stocks 1st annual 100 lap double points race

Ten Supers timed in with several more arriving during the short rain delay that followed the time trials. The evening also included the Hobby Stocks, Compacts, Kids Rides and a Media Race with radio personalities out of Missoula.

Pizza Hut of Polson was the trophy sponsor of the night, with trophy presentations being made by Trista Stanley. Ms. Stanley will be a freshman at Polson High School this fall and is the daughter of Glenn & Leslie Reum. The Reums also provided their 1965 Chevy Impala Super Sport for use as the trophy car. Flower Sponsor of the night was the Ronan Flower Mill & Gift Shop, Ronna, Bonnie & Annie Walchuk, owners.

Two Super Stock drivers beat the standing 2000 fast time held by Chris DeReu, a 15.97, during time trials. First out was Kirk Hennefer who posted a 15.85 on his first run! Hennefer held onto fast time for a mere four more time in's before local Super Stock driver, Tracy Burland posted a 15.78 knocking out Hennefer's short lived fame. Burland tore down by tech officials receiving the official track record in the Super Stock class on the 3/8th mile tri-oval track.

Alvin Brester of Lolo took home one of the first trophy's of the night in the Compact A Trophy Dash. All three competitors in his dash tried in vain to take the lead, holding second place for a short time each. Brester, however, held them all off for the win! In the Compact B dash, Tony Adams took home his second trophy in as many weekends!

Compact points leader, Arnie Coleman worked his way up from 8th position in the Heat race to 1st by lap 9 of the 18-lap race. Coleman took the checkered in the Heat, but had to settle for a fourth place finish in the Main. Rookie driver, Steve Fouty lead the first nine laps of the 30 lap Compact Main when Lynn Olsen took over the lead on lap 10! Olsen held the lead throughout the remaining 20 laps to take the win!

Hobby Stock points leader, Dave Drake showed that he still has the right stuff Saturday night, taking fast time of the night, a 17.51, and first place finishes in both the Trophy Dash and Main Event Hobby Stock races! Drake was unable to put the moves on Charlo's Wade Shepard however, in the Heat race settling for second behind Shepard's checkered flag win!

During the start of the Hobby Stock Main Event, car #70, normally driven by owner Fred Ashley, had Todd Funke behind the wheel. On the first 1/4 lap at turn one, Funkes' throttle stuck sending him on the wild ride of the night. The car seemed to use the equipment tires at the top of turns one and two as a ramp, launching Funke into the air and over to the other side! It was an awesome site to see, and Funke walked away uninjured! The car however, was a different story.

For only his second time out at MVS this season, Super Stock driver Shawn Burland took and held the lead the entire 22-lap Heat race for the win! Corey Wolfe and Chris DeReu had each taken home trophy's for first place finishes in the two Super Stock trophy dashes, leaving the crowd hot with anticipation as to who would make it into the winners circle after the 100 lap Super Stock double points Main Event!

Five lead changes would be seen in the two 50 lap halves. Jarred Burland held the lead through lap eight when Shawn Burland passed him. On lap 17, Kirk Hennefer spun Jarred Burland out on turn four causing a red flag restart! Burland spun a 360 sending Corey Wolfe and Tracy Burland high and low to avoid colliding with Jarred! Mike Lyons was unsuccessful in avoiding the spun out car of Burland, slamming head on into it! This incident sent Lyons, J. Burland and Hennefer to the back of the pack for realignment. Hennefer refused to take his position and pulled from the race.

Shawn Burland continued with the lead after the restart unfortunately spinning out on lap 30. This caused the second and last red flag restart of the 100-lap race, putting Burland to the back. Chris DeReu became the third driver to hold the lead position. DeReu was the leader at the end of the first half, followed by Wolfe, and then Shawn Burland who had made his way back up into third place.

DeReu held first again after the second half restart until Wolfe out maneuvered him on lap 56! Wolfe carried the lead through lap 72 when DeReu regained the title spot! DeReu held on for the checkered at lap 100! Tentative results until Tech officials make confirmation of cars was, DeReu first, Wolfe second and Shawn Burland third.

The Media race was held during the break of the two 50 lap Super Stock halves. Z100's Alan K brought Scott Richards from Eagle 93, Shawn Wilde of Star FM, and Scott Hershey of KYSS FM to compete in the challenge! The ten-lap race had Scott Hershey jump right out into the lead followed by Wilde, Richards and finally Alan K. This line up was the same from lap 1 through 10, with Hershey taking the checkered!

Next week will be the NORTHWEST LATE MODEL FOURS, Budweiser Compacts, Bombers and the Alamon Telco Formula Indy's! Time Trials begin at 6 pm with racing at 7 pm.

<pre> RACE RESULTS Saturday, July 22nd, 2000


Fast time of the night: #7 Tracy Burland 15.78 (New Track Record) Dash A: 1) Chris DeReu, 2) Kirk Hennefer, 3) Tracy Burland, 4) Shawn Burland Dash B: 1) Corey Wolfe, 2) Mike Lyons, 3) Darcy Giberson, 4) Jarred Burland Heat: 1) Shawn Burland, 2) Tracy Burland, 3) Corey Wolfe, 4) Chris DeReu 100 Lap Main: 1) Chris DeReu, 2) Corey Wolfe, 3) Shawn Burland, 4) Tracy Burland,5) Mike Lyons, 6) Darcy Giberson - Canada 7) Jarred Burland, 8) Kirk Hennefer, 9)Mike Plouffe, 10) Lawrence Krogstad - Canada

HOBBY STOCKS Fast time of the night: #1 Dave Drake 17.51 Trophy Dash: 1) Dave Drake, 2) Wade Shepard, 3) Brad Lee, 4) Chuck Swope Heat: 1) Wade Shepard, 2) Dave Drake, 3) Chuck Swope, 4) Brad Lee Main: 1) Drake, 2) Shepard, 3) Lee, 4) Swope,

BUDWEISER COMPACTS Fast time of the night: #43 Lynn Olsen 17.87 Trophy Dash A: 1) Alvin Brester, 2) Lynn Olsen, 3) Arnie Coleman, 4) Brian Robinson Trophy Dash B: 1) Tony Adams, 2) Vic Robinson, 3) Corey White, 4) Steve Fouty Heat: 1) Coleman, 2) B. Robinson, 3) Olsen, 4) Brester 5) Fouty, 6) White, 7) Adams, 8) V. Robinson, 9) Mike McVey Main: 1) Olsen, 2) Adams, 3) Brester, 4) Coleman, 5) Fouty, 6) V. Robinson, 7) B. Robinson, 8) White, 9) McVey

COMPACT MEDIA RACE 1) Scott Hershey - KYSS FM, 2) Shawn Wilde - Star FM, 3) Scott Richards - Eagle 93, 4) Alan K - Z100

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