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SENNEKER MOTORSPORTS - PERFORMANCE REPORT CONTACT PERSON: JOE RUCH FAX 616-776-9037 July 28, 1996 "LaCrosse 300" LaCrosse (WI) Fairgrounds Speedway WON!!!!!!!!!! Started: 3rd, 19.464 (100.801 mph) Each...


July 28, 1996 "LaCrosse 300" LaCrosse (WI) Fairgrounds Speedway

WON!!!!!!!!!! Started: 3rd, 19.464 (100.801 mph)

Each victory gets sweeter as they come! Bob Senneker captured his 82nd ASA win at LaCrosse before a huge Wisconsin crowd. Bob was the quickest during practice on Saturday, but was only 3rd fastest in qualifying. When the green flag dropped, the weather broke; which was questionable, and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Bob dropped to 5th at the start and by lap 24 he was in 6th while the car was "loose". At lap 75 he was in still in 6th, by lap 100 he was 7th but got back to 5th by lap 107. The 2nd caution waved at lap 115, we came in for left side tires and gas. A stellar performance by the Senneker Motorsports crew was turned in, by coming in 5th and came out first. An 11.35 stop was reeled off by John, Jimmy, Brian, Todd, Roger, Mike & Joe, although coming out first, the leaders Eddy and Raines stayed out on the track. When the green drops at lap 121, Bob is in 3rd place, at lap 133 Bob radios the crew that he is losing the brakes again, similar to Jennerstown, only this time it was the rears. When the 3rd caution came at lap 137, Bob dove into the pits to assess and repair the brakes, the crew did just that without losing a lap, when he returned to the track he was running in 14th position. The 4th caution came at lap 170, the "Bluebird" came to the service of the crew to refill the brake fluid and pinch off the line to the right rear, Bob will have to run this race on 3 brakes, when the green waves at lap 177 Bob is running 14th. By lap 194 he is 13th, by lap 200 he is 12th, lap 216 he is 11th, 217 he is 10th. After the 5th caution Bob was 6th, 5th at lap 231, 4th by lap 237, 3rd at lap 240. At the 6th yellow flag, the leader Eddy pits, giving the lead to Loney with Bob running 2nd. When the green flag waved at lap 262, Bob dogged the leader until he passed for the lead at lap 279 and held off the late race charge of Mike Eddy. The finish was Bob, Eddy, Loney , Hansen and Raines. "The crew did a great job to repair the brakes, they are the best!", Senneker said. "The car was quick all weekend, we just need to quit having these little problems". The ASA cars next visit the Lancaster Speedway near Buffalo, New York, that race will be televised live on TNN, starting at 1 pm (edt) ********************************************************************** AC Delco Challenge Series Points (After 9 events) 1. Scott Hansen 1493 11. Tony Roper 1142 2. Gary St. Amant 1446 12. Ted Smokstad 1070 3. Tony Raines 1368 13. Tom Jones 1036 4. Joe Nott 1360 14. Rick Millerr 978 5. Dave Sensiba 1358 15. Jack Landis (R) 946 6. BOB SENNEKER 1350 16. Harold Fair 917 7. Mike Miller 1331 17. Carl Miskotten (R) 910 8. Kevin Cywinski (R) 1273` 18. Dennis Lampman 906 9. Brad Loney 1264 19. Yale Conley 900 10. Mike Eddy 1246 20. Dennis Berry (R) 878

1996 AC Delco Challenge Series Schedule

February 11 Hooters 300 Mike Eddy USA International Speedway, Lakeland, FL May 5 "Glass City 300" Scott Hansen Toledo(OH) Speedway May 12 "Buckeye 300" Gary St. Amant Columbus (OH) Motor Speedway June 15 "Speedway 200" Scott Hansen Indianapolis(IN) Raceway Park June 22 "Berlin 200" Bob Senneker Berlin Raceway; Grand Rapids, MI June 29 "Pontiac Excitement 300" Mike Miller I-70 Speedway, Kansas City, MO July 6 "Hawkeye Downs 300" Bob Senneker Hawkeye Downs Speedway; Cedar Rapids, IA July 20 "Pennsylvania 250" Mike Eddy Jennerstown(PA) Speedway July 28 "LaCrosse 300" Bob Senneker LaCrosse(WI) Fairgrounds Speedway August 4 "Pontiac 300" TNN 1pm Lancaster(NY) Speedway August 10 "Berlin 300" PRIME 9pm Berlin Raceway; Grand Rapids, MI August 17 "Anderson-Weidner 400" PRIME 9pm Anderson(IN) Speedway August 25 "Badgerland 150" TNN 3pm Milwaukee Mile Speedway September 2 "Miller 300" NO Television Minnesota St. Fair Speedway, Minneapolis, MN September 8 "Wisconsin 300" PRIME 4pm Wisconsin Int'l Raceway; Kaukauna, WI September 21 "Hawkeye Downs 300" TNN 2pm Hawkeye Downs Speedway; Cedar Rapids, IA September 29 "Toledo 400" TNN 1pm Toledo(OH) Speedway October 6 "Midwest 300" TNN 3pm Salem(IN) Super Speedway October 13 "Jennerstown 400" PRIME 2pm Jennerstown(PA) Speedway November 17 "ASA 300" TNN 1pm Southern National Speedway; Kenly, NC All times eastern, TNN (The Nashville Network) Sincerely, Senneker Motorsports Joe Ruch Public Relations/Marketing Senneker homepage - fax 616-776-0488

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