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Brown shows consistency at Lake Erie Leesburg, FL (Tuesday, August 26th, 2003) - - American Speed Association veteran driver Ed Brown headed to Lake Erie Speedway this past weekend hoping to prove that the team's career best finish of fourth ...

Brown shows consistency at Lake Erie

Leesburg, FL (Tuesday, August 26th, 2003) - - American Speed Association veteran driver Ed Brown headed to Lake Erie Speedway this past weekend hoping to prove that the team's career best finish of fourth at Jennerstown was no fluke.

Using pit strategy and a well handling car brought the team to smiles the weekend before, after the rains invaded the speedway, leaving the race to be called, showing Brown his first top five finish of his career.

"Jennerstown was a dream come true for this entire organization, It's one of the best days of my life," said Ed. "We played the game and won, while we didn't bring home the trophy, we had some luck and had a great racecar to boot, I was thrilled."

The ASA tour rolled into Pennsylvania on Saturday for their first event at the newly formed Lake Erie Speedway. When the teams and driver arrived, many were amazed with the surroundings of the tracks, as other drivers in the ARCA RE/MAX Series boasted about the facility. "I can see why the ARCA guys talked about this track, it's gorgeous," stated Ed.

The EBR (Ed Brown Racing) team unloaded early on Saturday preparing for the first of three welcomed practice sessions. The team was impressive again after notching the seventh fastest lap time in early morning practice. Most of the competitors had not seen the track prior to Saturday, leaving them searching for the best line around the track.

"We had a great session, the car is handling good, and I think we're finally turning some heads, we just have to keep up the good work," continued Brown.

In the second session, Brown's goal was simple, he wanted to improve the track times and pick up some speed, so he would have the opportunity to score his first ASA win on Sunday afternoon. The No. 60 Chevrolet Monte Carlo was a little slower compared to the first run, but remained consistent with the leaders time. "We made some changes and they didn't work, we're going to rethink and hope for better results in the final practice," he said.

The third and final practice session was good for the Florida based team as turned their quickest lap of the day. Brown maneuvered his machine around the track in 15.367 seconds amounting to a speed of 87.851 MPH. "We picked up, but so did everyone else, I think the other drivers are getting used to the track, but we're 18th on the chart, and that's consistent, which is what we're looking for."

Unfortunately, time trails were not what the team was looking for. Ed posted the 26th fastest lap time, leaving the team knowing there was only one way to go on Sunday, up!

"We struggled in qualifying, we lost some time, but hey that's racing, due to ASA procedures we'll start 23rd, so we'll just hope for the best race as possible on Sunday," mentioned the Leesburg, Florida native.

At the start of the Erie 250, Brown was using patience in his Grubb's Auto Repair No. 60 Chevrolet cautiously moving up in the field, while dealing with an ill-handling car. Why the handling could have been worse, it was keeping Brown from showing his stuff early in the race.

Ed continued to travel his way to the front, while negotiating with his team, what adjustments they would make during the course of the event.

In short track racing, the laps burn quickly, leaving the ASA driver hunting to make his way into the top twenty. Avoiding the wrecks and continuing to battle an ill-fading machine, the No. 60 crossed the line 16th completely 249 of the scheduled 250 laps.

"While we didn't score another top five finish, I'm proud of my team," said Brown, climbing from his machine. "We didn't have the best handling car out there today, but we kept our cool and stayed out of trouble and finished the race."

"Hopefully, things are going to start to turn the corner again for this EBR team, we need a sponsor, that's the main issue and if we keep these consistent runs, I think we'll pick something up," Brown added.

Leaving Lake Erie Speedway, the team currently locks 17th in the American Speed Association point standings. The team picked up 121 markers towards the fight for the championship, even though they are a whopping 960 points out of first.

"We may not win the championship, but we are aiming for the top 15 in points," mentioned Ed. "I would love to think we have a shot at the top ten, but we're remaining realistic and I think if we can be in the top 15 by the end of the Nashville event, it will be a remarkable season for us," Brown smiled.

The Series heads to Elko Speedway in Elko, MN this Labor Day weekend, leaving the team itching for another shot at a top five finish.

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