Miller wins pole at Indianapolis Raceway Park

Clermont, Ind. (September 22, 2000) -- In a bit of irony, veteran Butch Miller of Michigan finally got the chance to beat rookie Joey Clanton of Georgia, something he could not do two weeks ago when the series last convened at Memphis Motorsports...

Clermont, Ind. (September 22, 2000) -- In a bit of irony, veteran Butch Miller of Michigan finally got the chance to beat rookie Joey Clanton of Georgia, something he could not do two weeks ago when the series last convened at Memphis Motorsports Park. Mil ler held off Clanton in qualifying for Saturday's ASA 200 at Indianapolis Raceway Park, capturing the pole with a time of 22.010 sec. (112.204 mph).

It was the 37th pole of the three-time ASA National Champions' career, and fifth at the .686-mile Indianapolis Raceway Park. Miller, who was fast in practice all day long, held off two rookies, including the car for which he is the team manager, that of ro okie Larry Foyt.

"Two weeks ago, we had a good car for qualifying but the driver made a mistake," Miller said, referring to his second starting spot at Memphis. "Today we had a good car and the driver didn't make a mistake. I thought Joey would get us in the end, because he went out later."

Clanton, who picked up his first career victory when he held of Miller at Memphis,, recorded another career-best, qualifying second with a time of 22.072 sec. (111.888 mph).

"I am glad to be on the front row," said Clanton. "We tried some things that we used at Memphis, and it worked out here today."

Foyt came home third with a time of 22.101 sec. (111.742 mph). Veteran Joe Nott qualified for his best starting spot of the season, turning his first lap at 22.104 sec. (111.726 mph). Nott slipped on his second lap, putting his Chevrolet into the turn fou r wall.

Mike Garvey turned in the fifth fastest time, while the current National Championship points leader Gary St. Amant will start sixth.

Two Indianapolis drivers made the show through qualifying, including Tim Taylor, who will start 14th, and Russ Tuttle, who will start 20th. Both Mark Dismore and his son will compete in a 100-lap qualifying race Friday night attempting to make Saturday's m ain event.

Activities for the ASA 200 begin on Saturday with the on track fan autograph session at 6 p.m. (local). The ASA 200 takes the green flag at 8 pm. A Formula 2000 50 lap feature will follow the ASA 200.

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ASA ACDelco Series ASA 200

CLERMONT, Ind. -- The starting line-up for Saturday's American Speed Association ACDelco Series $200,650 ASA 200 at the .686-mile Indianapolis Raceway Park. The top 20 positions were locked in during qualifications with the remainder of the field set by sea son points and a 100-lap qualifying race. Second round qualifiers could not start higher than 11th. Listed is starting position, driver, make of car and speed for the top 20 qualifiers.

1)      Butch Miller, Pontiac, 112.204 mph
2)      Joey Clanton, Pontiac, 111.888 mph
3)      Larry Foyt, Pontiac, 111.742 mph
4)      Joe Nott, Chevrolet, 111.726 mph
5)      Mike Garvey, Pontiac, 111.575 mph
6)      Gary St. Amant, Chevrolet, 111.404 mph
7)      Derrick Gilchrist, Pontiac, 111.233 mph
8)      Scott Hansen, Ford, 110.894 mph
9)      Glenn Allen Jr., Pontiac, 110.884 mph
10)     Kevin Cywinski, Chevrolet, 110.804 mph
11)     Ted Smokstad, Chevrolet, 111.208 mph
12)     Scott Fraser, Chevrolet, 110.774 mph
13)     Tim Sauter, Chevrolet, 110.705 mph
14)     Tim Taylor, Chevrolet, 110.655 mph
15)     Rick Beebe, Pontiac, 110.630 mph
16)     Scott Wimmer, Chevrolet, 110.586 mph
17)     Tristan Dupuis, Pontiac, 110.432 mph
18)     Robbie Pyle, Chevrolet, 110.368 mph
19)     Chad Wood, Ford, 110.344 mph
20)     Russ Tuttle, Pontiac, 110.319 mph
21)     Mike Miller, Pontiac
22)     Ricky Johnson, Chevrolet
23)     Jack Landis, Ford
24)     Greg Stewart, Pontiac
25)     Dave Sensiba, Pontiac
26)     Ryan Hemphill, Chevrolet
27)     Brandon Sperling, Chevrolet
28)     Mark A. Dismore, Chevrolet
29)     John Brolick, Chevrolet
30)     Kenny Phillips, Chevrolet
31)     Tommy Grimes, Chevrolet
32)     Paul Dallenbach, Ford
33)     Ricky Bryant, Pontiac
34)     Brian Schwartz, Chevrolet
35)     Dennis Lampman, Chevrolet
36)     John Silverthorne, Chevrolet
37)     David Bonnett, Chevrolet
38)     Matt Hagans, Chevrolet
39)     David Stremme, Pontiac
40)     Mark E. Dismore, Chevrolet
41)     J.C. Beattie Jr, Chevrolet
42)     Matt Hagans, Chevrolet
43)     Ken Alexander, Chevrolet

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