Mike Garvey exploring options for 2002

Mike Garvey and LaFavre Racing split-up Lakeville, MN (January 14, 2002)& ...

Mike Garvey and LaFavre Racing split-up

Lakeville, MN (January 14, 2002)– Veteran short track driver Mike Garvey is currently exploring his options for the upcoming season. After a three-year association with the Minnesota based LaFavre Racing Team, the duo has split for the upcoming ASA campaign. The decision comes after several months of sponsorship searching.

“ We couldn’t come up with enough money to compete together in ASA again,” says Garvey (quotes are courtesy of 51SportsRacing.com). “ We had Tecumseh as a supporter again (for 2002), but we had to find some other sponsorship and it didn’t come through in time. The money wasn’t there, so we had to terminate my team (#1 car). We’ve known it for a while, but it didn’t become finalized until now.”

Garvey enjoyed his association with the Tecumseh family. He admits that not being involved with Tecumseh this coming year is disappointing.

“ That’s the hardest part; just knowing that I am not going to be associated with Tecumseh this year. We built such strong relationships with Dick Melius and his family and all the employees of Tecumseh. It’s going to be weird to see Tecumseh with somebody else and frankly I never thought that would happen from what I was told. We’ll still see Dick and everybody from Tecumseh at the track, and we’ll still all be friends. We had a great three years together, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Hopefully we’ll find another sponsor and have as good of a relationship as I did with Tecumseh.”

Garvey, who has won 13 ASA races during his near five-year career with the series, is excited however, about the possibilities for the upcoming season.

“ We’re going to get a quality ASA program back together. After this year, I was very disappointed (finishing sixth in points with one victory). The two previous years we won the most races, the most poles and led the most laps, so I know we can have a real good year. I thought we had some good ideas to go ahead with this year (with the #1 team) and I can’t wait to get them out there now with a new team. Johnny Sauter set the mark last year (with ten wins and the title). That’s the mark I am shooting at. I want to try to at least get close to that if not beat it.”

Garvey says while competing in ASA is a high priority, it is not the only one.

“ We’re also trying to put some things together as far as Busch opportunities and I would definitely like to compete there once again,” explains Garvey, who has competed in several NASCAR Busch Series Races. “ I also want to run all the big Short Track races. That’s stuff that I couldn’t do when I was with LaFavre Racing. With the team I am probably going with, we can do all that. We can do the big NASCAR All-Pro shows, the“ Snowball Derby;” if there’s a big race happening, you’ll see our truck heading in there. That excites me. I want to run more races. This way, I feel I’m not stuck. I’m a racer, and I love to race.”

Mike Garvey has seen much success in his racing career. In addition to his 13 ASA victories, he also has 13 NASCAR All Pro triumphs, including the All American 400 in 2000, and 10 Hooters ProCup wins. But Garvey says a driver cannot rest on his laurels.

“ I feel like a new page is opening up and I’m ready to get after it,” smiles Garvey. “ There’s nothing like a good challenge to get your fire lit and I’ll tell you something, my fire is stoked and ready to go! I just can’t wait to get out there again and win some races! I’m certainly motivated, maybe more than I’ve ever been.”


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