Lanier: Davin Scites race report

Davin Scites and the ...

Davin Scites and the #06 Chevy have another great run!

After a outstanding win, at the Concord Motorsports Park Davin Scites is on a "Roll" to keep up the good work for the 2003 ASA Season.

Davin and the DSM crew were ready and patient to carry on the Victory that they earned at Concord to continue at the Lanier National Speedway for the " Georgia 250"

Davin Scites and the #06 John Michael Chevy Monte Carlo, started out the weekend with a sixth place position in the first practice session.

"We have another great car this weekend," Said ASA Rookie " I hope we can pull this race off as well as we did in Concord, I like this track and I hope to end the night in one piece," Scites said

Starting in 29th position, Davin and the DSM crew knew they had a few cars to pass to get to Victory lane, but felt very confidant that they could do it!

Green flag flew and so did the Davin and the #06 Chevy! Davin knew he needed to be patient and ride for a few laps, but he was determined to continue a great finish. Caution was brought out several times before Scites moved his way up, but by the 2nd caution of the night the #06 Chevy had found 25th position!

With the Yellow flag brought out quiet a few times between lap 1 and 50, Crew Chief Kim Adkins made the call to bring Davin and the John Michael #06 Monte Carlo in to take on two tires, fuel and a couple rounds of wedge. "

Scites Radioed in during this stop, that the car was tight in the corners," said Crew Chief Kim Adkins

Back out on the track after pitting, and running under caution, Scites knew that he had a fast car and he was better than a 25th spot on the track.

After shuffling back and fourth, and spinning a few times ASA Rookie Contender Davin Scites had shown his maturity for the third time during the course of the 2003 ASA Season. By lap 119 of the Georgia 250 Scites was again for the 3rd time this year running the 2nd spot and was up front where he wanted to be.

"I have a outstanding Driver," said Kim Adkins Crew Chief of the #06 Chevy " We have a top 10 car tonight, not as fast as we were at Concord, but I know that Davin can bring it home in the top 10," said Adkins

The race was drawing closer to the 250 mark, and Davin was hanging close to the front, and battling to keep it there it didn't happen!

Scites spun with a little help on lap 220 and with 30 laps to go he was not giving up or taking any slack ¦Victory Lane didn't come twice in 2 weeks for Scites and the DSM crew but they did come home with a Hard Earned 6th place position.

Next Event will take place May 18th at the Toledo Speedway 9:00p.m on the SPEED Channel.


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