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MADISON, Wis. (August 19, 2000) – Gary St. Amant continued to roll through the 2000 ASA ACDelco Series season, picking up his second win of the year over crowd favorite and Wisconsin native Kevin Cywinski during the ACDelco Factory Motor Parts...

MADISON, Wis. (August 19, 2000) – Gary St. Amant continued to roll through the 2000 ASA ACDelco Series season, picking up his second win of the year over crowd favorite and Wisconsin native Kevin Cywinski during the ACDelco Factory Motor Parts 300 at Madis on International Speedway. St. Amant used lapped traffic late in the event and excellent pit stops to pull ahead of Cywinski late in the event and lead the final 62.

“This win all goes to the team,” said St. Amant. “We were the first ones in and out of the pits all night, the team made all the right calls. Bill McGowan and this team made a lot of changes all night long, the car was almost perfect in then end.”

St. Amant and Cywinski stayed together through much of the event, trading the lead several times early in the event and twice more nearing the race midpoint. St. Amant led for 167 laps, while Cywinski led for 92.

“I thought we had the car to beat tonight,” said Cywinski, a Wausau, Wisconsin native. “This is a new team and we had some troubles in the pits. Gary had a fast car and just got ahead of us in the pits.”

Troubled bestowed the front row as on the opening lap heading into turn one, rookies Robbie Pyle and Scott Wimmer got together, setting of a multi-car accident that eliminated several top runners early, including Tim Sauter, and sending others into the pit s for lengthy repairs.

“I don’t know what happened,” said Wimmer, who had a large fan base on hand from his Wisconsin hometown. “I think Robbie might have missed a shift early and got into the corner with cold tires. He got into my door and I just couldn’t save it. I feel bad for all those who came to see me this weekend”

Last week’s winner Mike Garvey came home with the third place finish, while rookie Joey Clanton and veteran Butch Miller rounded out the top five.

St. Amant collected $16,200 of the $194,050 purse in ASA’s first visit to the half-mile oval since 1994. The race saw nine total lead changes amoung five drivers, with another Wisconsin driver, Brian Hoppe, leading for 14 laps. Eight cautions slowed the race for 43 laps.

Cywinski moved back into second place in the points standings, but now trails St. Amant by 323 points heading into the 15th event of the year, Time Warner Cable 200 at The Milwaukee Mile. It will mark the 33rd visit for the series to one of America’s most famous ovals. The race takes the green Sunday, August 27, at 2 p.m. (Central) and will be telecast LIVE on TNN Sports.

OREGON, Wis. – The unofficial order of finish from Saturday’s American Speed Associations ACDelco Series $194,050 ACDelco Factory Motor Parts 300 at the half-mile Madison International Speedway. Listed is finishing and starting position (in parenthesis) driver, make of car, laps completed and reason out, if any.

<pre> 1)(4) Gary St. Amant, Chevrolet, 300 1)(4) Gary St. Amant, Chevrolet, 300 2)(3) Kevin Cywinski, Chevrolet, 300 3)(8) Mike Garvey, Chevrolet, 300 4)(31) Joey Clanton, Pontiac, 300 5)(7) Butch Miller, Pontiac, 300 6)(33) David Stremme, Pontiac, 300 7)(9) Jack Landis, Ford, 300 8)(19) Scott Hansen, Ford, 300 9)(16) Glenn Allen Jr., Pontiac, 300 10)(25) Dave Sensiba, Pontiac, 300 11)(17) Russ Tuttle, Pontiac, 300 12)(18) Ricky Johnson, Chevrolet, 299 13)(28) Larry Foyt, Pontiac, 299 14)(26) David Bonnett, Chevrolet, 298 15)(30) Brian Kubinski, Chevrolet, 298 16)(15) Tristan Dupuis, Pontiac, 296 17)(2) Scott Wimmer, Chevrolet, 295 18)(5) Mike Miller, Pontiac, 292 19)(12) Greg Williams, Chevrolet, 291 20)(24) Tim Taylor, Chevrolet, 290 21)(34) John Silverthorne, Chevrolet, 284 22)(27) Ted Smokstad, Pontiac, 266 23)(29) J.C. Beattie Jr., Chevrolet, 258 rear end 24)(11) Greg Stewart, Pontiac, 256 25)(13) Mark Dismore, Chevrolet, 250 26)(1) Robbie Pyle, Chevrolet, 245 27)(6) Tim Sauter, Chevrolet, 243 28)(32) Brandon Sperling, Chevrolet, 230 29)(21) Mike Cope, Chevrolet, 190 wheel bearing 30)(10) Andy Burgess, Chevrolet, 168, accident 31)(20) Rick Beebe, Pontiac, 113 32)(14) Brian Hoppe, Chevrolet, 95, clutch 33)(23) Dennis Lampman, Chevrolet, 44, brakes 34)(22) Greg Edwards, Chevrolet, 11, engine

RACE STATISTICS: Time of Race: 1 hour, 55 minutes, 45.150 seconds Average Speed: 77.752 mph Margin of Victory: 2.075 seconds Lead Changes: 9 among drivers Lap Leaders: St. Amant, 1-10; Cywinski, 11-30; St. Amant, 31-55; Cywinski, 56-78; Hoppe, 79-92; Stremme, 93-108; Cywinski, 109-157; St. Amant, 158-227; Sensiba, 228-238; St. Amant, 239-300. Cautions: 8 for 43 laps

Unoffical ASA ACDelco point standings after 14 of 20 events: 1)St. Amant, 2,503; 2) Cywinski, 2,180; 3) Sauter, 2,096; 4) Garvey, 2,074; 5) B. Miller, 2,053; 6) Hansen, 2,011; 7) M. Miller, 1,974; 8) Wimmer, 1,950; 9) Johnson, 1,860; 10) Clanton, 1,838.


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