La Crosse Friday results 2000-10-06

Horstman leads the way as La Crosse drivers dominate Area Sportsman Melbinger, Haseleu & Kaus take other Oktoberfest features By David Morgan (West Salem, WI -- October 6, 2000) Blake Horstman led a charge of La Crosse regulars who dominated the...

Horstman leads the way as La Crosse drivers dominate Area Sportsman
Melbinger, Haseleu & Kaus take other Oktoberfest features
By David Morgan

(West Salem, WI -- October 6, 2000) Blake Horstman led a charge of La Crosse regulars who dominated the Area Sportsman competition, taking four of the top six spots in the feature, and four of six heat races.

Blake Horstman moved to the point in the Area Sportsman Oktoberfest 25, but the yellow flew on lap five, as Dan Gilster spun on the backstretch, slamming the wall, and the cars of Dave Auringer and Telly Violetto both ended up against the backstretch wall as well.

Horstman's turn at the front ended on lap ten, after another yellow, as John Raupp got by on the outside, just before Dennis Schmidt slid off the track on the backstretch, and came to a stop in turn three. Keith Bohmsach also got by Horstman before the yellow, but it was Ken Hutchens, the quick qualifier, who was the man on the move after the restart, getting by Horstman on lap 13, and by Bohmsach on lap 15, just before the fourth yellow flew when Corey Jankowski came to a stop in turn four.

Hutchens began looking to the outside of Raupp on lap 18, but three times had to settle in behind the 29 car. As they battled, Sean Smith and Bohmsach closed in on the lead pair, with Horstman and Scott Beckler closing as well.

Hutchens pulled to the outside of Raupp on the 23rd lap, and as the cars took the white flag, the two cars touched, sending Hutchens spinning down the frontstretch, as he made contact with Smith, and collected Bohmsach as well. Raupp was sent to the rear of the field for his involvement, and turned the lead over to Smith, who crossed the line first, but failed post-race inspection, turning the win over the Horstman. Scott Beckler took second, followed by Greg Scheck, Storlie and Tom Thill.

A four car accident early in the first Last Chance race slowed the field, as Blaine Wood broke loosing heading into turn one, and collected Mike Helgestad, Carey Hansel and Steve Vaughn. As safety crews rushed to the scene, Hansel's Malibu burst into flames, but all the drivers escaped unhurt. As Roger Zemantis pulled away from the field, Rick Shisler led a La Crosse threesome by Kevin Brescig, as Kevin Eddy and Adam Degenhardt followed Shisler through.

Shisler closed on Zemantis, but on lap eight, he had to collect his car as he went sideways in the turn, allowing Degenhardt and Ron Preskar to close on him. Preskar's night ended as he cut a tire on lap 12, as Shisler caught Zemantis once again. The two cars touched on lap 13, as Shisler tired to get by on the inside, and Degenhardt and Eddy closed on the lead pair again. Zemantis held on for the win, and Shisler held off Degenhardt to advance to the feature.

Things got just as hot in the second heat, as Chris Erhart's car burst into flames on the opening lap, prompting a quick yellow. Scott Ascher dominated on the restart, leaving the rest of the field to battle for the final transfer spot. Denny Bandt sat in second, held off a challenge early from Mitch Lyden, and another later from Randy Storlie, with Christopher Bires looking for a way by their battle. On lap 13, Storlie went to the outside, and used a lapped car to get by Bandt for the spot. Ascher took the win, with Storlie making his way to second at the finish.

Heat winners included Greg Scheck, Todd Korish, Corey Jankowski, Shane Huebel, Scott Beckler and Len Raupp.

Rory Melbinger pulled away from Trent Snyder at the start of the CWRA Oktoberfest 25, and paced the field for the first half of the race with little or no challenge from second-place Chris Weinkauf.

On lap 13, Melbinger came up on lapped traffic, and Weinkauf and Dan Fredrickson used this as their opportunity to close on the leader. Weinkauf looked to the inside of Melbinger on lap 18, but backed off as the cars came out of turn two.

Jason Szymkowiak and Brad Powell blew by race leader Jeff Wey on lap five, as they advanced to the CWRA Feature by taking first and second in the opening heat. After that, the CWRA cars had trouble completing their first lap, as multiple car accidents broke out on the front stretch in the second qualifying heat, as well as the Even Qualifiers heat. Monte Gress came through with the win over M.G. Gajewski in heat two, and Neil Knoblock and Rory Melbinger took the top spots in the Even Heat. Dan Fredrickson and Steve Johanneck took the top two spots in the Odd Heat.

Two early yellows marred the action in the Last Chance Race, but Todd Stapleman and Steve Johanneck made a relentless charge through the field after the race went green, but Johanneck tangled with Wayne Cottrell with one lap to go to bring out a late yellow. Jeff Way took the win, with Bob Kubisiak second, Stapleman third, and Tim Myer fourth.

Nathan Haseleau and Luke Westenberg battled for the lead side by side for the first lap, but they bumped in turn one, and Haseleu pulled out to the lead. On lap three, two cars spun in turn one in a tightly bunched field, and the turn looked like a parking lot as cars braked to avoid the spinning cars.

Haseleu continued to pace the field on the restart, with Westenberg, Ken Olson, Scott Bleecker and Scott Null making it a five-car breakaway. Olson got by Westenberg on lap 17, and he started to close on Haseleu as they worked through lapped traffic.

Westenberg battled back by both Olson and Haseleu briefly, but had to back off as he got trapped behind a lapped car on lap 22. Two laps later, Westenberg slid out of the groove, and slammed the turn three wall, ending his night, and setting up a one-lap shootout to the finish.

Haseleu pulled away on the restart, leaving little doubt that he would take the win, Scott Null tried to duck underneath Smith at the finish, but Smith held on for the runner-up spot. Null was third, followed by

Justin Switlick, Mike Ehde and Ken Olson won the heats for the Limited Late Models.

Mike Bidlack moved out to the early lead in the Oktoberfest 20 for the Modifieds, but Steve Johanneck came on quickly, taking over the top spot with an inside pass coming out of turn four on lap five. Dave Kaus got by Bidlack on lap eight, and started trying to close in on Johanneck. His efforts were to no avail, as Johanneck pulled away to the win. Kaus took second, followed by Bidlack, Wade Roggeman, Eldon Zacek and Curt Barfknecht. Kirk Olson, Brian Holtz, Jim Kulseth and Rick Tackman, Jr. rounded out the top ten.

Eldon Zacek and Curt Barfknecht took the heat wins for the Modifieds.

Todd Norder survived an early yellow, and a challenge by Andy Jirik after the yellow to dominate the first half of the race in the Midwest Trucks Oktoberfest 20. Charlie Cottam moved up to challenge, getting by Jirik just after the midpoint, and closing on the leader. As Cottom looked for a way to get to the lead, Dan Harris closed on the lead pair, setting up a three car charge to the finsh.

On the final lap, Cottam and Norder touched in turn one, but Norder held on and took the win, with Cottam second and Harris third. Dan Heinritz and John Wood rounded out the top five. Jirik took sixth, followed by Gary Ziegler, Dave Gruenberg, Fred Oswald and Scott Null.

Bart Pinzuti and Dan Heinritz came away with heat wins in the division.


Oktoberfest Race Weekend Friday Summary

CWRA Late Models

Oktoberfest 25 - 1. Rory Melbinger, Marshfield, WI; 2. Chris Weinkauf, Merrill, WI; 3. Dan Fredrickson, Lakeville, MN; 4. Trent Snyder, Ironton, MN; 5. Bobby Wilberg, Orfordville, WI; 6. Gary Back, Vesper, WI; 7. Don Turner, La Crosse; 8. Kirby Kurth, Nekoosa, WI; 9. Rocky Breezer, Poynette, WI; 10. Dean LaPointe, Marshfield, WI; 11. Rex Rossier, Plover, WI; 12. M.G. Gajewski, Wausau, WI; 13. Brad Powell, La Crosse; 14. Jeff Wey, Madison, WI; 15. Joe Kryzkowski, Junction City, WI

Last Chance - 1. Jeff Wey, ; 2. Bob Kubisiak, Wisconsin Rapids, WI; 3. Todd Stapleman, Wautoma, WI; 4. Tim Myer, Tomah; 5. Wayne Cotrell, Wausau, WI

Qualifying - 1. Bobby Wilberg, Orfordville, WI, 19.819 secs., 99.147 MPH; 2. Kirby Kurth, Nekoosa, WI, 20.002 secs., 98.240 MPH; 3. Gary Back, Vesper, WI, 20.093 secs., 97.795 MPH; 4. John Zimmerman, Markesan, WI, 20.119 secs., 97.669 MPH; 5. Dean La Point, Marshfield, WI, 20.155 secs., 97.494 MPH

Qualifying Heat 1 - 1. Jason Szymkowiak, Stevens Point, WI; 2. Brad Powell, La Crosse; 3. Jeff Wey, Madison, WI; 4. Steve Johanneck, Litchfield, MN; 5. Jim Bilotta, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Qualifying Heat 2 - 1. Monte Gress, Neillsville, WI; 2. M. G. Gajewski, Wausau, WI; 3. Tim Myer, Tomah, WI; 4. Kevin Lofquist, Nelson, MN; 5. Todd Stapleman, Wautoma, WI

Odd Qualifiers Heat - 1. Dan Fredrickson, Lakeville, MN; 2. Steve Johanneck, Litchfield, MN; 3. Trent Snyder, Ironton, MN; 4. Chris Weinkauf, Merrill, WI; 5. Dean LaPointe, Marshfield, WI

Even Qualifiers Heat - 1. Neil Knoblock, Wausau, WI; 2. Rory Melbinger, Marshfield, WI; 3. Kirby Kurth, Nekoosa, WI; 4. Rex Rossier, Plover, WI; 5. Don Turner, La Crosse

Limited Late Models

Oktoberfest 25 - 1. Nathan Haseleau, Marshall, WI; 2. Ken Olson, Fort Atkinson, WI; 3. Scott Null, Lake Mills, WI; 4. Dean Hackl, Lone Rock, WI; 5. Kurt Clapper, Dane, WI; 6. Jerry Parker, Palmyra, WI; 7. Justin Switlick, Wausau, WI; 8. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien, WI; 9. Scott Nottlestad, Stoughton, WI; 10. Mike Taylor, Stoughton, WI; 11. Tim DeGroot, Kaukauna, WI; 12. Dale Smith, Lake Mills, WI; 13. Toph Gray, Madison, WI; 14. Ryan Ley, Sullvan, WI; 15. Bruce Havel, Deerfield, WI

Qualifying - 1. Chris Schulenberg, Cross Plains, WI, 20.279 secs., 96.898 MPH; 2. Scott Null, Lake Mills, WI, 20.649 secs., 95.162 MPH; 3. Scott Nottlestad, Stoughton, WI, 20.665 secs., 95.088 MPH; 4. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien, WI, 20.734 secs., 94.772 MPH; 5. Mike Taylor, Stoughton, WI, 20.894 secs., 94.046 MPH

Qualifying Heat - 1. Justin Switlick, Wausau, WI; 2. Ryan Ley, Sullivan, WI; 3. Mark Miller, Columbus, WI; 4. Brady Liddle, Oregon, WI; 5. Jeremy Switlick, Wausau, WI

Odd Qualifiers Heat - 1. Ken Olson, Fort Atkinson, WI; 2. Dale Smith, Lake Mills, WI; 3. Chris Schulenberg, Cross Plains, WI; 4. Scott Nottlestad, Stoughton, WI; 5. Luke Westenberg, Palyra, WI

Even Qualifiers Heat - 1. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien; 2. Dean Hackl, Lone Rock, WI; 3. Kurt Clapper, Dane, WI; 4. Nathan Haseleu, Marshall, WI; 5. Scott Null, Lake Mills, WI

Midwest Trucks

Oktoberfest 20 - 1. Todd Norder, Janesville, WI; 2. Charlie Cottam, Janesville, WI; 3. Dan Harris, Madison, WI; 4. Dan Heinritz, Green Bay, WI; 5. John Wood, Sun Prairie, WI; 6. Andy Jirik, Lonsdale, MN; 7. Gary Ziegler, Cottage Grove, WI; 8. Dave Gruenberg, Madison, WI; 9. Fred Oswald, Lake Mills, WI; 10. Scott Null, Lake Mills, WI; 11. Lee Meyerdirk, Rogers, MN; 12. Bart Pinziti, New Berlin, WI; 13. Kevin Glosemeyer, Janesville, WI; 14. Brian Hankins, Sun Prairie, WI

Heat 1 - 1. Bart Pinzuti, New Berlin, WI; 2. Charlie Cottom, Janesville, WI; 3. Andy Jirik, Lonsdale, MN; 4. Gary Ziegler, Cottage Grove, MN; 5. Fred Oswald, Lake Mills, WI

Heat 2 - 1. Dan Heinritz, Green Bay, WI; 2. Dan Harris, Madison, WI; 3. John Wood, Sun Prairie, WI; 4. Lee Meyerdirk, Rogers, MN; 5. Scott Null, Lake Mills, WI


Oktoberfest 20 - 1. Dave Kaus, Bloomington, MN; 2. Mike Bidlack, Elkhorn, WI; 3. Wade Roggeman, Brooklyn Park, MN; 4. Eldon Zacek, St. Peters, MO; 5. Curt Barfknecht, Elko, MN; 6. Kirk Olson, Reedstown, WI; 7. Brian Holtz, Franklin, WI; 8. Jim Kulseth, Rosemount, MN; 9. Rick Tackman, Jr., New Berlin, WI; 10. Andy Anderson, Oregon, WI; 11. Roger Longseth, Madison, WI; 12. Steve Johnson, Ramsey, MN; 13. Jim Ross, Rhodes, IA; 14. Joel Willman, Friendship, WI

Heat 1 - 1. Eldon Zacek, St Peters, MO; 2. Brian Holtz, Franklin, WI; 3. Jim Kulseth, Rosemount, MN; 4. Stacey Russell, Slinger, WI; 5. Jim Ross, Rhodes, IA

Heat 2 - 1. Curt Barfknecht, Elko, MN; 2. Wade Roggeman, Brooklyn Park, MN; 3. Steve Johanneck, Litchfield, MN; 4. Kirk Olson, Reedstown, WI; 5. Dave Kaus, Bloomington, MN

Area Sportsman

Oktoberfest 25 - 1. Blake Horstman, Bangor, WI; 2. Scott Beckler, Sparta, WI; 3. Greg Scheck, West Salem, WI; 4. Randy Storlie, Wisconsin Rapids, WI; 5. Tom Thill, West Salem; 6. Larry Bolster, Jr., Sparta; 7. Josh Helfand, Rockford, IL; 8. Shane Huebel, Wonewoc, WI; 9. Larry DeVito, Camp Douglas, WI; 10. Adam Degenhardt, Coon Valley

Last Chance #1 - 1. Roger Zemantis, Prior Lake, MN; 2. Rick Shisler, La Crosse; 3. Adam Degenhardt, Coon Valley; 4. Kevin Eddy, Hatfield, WI; 5. Kevin Brescig, Baraboo, WI

Last Chance #2 - 1. Scott Ascher, Sussex, WI; 2. Randy Storlie, Wisconsin Rapids, WI; 3. Christopher Bires, Mauston, WI; 4. Denny Bandt, Portage, WI; 5. Mitch Lyden, Tomah, WI

Qualifying - 1. Ken Hutchens, Black River Falls, WI, 21.240 secs., 92.514 MPH (New Track Record); 2. Len Raupp, Reedsburg, WI, 21.365 secs., 91.973 MPH; 3. Dave Auringer, Prior Lake, MN, 21.380 secs., 91.908 MPH; 4. John Raupp, Reedsburg, WI, 21.420 secs., 91.737 MPH; 5. Dan Gilster, West Salem, 21.713 secs., 90.499 MPH

Qualifying Heat 1 - 1. Greg Scheck, West Salem, Wi; 2. Larry Bolster, Jr., Sparta; 3. Randy Storlie, Wisconsin Rapids, WI; 4. Denny Bandt, Portage, WI; 5. Kevin Peterson, Nekoosa, WI

Qualifying Heat 2 - 1. Todd Korish, La Crosse; 2. Josh Helfand, Rockford, IL; 3. Jamie Farrell, New Prague, MN; 4. Rick Shisler, La Crosse; 5. Kevin Prescig, Baraboo

Qualifying Heat 3 - 1. Corey Jankowski, Tomah, WI; 2. Paul Brown, Friendship, WI; 3. Curt Thompson, Fort Atkinson, WI; 4. Ron Preskar, Juneau, WI; 5. Mitch Lyden, Tomah, WI

Qualifying Heat 4 - 1. Shane Huebel, Wonewoc, WI; 2. Tom Thill, West Salem; 3. Kevin Eddy, Hatfield, WI; 4. Carey Hansel, Stoughton, WI; 5. Chad Goldbeck, La Crosse, WI

Odd Qualifiers Heat - 1. Scott Beckler, Sparta; 2. Mike DeMuth, Verona, WI; 3. Dave Auranger, Prior Lake, MN; 4. Ken Hutchens, Black River Falls, WI; 5. Blake Horstman, Bangor

Even Qualifiers Heat - 1. Len Raupp, Reedsburg; 2. Sean Smith, Montello, WI; 3. Kevin Thompson, Palmyra, WI; 4. John Raupp, Reedsburg; 5. Brian Paszek, Middleton, WI

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