Minnesota Challenge Sauk Centre results 2006-07-08

Reuvers Tops ASA Minnesota Challenge Series Field At I-94 Raceway SAUK CENTRE, MN (July 8, 2006) - Donny Reuvers continued his dominance of the ASA Minnesota Challenge Series as he took first ever win at the I-94 Raceway in Sauk Centre.

Reuvers Tops ASA Minnesota Challenge Series Field At I-94 Raceway

SAUK CENTRE, MN (July 8, 2006) - Donny Reuvers continued his dominance of the ASA Minnesota Challenge Series as he took first ever win at the I-94 Raceway in Sauk Centre. Twenty-six cars took the green flag with polesitter Tim Olson taking the lead from the start. Fellow front row starter Bob White pulled in right behind, with third starting Reuvers quickly stepping up to challenge. Reuvers moved by Olson to take the lead on lap four and then began to pull away. Heavy lapped traffic throughout the middle stages of the race allowed Olson to keep Reuvers within sight as White, Jake Jay, Andy Hanson and Jacob Goede ran hard for the next several spots. The race looked to run nonstop, but Larry Fitzsimmons' car caught fire, prompting a red flag with just eight laps remaining. On the restart, the field was slow to get going and LB Berthiaume got underneath AJ Rhoads, causing Rhoads to roll over in one of the strangest wrecks ever seen at the I-94 Raceway. Shortly after the race went back to green, a three car tangle in turn three brought out another yellow. When the green waved a final time, Reuvers maintained his spot out front as Jay tried to make a run for the lead. Jay would get a couple of chances at Reuvers, but the current ASA Minnesota Challenge Series Points Leader was too strong as he went on to take the win by .835 seconds over Jay for his third win in three Series races this season. I-94 Raceway Points Leader Hanson's strong finish moved him up to third, while Olson and White rounded out the top five. Bryan Roach took the $500 Jay Brothers Ultimate Challenge and started the race 26th, but could only advance a 11th place finish, thus making next week's Challenge worth $600.

Rich Snyder made it back-to-back wins as he was the car to beat in the Modified Feature. Shawn Koranda popped into the lead from the wave of the green. Second starting Snyder made his move on the opening lap as he took charge of the race. Jeff Rohner pulled alongside of Koranda as Joey Johnson and Kevin Woeste completed the lead pack in the shadow of race leader Snyder. Woeste brought out the only caution of the race when his car slowed on the frontstretch with two laps to go. Snyder held the lead on the restart, as Johnson moved by Rohner, but ran out of time to get any further as Snyder led every lap in taking home the win.

Rob Thurston was in the right spot at the right time and that put him in the Winner's Circle in the Great North Legends Feature. Tyler Sjoman and Scott Brandt dueled for the lead from the start of the 25 lap event. Brandt came away with the lead as Sjoman searched for a way around as the front pair began to pull away from the rest of the field. Sjoman tried several times to make the pass on the low side of the track, but each time Brandt would hold off the challenge. On lap 16, the leaders made contact on the frontstretch with Brandt bouncing off the wall as Sjoman slipped by. The race stayed green as Sjoman pulled away and Brandt pulled off the track with a broken sway bar. Sjoman powered on to finish off the race. Meanwhile, Rob Thurston had worked his way to second, but couldn't track down Sjoman. The on track incident prompted a penalty for Sjoman who was moved back two positions, moving Thurston up to take the win.

Jerry Messer wasn't messing around as he made a late race pass to win the Thunder Car Feature. Jason Schroepfer pulled ahead on the opening lap as Nick Panitzke and Patrick Amelung gave chase. Panitzke took the lead on lap four, but two laps later, Schroepfer retook the spot as Panitzke pulled off as his car was leaking fluid. Messer then started his assault on the lead as he reeled in Schroepfer. With five laps to go, it was as side-by-side race as Messer and Schroepfer ran next to each other. Messer squeezed by with just a couple of laps to go as Schroepfer chased him the final few laps to the checkered flag.

After blowing his engine the night before, David Bolstad, with borrowed horsepower, continued his strong season as he won the UCAR Feature. Dean Peterson took his truck to the front right away as fourth starting Bolstad quickly pulled to Peterson's tailgate. The leaders raced close for several laps, before Bolstad made his move in turn four to take the lead at the halfway point of the race. Peterson stayed nearby for a few laps, but faded in the end as Bolstad went on to take the win by nearly a full straightaway.

I-94 Raceway Results July 8, 2006

ASA Minnesota Challenge Series

First Heat
1. Andy Hanson (Ramsey) 2. Jake Jay (Lindstrom) 3. Bryan Roach (Goodhue) 4. Zac Davids (Apple Valley) 5. Bob White (Spring Lake Park) 6. Larry Fitzsimmons (Farmington) 7. Rob Dubnecay (Maple Grove) 8. LB Berthiaume (Rogers) 9. AJ Rhoads (Hastings) 10. Gary Petrash (Lakeville) 11. Molly Rhoads (Hastings) 12. Chuck Chrest (Waverly) 13. Nick Panitzke (Sauk Centre)-DNS

Second Heat
1. Jacob Goede (New Germany) 2. Benny VanCleve (Prior Lake) 3. Joey Johnson (Alexandria) 4. Donny Reuvers (Dundas) 5. Tim Olson (Hamel) 6. John Gottwald (Paynesville) 7. Darren Wolke (Belle Plaine) 8. Jon Olson (Hamel) 9. Harm Alken (Bloomington) 10. Pat Maloney (Alexandria) 11. Ritch Johnson (Monticello) 12. Steve Anderson (Lakeville) 13. Jerry Ziemiecki (Crystal)

Fast Qualifiers
1. Jake Jay (16.931 sec.) 2. Joey Johnson (16.953 sec.) 3. Andy Hanson (16.968)

50 Lap Feature
1. Donny Reuvers 2. Jake Jay 3. Andy Hanson 4. Tim Olson 5. Bob White 6. Rob Dubnecay 7. Jacob Goede 8. Benny VanCleve 9. Zac Davids 10. Joey Johnson 11. Bryan Roach 12. Darren Wolke 13. John Gottwald 14. Nick Panitzke 15. Harm Alken 16. Steve Anderson 17. Pat Maloney 18. Larry Fitzsimmons 19. Molly Rhoads 20. Jon Olson 21. Chuck Chrest 22. AJ Rhoads-DNF 23. LB Berthiaume-DNF 24. Ritch Johnson-DNF 25. Gary Petrash-DNF 26. Jerry Zeimiecki-DNF


First Heat
1. Jeff Rohner (Willmar) 2. Rich Snyder (Alexandria) 3. Jonathan Olmscheid (Elrosa) 4. Corey Flynn (Alexandria) 5. Steven Maloney (Alexandria) 6. Tyler Sjoman (Alexandria)

Second Heat
1. Tony Robertson (Kimball) 2. Shawn Koranda (Alexandria) 3. Joey Johnson (Alexandria) 4. Kevin Woeste (Waite Park) 5. Danny Edenloff (Alexandria)

1. Rich Snyder 2. Joey Johnson 3. Jeff Rohner 4. Tony Robertson 5. Shawn Koranda 6. Jonathan Olmscheid 7. Steven Maloney 8. Corey Flynn 9. Danny Edenloff 10. Kevin Woeste-DNF

Great North Legends

First Heat
1. Tyler Sjoman (Alexandria) 2. Jaycen Brockhouse (Prior Lake) 3. Dirk Henry (Sauk Centre) 4. Ryan Johnson (Eagan) 5. Jake Varnum (Morris) 6. Scott Petty (Elk River) 7. Randy Nordsman (Glenwood) 8. Joe Kostreba (Sauk Centre) 9. Greg Erhard (Forest Lake) 10. Paul Hartman (Willmar)-DNF 11. Beau Barry (Underwood)-DNF

Second Heat
1. Stan Davis (Maple Grove) 2. Scott Brandt (Coon Rapids) 3. Rob Thurston (Olivia) 4. Patrick Brejcha (Alexandria) 5. Jon Lewerer (Coon Rapids) 6. Jeff Ryan (Grand Forks, ND) 7. Mark Skjerven (Oakdale) 8. Ross Johnson (Eagan) 9. Derek Neilsen (Ogilvie) 10. Billy Weyer (Waite Park)-DNF 11. Robby Carter (Prior Lake)-DNF 12. Kasey Kurtz (Perham)-DNS

Fast Qualifiers
1. Tyler Sjoman (18.880 sec.) 2. Scott Brandt (19.014 sec.) 3. Jake Varnum (19.040 sec.)

1. Rob Thurston 2. Dirk Henry 3. Tyler Sjoman 4. Stan Davis 5. Jaycen Brockhouse 6. Jake Varnum 7. Patrick Brejcha 8. Ryan Johnson 9. Jon Lewerer 10. Scott Petty 11. Jeff Ryan 12. Paul Hartman 13. Joe Kostreba 14. Mark Skjerven 15. Greg Erhard 16. Kasey Kurtz 17. Randy Nordsman 18. Ross Johnson 19. Derek Neilsen 20. Beau Barry 21. Scott Brandt-DNF 22. Billy Weyer-DNS 23. Robby Carter-DNS

Thunder Cars

First Heat
1. Kris Moore (Nearstrand) 2. Nick Panitzke (Sauk Centre) 3. Patrick Amelung (St. Cloud) 4. Alan Johnson 5. Adam Fuchs (Paynesville)

Second Heat
1. Jerry Messer (Sauk Centre) 2. Jason Schroepfer 3. Matt Hoeschen (Sauk Centre) 4. Dustin Karl (Osakis) 5. Andrew Henry (Sauk Centre) 6. Joe Karl (Osakis)

1. Jerry Messer 2. Jason Schroepher 3. Kris Moore 4. Matt Hoeschen 5. Alan Johnson 6. Andrew Henry 7. Dustin Karl 8. Joe Karl 9. Adam Fuchs 10. Patrick Amelung-DNF 11. Nick Panitzke-DNF


First Heat
1. Joe Albritton (St. Anna) 2. Craig Maack (Alexandria) 3. CJ Karl (Alexandria) 4. John Hendrickson (Avon) 5. Matt Peterson (Upsala) 6. Andy Mayavski (St. Cloud)-DNF

Second Heat
1. David Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 2. Dean Peterson (Upsala) 3. Chad Burke (Alexandria) 4. Dan Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 5. Jeff McDonald (Buffalo)

1. David Bolstad 2. Dean Peterson 3. Dan Bolstad 4. Matt Peterson 5. Craig Maack 6. Joe Albritton 7. CJ Karl 8. Andy Mayavski 9. John Hendrickson 10. Chad Burke-DQ 11. Jeff McDonald-DNS


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