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Lofquist Does It Again At Fergus Falls Raceway FERGUS FALLS, MN (July 1, 2005) - Jeff Lofquist backed-up his first career ASA Super Late Model Feature win, by taking another one at the Fergus Falls Raceway. Starting on the outside pole,...

Lofquist Does It Again At Fergus Falls Raceway

FERGUS FALLS, MN (July 1, 2005) - Jeff Lofquist backed-up his first career ASA Super Late Model Feature win, by taking another one at the Fergus Falls Raceway. Starting on the outside pole, Lofquist out-dueled Mark Grewe for the lead on the opening lap. Rob Dubnecay and Jason Rund followed in the next two spots. The race for second became heated as Dubnecay and Rund fought it out, while Lofquist set the pace out front. The race would run without a caution and that allowed Lofquist to set the pace from flag-to-flag taking his second win in as many weeks. Dubnecay held off Rund to finish second.

Rich Snyder was in top form as he won the Modified Feature. Snyder started on the pole and wasted no time as he shot into the lead. Oren Hoeper moved to second as Jason Hintermeister and Joey Johnson battled for third. Snyder gained momentum on every lap, stretching his lead to nearly a full straightaway by the time he took the checkered flag. Hoeper ran strong, but couldn't gain on Snyder and had to settle for second, while Johnson was able to take third.

Tim Brockhouse put his car where he needed to and that paid off as he won the Great North Legends Feature. Matt Hendrickson led the field into turn one, but Tyler Sjoman and Brockhouse made it three-wide before Sjoman came away with the lead. Separate cautions for spins by Charlie Balderston and Kasey Kurtz brought out a couple of yellows. Sjoman continued to hold the lead on the restarts, but on lap 9, Brockhouse and Dirk Henry again made it a three-wide race for the lead. This time Brockhouse would take the top spot, with Henry taking over second. A couple of laps later Matt Hendrickson spun in turn one and hit the wall, bringing out another caution. Brockhouse held the lead on the restart as Henry tried to make a pass. Henry's efforts would come up short as Brockhouse finished off the race and took home the win.

Chris Harig took home his first Thunder Car win and immediately dedicated it to a friend that had died recently. Mark Milbeck led the scramble into the first turn, but by the end of the first lap, Shawn Robinson had taken over the lead. This would be a short stay as Harig pulled off the pass in turn three to take the lead on lap two. Milbeck brought out the race's lone caution, when his car stopped on the front stretch. The restart saw Harig showing the way as Kurt Kort was right on his bumper. Kort tried several times to pass Harig, but each time he was denied. The final few laps saw Harig step out by a couple of car's lengths as he rolled on to the win.

Adam Fronning capped off his final UCAR race with a win. Fronning took the lead from the wave of the green as David Bolstad clung to his rear bumper. TJ Harig and Craig "Sparky" Maack tangled on lap two, to bring out the race's only caution. Fronning took the restart with Bolstad stilled glued behind in second. Bolstad couldn't make a move and chased Fronning to the Finish Line. After the race, Fronning said that he would be hanging up his helmet and pursuing interests outside of racing.

It's been a few years, but Rick Hoeper Jr. was back in Victory Lane, following the Pure Stock Feature. Dustin Karl took the lead from the start, but on lap four, his engine blew, dumping oil all over the track. After the clean-up, Hoeper took the lead with Tom Weinhandl right behind. Weinhandl worked the bottom, but couldn't make the car stick as Hoeper showed the way, the rest of the way for the win.

Fergus Falls Raceway Results
July 1, 2005
ASA Super Late Models

1. Jeff Lofquist (Fergus Falls) 2. Mark Grewe (Fergus Falls) 3. Jason Rund (Fergus Falls) 4. Rob Dubnecay (Maple Grove) 5. Rick Harig (Underwood) 6. Jon Olson (Hamel) 7. Danny Edenloff (Alexandria) 8. Brandi Fischer (Villard) 9. Gordy Mason (Excelsior)-DNS

1. Jeff Lofquist 2. Rob Dubnecay 3. Jason Rund 4. Rick Harig 5. Mark Grewe 6. Danny Edenloff 7. Brandi Fischer 8. Jon Olson-DNS 9. Gordy Mason-DNS


1. Joey Johnson (Alexandria) 2. Oren Hoeper (Dalton) 3. Rich Snyder (Alexandria) 4. Jason Hintermeister (Garfield) 5. Dan Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 6. Jay Karch (Fergus Falls) 7. Shawn Robinson (Fergus Falls)

1. Rich Snyder 2. Oren Hoeper 3. Joey Johnson 4. Jason Hintermeister 5. Dan Bolstad 6. Jay Karch 7. Shawn Robinson

Great North Legends

First Heat
1. Tim Brockhouse (Shorewood) 2. Tyler Sjoman (Alexandria) 3. Charlie Balderston (Freeport) 4. Scott Petty (Elk River) 5. Zac Davids (Apple Valley) 6. Jeff Ryan (Grand Forks, ND) 7. Mark Skjerven (Oakdale) 8. Paul Hartman (Willmar)-DNF

Second Heat
1. Dirk Henry (Sauk Centre) 2. Matt Hendrickson (Albany) 3. Jaycen Brockhouse (Shorewood) 4. Todd Tracy (Belle Plaine) 5. Gary Oie (St. Paul) 6. Rollie Davidson (Eagan) 7. Patrick Brejcha (Alexandria) 8. Kasey Kurtz (Fergus Falls)

1. Tim Brockhouse 2. Dirk Henry 3. Tyler Sjoman 4. Todd Tracy 5. Zac Davids 6. Scott Petty 7. Gary Oie 8. Patrick Brejcha 9. Rollie Davidson 10. Jeff Ryan 11. Jaycen Brockhouse 12. Kasey Kurtz 13. Mark Skjerven-DNF 14. Paul Hartman-DNF 15. Matt Hendrickson-DNF 16. Charlie Balderston-DNF

Thunder Cars

1. Kurt Kort (Fergus Falls) 2. Chris Harig (Fergus Falls) 3. Deon Roth (Fergus Falls) 4. Shawn Robinson (Fergus Falls) 5. Matt Milbeck (Erhard) 6. Mark Milbeck (Erhard)-DNF 7. Jobie Gutzmer (Erhard)-DNF

1. Chris Harig 2. Kurt Kort 3. Mark Milbeck 4. Deon Roth 5. Mark Milbeck-DNF 6. Shawn Robinson-DNF 7. Jobie Gutzmer-DNF


1. Adam Fronning (Dalton) 2. Doug Fick (Fergus Falls) 3. Craig Maack (Pelican Rapids) 4. David Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 5. Dan Bolstad (Fergus Falls) 6. TJ Harig (Fergus Falls) 7. Jay Gronewold (Fergus Falls) 8. Jesse Dreschel (Fergus Falls) 9. Jason Lofquist (Fergus Falls)

1. Adam Fronning 2. David Bolstad 3. Dan Bolstad 4. Doug Fick 5. Jay Gronewold 6. Craig Maack 7. Jason Lofquist 8. Jesse Dreschel-DNF 9. TJ Harig-DNF

Pure Stocks

1. Rick Hoeper Jr. (Fergus Falls) 2. Tom Weinhandl (Henning) 3. Justin Kort (Fergus Falls) 4. Dustin Karl (Osakis)-DNF


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