Little Valley results 2005-05-29

David Scott Rimrides to LM Victory at Little Valley (Little Valley, NY) The "Slow Ride," David Scott from Garland, PA, took the 30 lap RRS Late Model Feature at Little Valley Speedway on Sunday night, May 29th before a standing room only crowd.

David Scott Rimrides to LM Victory at Little Valley

(Little Valley, NY) The "Slow Ride," David Scott from Garland, PA, took the 30 lap RRS Late Model Feature at Little Valley Speedway on Sunday night, May 29th before a standing room only crowd. Scott led every lap as he shot ahead of polesitter Jason Dupont at the drop of the green from his outside front row starting spot. He then rode the high line to keep Brent Rhebergen at bay. The two put on a great show as Scott flirted with the outside wall the entire distance, while Rhebergen stayed in contention by hugging the bottom. Eight cautions kept things close, with each restart being an adventure at the front. Scott, as leader with lane choice, always picked the outside, with Rhebergen from Clymer inside. Invariably, Rhebergen would get the advantage going into turn one, but Scott would careen through turn two and gain momentum on the backstretch to regain the front in turns three and four. All Rhebergen could do was keep trying and hope that the veteran Scott would make a mistake, but Scott never wavered and in the end prevailed by several car lengths in a very entertaining race.

Scott explained, "I definitely didn't want any of those cautions. I'd get a rhythm going, and it felt really good, so I knew we were good. That's how it goes. I've had cautions help me, and I've had cautions hurt me. It didn't hurt me too bad, because I still ended up with the win." As to his reaction on Rhebergen often taking the lead briefly and whether he ever thought about moving down to the bottom he said, "No, I was comfortable up there. I knew that I could get off of four better than he could, so I was happy where I was. I knew if he could get a good jump on me, I'd still be OK. I was pretty close to the wall there at the end. The track got pretty high, but it worked out for us."

Rhebergen, who had his best finish at Little Valley in a long time commented on his strategy, "We probably ran a little softer tire than David did. I don't know that for sure, but my car really wasn't that good on the top, and I knew that was David's lane, so there was no sense in trying to race him there. On the restarts the left rear worked for a while. We had a long green flag there, and my car started getting a little worse. Then the yellow would come out and my car would come back to me a little bit. I just needed to stay on the bottom. I was not going to make it go anywhere else. I thought in my mind if I could just get one car length ahead of David, I would get enough track position to roll through three and four a little better, and maybe it would hold him up. I couldn't. He was exceptional tonight."

Ed Carley From Freedom finished right on Rhebergen's bumper, while Dick Barton had a good night as well, winning his heat and finishing fourth. Chad Ruhlman rounded out the top five. Other notables had their problems. Dutch Davies from Warren, PA, a former winner at Little Valley and always a strong runner, got as high as third before eventually succumbing to mechanical problems and finished nineteenth. Mike Blose from New Bethlehem, PA, toyed with the front for a while as well, getting as high as fourth before his engine let go. He finished twentieth. Defending track and RRS champion Todd Andrews from Eldred, PA, perhaps still feeling the effects of a concussion he suffered three weeks ago at McKean, was never a factor and ended up twenty-second. Kirk Bradley from Great Valley, had a good run, finishing ninth after starting twenty-sixth. Twenty-seven cars started the feature.

The BRP Can Am Super Stock Series' first race of the season went to Canadian driver Darren Kish, who dueled with Dave Miller from Wellsville and former track champion Bill Holmes from Chaffee, for much of the 20 lap event before pulling away for the victory. Miller seemed to have things well in hand as he opened a big lead at the outset, but several cautions cost him his advantage. A final yellow flag on lap nine saw Miller leading Holmes and Kish. It took the Port Colborne, Ontario resident one lap to get past Holmes and then he chased down Miller on lap 15, slipping by on the inside in turn two. From there he drove away to a convincing win. Holmes finished a solid third, followed by TJ Shaw, who ran well all night, and Bob Babbitt. Of his duel with Miller, Kish observed, "I think the cautions kind of worked to my advantage. We just kept digging on the bottom. We were a little better in one and two than he was. We kept working away at it, and he slipped up a bit and gave me enough so I could get by him."

The 20 lap RRS Sportsman feature had the closest finish of the night as Keith Bidwell prevailed by half a car length over John Lacki. The lead was not the place to be early in the race, as troubles befell those who ventured to the front. The No. 02 of late model star, Ed Carley from Freedom took the lead after a lap 1 red flag for a pileup on the front stretch. That lead lasted two laps before Carley slowed suddenly, giving the lead to Adam Ashcroft. Ashcroft held the lead on a lap 4 restart and then his engine blew, giving the lead to Rich Michael. Shortly thereafter Michael broke, giving the lead to Dan Stives from Friendship. Stives held the front, but Lacki soon entered the fray and hounded him for several laps before a caution on lap 18 set up the frenetic finish. Stives led Bidwell, who had worked his way up to ninth, Ryan Bright, Jeremy Wonderling, and Lacki, on the restart. Bidwell chased Stives into turn two and took the lead when Stives car pushed badly, allowing the others to close in as well. Bidwell bobbled badly in turns three and four allowing Lacki who was on the charge, to get a run on him as they turned for home. He just held on at the line. Bright, Wonderling and Stives completed the top five. Bidwell commented, "I was following everybody, and I wasn't gaining any ground at the bottom, so I just moved to the top and that was where it was at." Of the last lap bobble, he added, "I tried to protect my position and took it down on the bottom when I should have hung up on the top. It was just a drag race down the front stretch."

The final event of the evening was the fifteen lap street stock feature where Mike Numeracki from Belmont took the lead on lap 2 and drove to an easy win. Kelly Federes followed in second for most of the way, before losing the handle on lap 11, giving second to Jason Schoonmaker.

NOTES: 133 cars jammed the pits, including 27 late models, 43 super stocks, 32 sportsmen, and 32 street stocks........The huge crowd was even more impressive, considering the show was up against the Nextel Cup race at Lowes Motor Speedway, and gives the lie to those who think that short track racing is dying.........Despite a red flag, and a large number of cautions in the first three features, the show ended at 10:45, with the street stocks running caution free to end the evening.

Late Models (30 laps) David Scott, Brent Rhebergen, Ed Carley, Dick Barton, Chad Ruhlman, Bob Close, Jeff Hoffman, Doug Ricotta, Kirk Bradley, Ron Davies, Mike Wonderling, Steve Hollabaugh, Al Brewer, Eric Ensell, Jason Dupont, Matt Lapphere, Chad Valone, Jim Mazur, Dutch Davies, Mike Blose, Dave Lyon, Todd Andrews, Mickey Wright, Brady Wonderling, Tony Morris, Rick Isadore, and Miles Stitizinger. Heat winners were Hoffman, Barton, and Isadore.

Super Stocks (20) Darren Kish, Dave Miller, Bill Holmes, TJ Shaw, Bob Babbitt, AJ Young, Todd Rice, Tim Schram, Ron Baker, Jack Harrington, Matt Cobb, Jim Johnson, Paul Grigsby, Todd Hansen, Wayne Adamczak, Tim Dunham, Neil Patterson, Jay Deming, Pete Waldron, Dave Dubois, Shaun Freeland, Bob Dixon, Jason Tingue, Steve Fields, Alan Wais, Junior Peters, Jeremy Wonderling, and Bruce Miller. Heat winners were Rice, Johnson, Young, and Dave Miller. Consi winners were Bob Dixon and Freeland. DNQ: John Lichy, Don Krug, Scott Behrens, Jon Rivers, Tim Rockwell, Joe Watson, Rick Baker, Tom Schnars, John Vanuto, Rick Hale, Mike Coast, Larry Knowles, Steve Dixon, Jason Schoonmaker, Barry Tingue, Mike Wonderling, Mike Wonderling Jr.

Sportsman (20 laps) Keith Bidwell, John Lacki, Ryan Bright, Jeremy Wonderling, Don Stives, Randy Hall, Greg Oakes, Scott Pangrazio, Eric Ensell, Jeff Hellwig, Todd Hansen, Terry Pangrazio, Bill Peterson, Wayne Mohawk, Vaughan Nystrom, Ryan Learn, Damon Lewis, Greg Johnson, Paul Geiger, Pete Pantano, Rich Michael, Adam Ashcroft, Ed Carley, Dean Ingalls, Jeremy Ensell, and Jim Myers. Heat winners were Hall, Hansen, and Bidwell. Consi winner was Greg Johnson. DNQ: Bill Uhl, Roger Ball, Carl Mohney, Bob Nugent, Nathan Hill.

Street Stocks: (15 laps) Mike Numeracki, Jason Schoonmaker, Brent Smith, Jeff Bridge, Lance Palmer, Pat Clark, Josh Wilcox, Andy Michael, Ted Pierce, Josh Smallidge, Rob Stromecki, Jason Dobson, Jake Clark, Chad Silleman, Colton Chappius, Tom Bradigan, Colin Kulpa, Matt Palmer, Mike Holford, Lee Wulff, Ron Richter, Kelly Federes, Tony Pangrazio, Vic Vena, and Robert Ayers. Heat winners were Palmer, Schoonmaker, and Smith. Consi winner was Holford. DQ: Paul Gerace Jr. DNQ: Tony Colantino, Tim Rosier, Paul Davies, Kevin Pangrazio, Justin Tatlow, Carl Mascio.


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