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Mission Valley Speedway By: Stefanie Nordberg Pablo, MT - The 5th Annual Mission Valley Auto's Ladies Night Out Compact Race was held Saturday, the 15th of July at the Mission Valley Speedway here. Eight ladies competed in the ten-lap final...

Mission Valley Speedway
By: Stefanie Nordberg

Pablo, MT - The 5th Annual Mission Valley Auto's Ladies Night Out Compact Race was held Saturday, the 15th of July at the Mission Valley Speedway here. Eight ladies competed in the ten-lap final race of the night! 1999 defending champion, Aimee Fouty jumped into the lead right away with newcomer Leslie Olsen charging her way through the pack to pass Fouty on lap 4! Olsen held the lead for a short two laps when she went wide on a turn, allowing the crafty Fouty to slid on by to regain her lead position. Fouty continued in the lead throughout the final laps, while Olsen fell back to third having been passed by an impressive show of driving skill by Darnell Coleman who took second!=20

Trophy's sponsored by Mission Valley Auto were awarded to the first three positions, with all ladies receiving a cash prize that was solely donated by Don & Janet Munn of Buffalo Auto Express Auto Parts, Polson. Janet also donated the dash plaques each car receives for donating their car to the race. =20

Mission Valley Auto was trophy sponsor for all races during the night as well. Annesha Webster, daughter of Sue and Don Pierce and a Ronan High School Graduate presented trophies. Mission Valley Auto also provided a 2000 Chevy Tahoe, driven by Clint Packard for the trophy vehicle.=20

During time trials two new fast times were posted. Bomber driver #38, Robert Watt Sr., posted an 18.60. Opting for tech approval, Watt became the new track record holder for the Bomber class! Hobby driver #1, Dave Drake broke Brad Forman's standing track record from back in 1998 a 17.38. Drake posted a 17.36, however did not opt to be teched so Drake holds fast time for 2000 with 17.36 and Forman holds on to his track record of 17.38. =20

The full moon must have had an effect on the drivers during this night of racing! In the Compact Heat race there was five red flags thrown in the first six laps, two of which were thrown before one lap was even completed! =20

The wild ride of the night of course happened in the Compact Main Event! Seems the compacts were bent on giving the crowd a show, when on lap 6, Tony Adams and Vic Robinson had some contact that ended with Adams slamming head on into the water barrels at the top of turn four! Adams ended up coming to a rest almost vertically on the concrete wall! Adams was uninjured, and the car sustained amazingly little damage. The Adams car #90 would later run safely in the Ladies Night Out race!

In the Bomber class, Robert Watt Sr. had one of his best nights yet posting the new track record, taking first in the Heat and first in the Main event as well! Chuck Morigeau and Raymond Matt were the other Bomber drivers to take home trophies in the A & B dashes.

Bomber driver Robert Watt and his family arranged a special event during the night. One of Watt's sponsors' children was to win a ride in his stock car. His name is Cody Greiser, son of Kevin & Nancy Taylor. Cody is a 13 year old visually impaired young man who came to the track for the first time to hear the stock cars run! Cody taped their sounds throughout the night and then was thrilled to hear his program number called out to win a ride in Watt's car!

Needless to say, Cody was one happy kid! Watt took him around the track three or four times with several other cars traveling behind them to give Cody the wonderful sensations and sounds of racing that will last a lifetime! When the ride was over, an awestruck Cody walked the entire circumference of the car, feeling every inch, etching a picture in his mind! The seen had many people close to tears.

<pre> RACE RESULTS=20 Saturday, July 15th, 2000

BOMBERS Fast time of the night: #38 Robert Watt Sr. 17.60 (new track record) Trophy Dash A: 1) Chuck Morigeau, 2) Mike Drake, 3) James Kammerer, 4) R. Watt Trophy Dash B: 1) Raymond Matt, 2) RJ Watt, 3) Russ Burland, 4) Howard Lilly Heat: 1) R. Watt, 2) Drake, 3) Morigeau, 4) RJ Watt Main: 1) R. Watt, 2) Kammerer, 3) Drake, 4) Morigeau, 5) RJ Watt, 6) Burland, 7) Matt,=20 8) Rob Steinebach, 9) Michael Gonzales, 10) Lilly

BUDWEISER COMPACTS Fast time of the night: #43 Lynn Olsen 17.97 Trophy Dash A: 1) Brian Robinson, 2) Alvin Brester, 3) Arnie Coleman, 4) Lynn Olsen Trophy Dash B: 1) Tony Adams, 2) Steve Fouty, 3) Vic Robinson, 4) Mike McVey Heat: 1) Coleman, 2) Brester, 3) Olsen, 4) McVey Main: 1) Coleman, 2) Olsen, 3) Fouty, 4) McVey, 5) B. Robinson, 6) Brester, 7) V. Robinson, 8) Adams

MGD LIGHT HOBBY STOCKS Fast time of the night: #1 Dave Drake 17.36 Trophy Dash: 1) Drake, 2) Wade Shepard, 3) Brad Lee, 4) Fred Ashley Heat: 1) Drake, 2) Lee, 3) Shepard, 4) Ashley, 5) R.Watt, 6) J. Kammerer Main: 1) Drake, 2) Lee, 3) Shepard, 4) Chuck Swope, 5) Kammerer, 6) Watt, 7) Ashley

5th Annual Mission Valley Auto's Ladies Night Out Compact Race 1) Aimee Fouty, 2) Darnell Coleman, 3) Leslie Olsen, 4) Diane Robinson, 5) Trisha White, 6) Jessica Robinson, 7) Lavonne McVey, 8) Tawny Corrigan

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