Lincoln Speedway results 2000-08-05

ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 8/5/00 - It's hard to believe that after winning nine times in 17 races at Lincoln Speedway this season that Salfordsville's Fred Rahmer could be considered struggling. But that's exactly the way Rahmer and the Al &...

ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 8/5/00 - It's hard to believe that after winning nine times in 17 races at Lincoln Speedway this season that Salfordsville's Fred Rahmer could be considered struggling. But that's exactly the way Rahmer and the Al & Betty Hamilton-owned Manheim Auto Auction/Cindy Rowe Auto Glass No.77 team felt. So what better way to break a slump than registering another win. Rahmer tracked down race-long leader Jeremy Trout of York and made a third and fourth turn pass for the lead on the 14th lap. From there, he sprinted away to his 10th win of the season in the 25-lap super sprint feature Saturday night at the Pigeon Hills oval. Rahmer's 94th career victory at Lincoln was worth $2,500, and was also his seventh win out the last 10 races. "We've been struggling, or I've been struggling, and not doing the job I've been paid to do and hopefully we can turn things around," said Rahmer almost dejectedly in victory lane, "We'll do like we've been doing, it's the best we can, but it's not good enough right now. We tried something different tonight. I don't know if it was any better or any worse. I'm just glad to get a win." The outset of the feature saw Danny Jones flip entering the first turn at the drop of the green. The second try to start the feature fared even worse, as Jeff Rohrbaugh spun his sprinter in the third and fourth turns, collecting seven other cars in the process, with Al DeAngleis tipping over onto his side to bring out the red flag. They included Troy Whitesel, Josh Wells, Rohrbaugh, Todd Bertolini, Shane Smith, Chris Knopp, Larry Shive, and DeAngelis. Only the cars of Wells and DeAngelis were forced to retire. The third attempt to start the feature went smoothly, as polesitter Trout grabbed the lead over outside frontrow starter Billy Sims and raced out to almost a full second lead over third-starting Niki Young when Bertolini spun his sprinter in the fourth turn to bring out the caution on the fourth lap. Trout maintained the top spot over Young on the restart and opened up another comfortable lead, as they began to enter lapped traffic on the eighth lap. A Shawn Weaver spin on the frontstretch of the 10th lap brought out the caution again. Meanwhile Rahmer, who started 12th, was quietly working his way up through the field and had moved into third place behind Trout and Young just before the caution. On the restart, Rahmer pulled along side of Young and moved into second at the flagstand to complete the 10th lap. Rahmer then began to nibble away at Trout's .84 second lead as the York speedster began to get loose entering the turns. Rahmer pulled onto Trout's bumper on the 13th lap and then made his race-winning move around him in the third and fourth turns of the 14th lap. Rahmer began to race away from the field following another caution restart on the 20th lap for a Billy Sims spin when last week's feature winner Jesse Wentz (who started eighth) moved around Trout into the runner-up spot . The race's final caution on the 21st lap for a stalled Gordon Senft sprinter in the fourth turn gave Wentz one shot at Rahmer. But Rahmer turned away Wentz's charge in the first and second turns on the restart, and pulled away over the remaining five laps to take the checkered 2.24 seconds ahead of Wentz for his 19th overall win of the season. "It's such a good group of cars here in Central Pennsylvania," Rahmer added, "That's why I'm proud to win any race here in Central Pennsylvania." "Yea, we've been struggling, but it's not by choice. It's just the way it goes sometimes." Wentz settled for second, and was followed by Trout in third, Cris Eash fourth, and Johnny Mackison Jr. fifth. Rounding out the top-10 were Mike Lutz, Steve Siegel, Niki Young, Brook Weibley, and Jimmy McBee. Heats for the 28 super sprints on hand were won by Trout, Knopp, and Jones, with DeAngelis winning the consolation.

Doug Esh continued his domination in the Lincoln 358 sprint division by claiming his fifth win in eight races in the 20-lap feature. Esh started 12th and grabbed the lead by passing both Eric Stambaugh and Dan Dietrich exiting the second turn of lap eight. From there, only two cautions kept the rest of the field within sight of Esh, who tied Cris Eash for the all-time win lead at Lincoln with nine career victories. Dan Dietrich finished a quarter of-a-lap behind in second, with Darren Eash third, Stambaugh fourth, and Billy Dietrich fifth. Completing the top ten were Chad Layton, Jake Raudabaugh, Danny Jones, Tim Hershey, and Kevin Welsh. Heats for the 42 limited sprints on hand were won by Dan Dietrich, Jimmy Nace, Todd Reed, and Billy Dietrich. Twin consolations were won by Raudabaugh and Duaine Smith.

Bryan Wagaman became the 12th different winner in 18 races in the 15-lap thundercar feature. The Third Annual Manufacturers' Appreciation Night program saw prize packages of at least $1,000 given to each of the 24 teams which qualified for the feature. Tom Linder from Miller Brothers Chevrolet/Oldsmobile/Cadillac in Ellicott City, MD, and Dave Loss from Delco Signs in Hanover gathered more than $25,000 in manufacturers' prizes for the night. Wagaman started third and followed Ken Berwager from laps four through 13 before making the pass on the next-to-last lap. Wagaman assumed the runner-up spot when Sean Herrick spun immediately after taking the lead on the backstretch of lap four. Nat Tuckey advanced from his eighth starting spot to finish second, with Berwager nursing a missing engine home third, Steve Clabaugh finishing fourth, and points leader Bobby Beard crossing fifth. Wagaman's sixth career Lincoln win was by .95 seconds. Heats for the 42 thundercars on hand were won by Bobby Beard, Fred Cullum, Wagaman, and Tuckey. Twin consolations were won by Greg Feltch and Bobby Rudisill.

Next Saturday night, August 12th, it will be YORK COUNTY RACING CLUB NIGHT at Lincoln Speedway featuring the super sprint and thundercar regulars. Joining them will be the popular micro-sprints. The super sprints will be competing in a non-points event out of respect for the 40th Annual Amoco Knoxville Nationals. Gates will open at 5 PM, with hot laps at 7 PM and qualifying events getting underway at 7:30 PM.

<pre> RACE RESULTS Saturday - August 5, 2000 LINCOLN SPEEDWAY Abbottstown, PA

Super Sprints: Feature (25 Laps) - 1. 77-Fred Rahmer ($2,500); 2. 2W-Jesse Wentz; 3. 7J-Jeremy Trout; 4. 17E-Cris Eash; 5. 65-Johnny Mackison Jr.; 6. 07-Mike Lutz; 7. 59-Steve Siegel; 8. 17N-Niki Young; 9. 32-Brook Weibley; 10. 10N-Jimmy McBee; 11. 29-Jeff Rohrbaugh; 12. 17B-Troy Whitesel; 13. 00-Shane Smith; 14. 9-Gordon Senft; 15. 10X-Doug Rohrbaugh; 16. 55S-Billy Sims (DNF); 17. 6K-Chris Knopp (DNF); 18. 43-Larry Shive (DNF); 19. 77E-Dave Ely (DNF); 20. 69-Shawn Weaver (DNF); 21. 623-Todd Bertolini (DNF); 22. 6W-Josh Wells (DNF); 23. 34-Al DeAngelis Jr. (DNF); 24. 99-Danny Jones (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders - Jeremy Trout (1-13), Fred Rahmer (14-25)

1st Heat (10 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 7J-Jeremy Trout; 2. 69-Shawn Weaver; 3. 77-Fred Rahmer; 4. 29-Jeff Rohrbaugh; 5. 59-Steve Siegel; 6. 32-Brook Weibley; 7. 623-Todd Bertolini; 8. 9-Gordon Senft; 9. 21T-Troy Fraker; 10. 29T-Neil Amspacher (DNF). Time - 2:29.43

2nd Heat (10 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 6-Chris Knopp; 2. 07-Mike Lutz; 3. 2W-Jesse Wentz; 4. 17N-Niki Young; 5. 17E-Cris Eash; 6. 6W-Josh Wells; 7. 34-Al DeAngelis Jr.; 8. C4-Dave Cook; 9. 43-Larry Shive. Time - 2:3126

3rd Heat (10 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 99-Danny Jones; 2. 77E-Dave Ely; 3. 65-Johnny Mackison Jr.; 4. 55S-Billy Sims; 5. 10N-Jimmy McBee; 6. 17B-Troy Whitesel; 7. 00-Shane Smith; 8. 10X-Doug Rohrbaugh; DNS - X-Bobby Weaver. No Time

Consolation (10 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 34-Al DeAngelis Jr.; 2. 623-Todd Bertolini; 3. 9-Gordon Senft; 4. 00-Shane Smith; 5. 43-Larry Shive; 6. 10X-Doug Rohrbaugh; 7. C4-Dave Cook; 8. 29T-Neil Amspacher (DNF); DNS - 21T-Troy Fraker. Time - 2:40.42

358 Sprints: Feature (20 laps) - 1. 6E-Doug Esh; 2. 8-Dan Dietrich; 3. 30-Darren Eash; 4. 4-Eric Stambaugh; 5. 8D-Billy Dietrich; 6. U1-Chad Layton; 7. 4B-Jake Raudabaugh; 8. 88-Danny Jones; 9. 56V-Tim Hershey; 10. 18W-Kevin Welsh; 11. 22J-Joe Ilg; 12. 80-Todd Reed; 13. 8M-Kevin McNew; 14. 1-Jimmy Nace; 15. 10-Brook Weibley; 16. 11C-Cory Haas; 17. 56X-Nate Snyder; 18. 2JS-Jerry Stinson; 19. 15-Tracy Templin; 20. 11T-T.J. Stutts (DNF); 21. 56-Danny Warrick (DNF); 22. 34-Bob Camilli (DNF); 23. 11S-Duaine Smith (DNF); 24. 17M-Michael Creaghan (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders - Tracy Templin (1), Dan Dietrich (2-7), Doug Esh (8-20)

1st Heat (8 Laps/4 to qualify) - 1. 8-Dan Dietrich; 2. 56-Danny Warrick; 3. 56V-Tim Hershey; 4. 30-Darren Eash; 5. 2JS-Jerry Stinson; 6. 73-Roland Snyder; 7. 10-Brook Weibley; 8. 87-Alan Krimes; 9. 5A-Brian Allman; 10. 11T-T.J. Stutts (DNF); 11. 22T-Matt Boland (DNF). No Time

2nd Heat (8 Laps/4 to qualify) - 1. 1-Jimmy Nace; 2. 6E-Doug Esh; 3. 34-Bob Camilli; 4. 17M-Michael Creaghan; 5. 2J-Billy Johns; 6. 4B-Jake Raudabaugh; 7. 00-Elmer Stoltzfus; 8. 30B-Jimmy Layton; 9. 3D-Ronnie Orwig; DNS - 82-Bill Bachman. Time - 2:04.88

3rd Heat (8 Laps/4 to qualify) - 1. 80-Todd Reed; 2. 88-Danny Jones; 3. 4-Eric Stambaugh; 4. 22J-Joe Ilg; 5. 56X-Nate Snyder; 6. 66-Eric Patteson; 7. 6-Scott Ausherman; 8. 1R-Mike Rabold; 9. 9-Bill Hetzel Jr.; 10. 11C-Cory Haas (DNF); 11. 24-Brian Buckwalter (DNF). No Time

4th Heat (8 Laps/4 to qualify) - 1. 8D-Billy Dietrich; 2. 15-Tracy Templin; 3. 18W-Kevin Welch; 4. U1-Chad Layton; 5. 11S-Duaine Smith; 6. 55E-Brian Eichelberger; 7. 8M-Kevin McNew; 8. 46-Jim Layton; 9. 21-Adrian Shaffer; 10. 31J-Joey Palmerino (DNF). No Time

1st Consolation (8 Laps/4 to qualify) - 1. 4B-Jake Raudabaugh; 2. 2JS-Jerry Stinson; 3. 11T-T.J. Stutts; 4. 10-Brook Weibley; 5. 3D-Ronnie Orwig; 6. 5A-Brian Allman; 7. 87-Alan Krimes (DNF); 8. 00-Elmer Stoltzfus (DNF); 9. 73-Roland Snyder (DNF); 10. 30B-Jimmy Layton (DNF); DNS - 2J-Billy Johns, 82-Bill Bachman, 22T-Matt Boland. No Time

2nd Consolation (8 Laps/4 to qualify) - 1. 11S-Duaine Smith; 2. 8M-Kevin McNew; 3. 56X-Nate Snyder; 4. 11C-Cory Has; 5. 1R-Mike Rabold; 6. 6-Scott Ausherman; 7. 66-Eric Patteson; 8. 21-Adrian Shaffer; 9. 46-Jim Layton; 10. 9-Bill Hetzel Jr.; DNS - 55E-Brian Eichelberger, 31J-Joey Palmerino, 24-Brian Buckwalter. No Time

Thundercars: MANUFACTURERS APPRECIATION RACE Feature (15 Laps) - 1. 30-Bryan Wagaman; 2. 22-Nat Tuckey; 3. 77-Ken Berwager; 4. 10-Steve Clabaugh; 5. 5-Bobby Beard; 6. 100-Mike Zeigler Jr.; 7. X-Bernie Beard; 8. 21-Jerry Bingaman; 9. 3R-Bobby Rudisill; 10. 4-Greg Feltch; 11. 28-Tom Walls; 12. 8MD-David Prunkl; 13. 3-Duane Watson; 14. 95-Fred Cullum; 15. 17-Butch Harvey; 16. 38-Roy Warehime; 17. 13-Allen Haines (DNF); 18. M1-Mike Potts (DNF); 19. 61-Mike Ciezobka (DNF); 20. 6-Tony Kuhn (DNF); 21. 21A-Mike Ziegler (DNF); 22. 25-Sean Herrick (DNF); 23. 3B-John Rudisill (DNF); 24. 60-Cork Laughman (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders - Ken Berwager (1-13), Bryan Wagaman (14-15)

1st Heat (8 Laps/4 to qualify) - 1. 5-Bobby Beard; 2. 3-Duane Watson; 3. 77-Ken Berwager; 4. 21-Jerry Bingaman; 5. 4-Greg Feltch; 6. 61-Mike Ciezobka; 7. 7A-Dale McKnight; 8. 16J-Randy Zechman (DNF); 9. 1-Neil Smith (DNF); 10. 17X-Walt Lemon (DNF); 11. 31-Dave Highlands (DNF). No Time

2nd Heat (8 Laps/4 to qualify) - 1. 95-Fred Cullum; 2. 10-Steve Clabaugh; 3. 60-Cork Laughman; 4. 28-Tom Walls; 5. 6-Tony Kuhn; 6. 38-Roy Warehime; 7. 12M-Jake Markey (DNF); 8. 13X-Richard Toot (DNF); 9. 19-John McDonough (DNF); 10. 64-Sheldon Klinefelter (DNF). No Time

3rd Heat (8 Laps/4 to qualify) - 1. 30-Bryan Wagaman; 2. 13-Allen Haines; 3. 100-Mike Ziegler Jr.; 4. M1-Mike Potts; 5. 68-M.R. Teal; 6. 8MD-David Prunkl; 7. X-Bernie Beard; 8. 7-Duane Hahn; 9. 2-Jeremy Brown; 10. 61S-Kenny Slaybaugh; 11. 18-Jerry Keyes. Time - 2:46.98

4th Heat (8 Laps/4 to qualify) - 1. 22-Nat Tuckey; 2. 25-Sean Herrick; 3. 21A-Mike Ziegler; 4. 17H-Butch Harvy; 5. 3R-Bobby Rudisill; 6. 3B-John Rudisill; 7. 11R-Jim Rost; 8. 9J-Mike Johnson (DNF); 9. 39-Wayne Dutterer (DNF); 10. 11-Scott Geib (DNF). No Time

1st Consolation (6 Laps/4 to Qualify) - 1. 4-Greg Feltch; 2. 6-Tony Kuhn; 3. 38-Roy Warehime; 4. 61-Mike Ciezobka; 5. 16J-Randy Zechman; 6. 12M-Jake Markey; 7. 7A-Dale Knight; DNS - 19-John McDonough, 1-Neil Smith, 64-Sheldon Klinefelter, 17X-Walt Lemon, 13X-Richard Toot, 31-Dave Highlands. No Time

2nd Consolation (6 Laps/4 to qualify) - 1. 3R-Bobby Rudisill; 2. X-Bernie Beard; 3. 3B-John Rudisill; 4. 8MD-David Prunkl; 5. 11R-Jim Rost; 6. 7-Duane Hahn; 7. 61S-Kenny Slaybaugh; 8. 68-M.R. Teal; 9. 2-Jeremy Brown; 10. 18-Jerry Keyes; DNS - 9J-Mike Johnson, 39-Wayne Dutterer Jr., 11-Scott Geib. No Time

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