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May 6 - NASCAR Late Models, Sportsman, Thunderstox, Hornets May 13 - NASCAR Late Models, Sportsman, Thunderstox, Queen Bees May 20 - NASCAR Late Models, Sportsman, Thunderstox, Hornets HOLZHAUSEN BATTLES BACK TO TAKE LA CROSSE FEATURE by...

May 6 - NASCAR Late Models, Sportsman, Thunderstox, Hornets

May 13 - NASCAR Late Models, Sportsman, Thunderstox, Queen Bees

May 20 - NASCAR Late Models, Sportsman, Thunderstox, Hornets


by David W. Morgan

(West Salem, WI - April 29, 2000) If you want an indication of how tough the NASCAR Late Model field at the La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway is, you need to look no further than the feature on Saturday night. Four of the faster cars were caught up in accidents, and NASCAR Re\Max star Steve Carlson pitted on an early caution, and had to work through the 25-car field. Despite starting on the pole, veteran Steve Holzhausen had to retake the lead from Mike Belling, then hold off Kevin Nuttleman in a six-lap shootout to take the win.

Things nearly got ugly early, as Holzhausen and Tim Schendel touched on the first lap, and although they managed to gather their cars, the chain reaction check up caught four cars deep in the field, and Marv DeGarmo's Grand Prix ended up on top of Tim Nelson's Monte Carlo in turn two. Tim Hagen and Todd Oliver also got caught up in the mess, which prompted a complete restart of the race.

Schendel was slow on the start this time, as Holzhausen jumped to the lead, and Mike Belling and Brent Kirchner got around Schendel quickly to move to the front. Belling ducked underneath Holzhausen on lap two, and took the lead a lap later as the two cars came roaring out of turn four.

A second yellow flew on lap five, as Mike Ehde spun in turn for, forcing Greg Scheck to shoot through the grass to avoid him. Belling and Holzhausen stayed in front on the restart, as Brad Powell moved by Kirchner into third briefly, but Kirchner retook the spot on lap eight. As Kirchner and Powell battled, the lead pair pulled away, and Kevin Nuttleman, Paul Proksch, Mark Lamoreaux and Tony Bagstad closed in on the battle for second.

Kirchner dropped down in front of Powell on lap 17, and Nuttleman quickly moved underneath Powell, taking fourth from him the following lap, with Proksch following through. At the front of the pack, Holzhausen looked inside of Belling twice, then went to the outside, retaking the lead on lap 14, making his pass coming out of turn four as well.

As Holzhausen charged back to the lead, Nuttleman and Proksch moved by Kirchner, and started chasing down the lead pair. Nuttleman moved by Belling on lap 17, with Proksch moving by a lap later, as Powell tried to hold off Lamoreaux just behind them. That battle ended a lap later, as the two touched in turn one, setting off an eight car accident that also collected Kirchner, Schendel, Kraig Burrows, Andy Burgess, Todd Korish and Kurt Thicke.

Holzhausen got a good jump on the final restart, but Nuttleman stayed right with him. On lap 23, Nuttleman tried to get by on the outside, but Holzhausen held him at bay, and pulled out to a two-car advantage on the final lap. Nuttleman made one more attempt for the win heading into turn three, but he slipped up the track, and Holzhausen took the win. Nuttleman finished second, followed by Proksch, Belling and Steve Carlson. Rick Wateski, Tony Bagstad, Tom Carlson, Jeff Krueger and Thicke rounded out the top ten.

Kraig Burrows won the B-Feature, Qualifying Heats went to Mike Ehde and Todd Oliver, and the Odd and Even Bud Dashes went to Holzhausen and Kirchner.

Jimmy Gilster battled Ralph Cottone early, then held off every move Jeff Baker had as he earned his first-ever Sportsman feature win.

On the final lap, Baker ducked inside of Gilster heading into three, then drove hard into four to pull even. He slid the car through four, and that was just enough for Gilster to pull ahead by 1/4-length to earn his first win.

Baker was second, followed by Horstman, Barrette and Ciano. Rob Mahan, Dan Gilster, Corey Jankowski, Cottone and Tom Thill rounded out the top ten.

Mike Campbell took the B-Main, John Grosskopf won the slow heat, Phil Schreier and Ralph Barrette took qualifying heats, and the Bud Dashes went to Greg Scheck and Ralph Cottone.

Jason Bolster took just two features to make it back to Victory Lane in 2000, as he sets his sights on the championship that barely eluded him last season. He chased down Bill Inglett, taking the lead on lap 11, and came away with his first win of the season.

Bolster chased down Inglett, charging up on the outside, and the two drove one lap door handle to door handle, before Bolster pulled down into the lead, and the win.

Inglett held off Jacob for second, while Schendel and Al Bartels rounded out the top five. Positions six through ten went to Adam Degenhardt, Les Stanfield, Hendrickson, George Prise and Ashbacher.

Degenhardt advanced to the feature by taking the B-Feature, while heat wins went to Secor, Inglett, Jacob and Bolster. Bolster made it a clean sweep by taking the Bud Dash as well.

Midwest Fuels NASCAR Late Models

Pischke Motors 25 - 1. Steve Holzhausen, Bangor; 2. Kevin Nuttleman, Bangor; 3. Paul Proksch, Stoddard; 4. Mike Belling, La Crosse; 5. Steve Carlson, West Salem; 6. Rick Wateski, La Crosse; 7. Tony Bagstad, Cashton; 8. Tom Carlson, La Crosse; 9. Jeff Krueger, La Crescent, MN; 10. Kurt Thicke, West Salem; 11. Todd Oliver, Bangor; 12. Troy Goodenough, Mindoro; 13. Andy Burgess, Rice Lake; 14. Ronnie Hawley, Jr., Winona, MN; 15. Todd Korish, La Crosse; 16. Greg Scheck, West Salem; 17. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien; 18. Mark Lamoreaux, Bloomington, MN; 19. Brad Powell, La Crosse; 20. Brent Kirchner, La Crosse; 21. Tim Schendel, Sparta; 22. Kraig Burrows, Barre Milles; 23. Tim Hagen, La Crescent; 24. Marv DeGarmo, Chaseburg; 25. Tim Nelson, La Crescent, MN

B-Feature - 1. Kraig Burrows, Barre Mills; 2. Marv DeGarmo, Chaseburg; 3. Greg Scheck, West Salem; 4. Tim Hagen, La Crescent, MN; 5. Tim Nelson, La Crescent, MN

Qualifying - 1. Brad Powell, La Crosse, 20.093 secs., 97.820 MPH; 2. Paul Proksch, Stoddard, 20.155 secs., 97.519 MPH; 3. Tony Bagstad, Cashton, 20.196 secs., 97.321 MPH; 4. Kevin Nuttleman, Bangor, 20.200 secs., 97.302 MPH;=20 5. Andy Burgess, Rice Lake, 20.228 secs., 97.167 MPH

Qualifying Heat 1 - 1. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien; 2. Rick Wateski, La Crosse; 3. Kraig Burrows, Barre Mills; 4. Tim Nelson, La Crescent, MN; 5. Bill Niles, Holmen

Qualifying Heat 2 - 1. Todd Oliver, Bangor; 2. Troy Goodenough, Mindoro; 3. Tim Hagen, La Crescent, MN; 4. Greg Croell, Lawler, IA; 5. Marv Degarmo, Chaseburg

Odd Bud Dash - 1. Steve Holzhausen, Bangor; 2. Steve Carlson, West Salem; 3. Tony Bagstad, Cashton; 4. Jeff Krueger, La Crescent; 5. Kurt Thicke, West Salem

Even Bud Dash - 1. Brent Kirchner, La Crosse; 2. Paul Proksch, Stoddard; 3. Kevin Nuttleman, Bangor; 4. Mark Lamoreaux, Bloomington, MN; 5. Tom Carlson, La Crosse

Ray Hutson Chevy Sportsman

Pishcke Motors 15 - 1. Jimmy Gilster, West Salem; 2. Jeff Baker, Holmen; 3. Blake Horstman, Bangor; 4. Jon Barrette, La Crosse; 5. Tony Ciano, La Crosse; 6. Rob Mahan, Sparta; 7. Dan Gilster, West Salem; 8. Corey Jankowski, Tomah; 9. Ralph Cottone, Burns; 10. Tom Thill, West Salem; 11. Sam Andersen, Melrose; 12. Rick Steinhoff, Cashton; 13. Kevin Eddy, Hatfield; 14. Greg Scheck, West Salem; 15. Chand Wehling, Stoddard

B-Feature - 1. Mike Campbell, Bangor; 2. Rick Shisler, La Crosse; 3. Don Henderson, Holmen; 4. Larry Bolster, Jr., Sparta; 5. John Korish, La Crosse

Qualifying - 1. Dan Gilster, West Salem, 22.742 secs., 86.426 MPH; 2. Jeff Baker, Holmen, 22.791 secs., 86.240 MPH; 3. Sam Andersen, Melrose, 22.834 secs., 86.078 MPH; 4. Tony Ciano, La Crosse, 22.899 secs., 85.833 MPH; 5. Corey Jankowski, Tomah, 22.908 secs., 85.800 MPH

Heat 1 - 1. John Grosskopf, La Crosse; 2. Mike Jacobs, La Crosse; 3. Ernie Sanders, Jr., La Crosse; 4. Al Bartels, Tomah; 5. Mark Olson, Lewiston, MN

Qualifying Heat 2 - 1. Phil Schreier, Sparta; 2. Dan Linnehan, Sparta; 3. Rick Shisler, La Crosse; 4. Jonathan Harrison, Cashton; 5. Chuck Timm, Galesville

Qualifying Heat 3 - 1. Ralph Barrette, Stoddard; 2. Dennis Osthoff, Romance; 3. Mike Campbell, Bangor; 4. Don Henderson, Holmen; 5. Dan Gallagher, Holmen

Odd Bud Dash - 1. Ralph Cottone, Bangor; 2. Rob Mahan, Sparta; 3. Tom Thill, West Salem; 4. Dan Gilster, West Salem; 5. Morris Proctor, Genoa

Even Bud Dash - 1. Greg Scheck, West Salem; 2. Jimmy Gilster, West Salem; 3. Jon Barrette, La Crosse; 4. Jeff Baker, La Crosse; 5. Tony Ciano, La Crosse

United Auto Supply Thunderstox

Pishke Motors 15 - 1. Jason Bolster, Sparta; 2. Bill Inglett, La Crosse; 3. Dale Jacob, Winona, MN; 4. Kelly Schendel, Cashton; 5. Al Bartels, Tomah; 6. Adam Degenhardt, Coon Valley; 7. Les Stanfield, La Crosse; 8. John Hendrickson, La Crosse; 9. George Prise, La Crosse; 10. Dean Ashbacher, Rockland; 11. Ken McHenry, La Crosse; 12. Matt Inglett, La Crosse; 13. Jes Tenner, Melrose; 14. Rob Curran, Rockland; 15. Pat Horihan, West Salem

B-Feature - 1. Adam Degenhardt, Coon Valley; 2. Craig Kohlmeier, Hokah, MN; 3. Ken McHenry, La Crosse; 4. Chris Vinson, West Salem; 5. Rob Curran, Rockland

Heat 1 - 1. Dan Secor, West Salem; 2. Dean Ashbacher, Rockland; 3. Kelly Schendel, Cashton; 4. George Prise, La Crosse; 5. Matt Inglett, La Crosse

Heat 2 - 1. Bill Inglett, La Crosse; 2. Jason Bolster, Sparta; 3. Les Stanfield, La Crosse; 4. Mark Challet, Bangor; 5. Jeff Schaitel, Mindoro

Heat 3 - 1. Dale Jacob, Winona; 2. Mary Schill, Burnsville, MN; 3. John Hendrickson, La Crosse; 4. Pat Horihan, West Salem; 5. Al Bartels, Tomah

Bud Dash - 1. Jason Bolster, Sparta; 2. Dean Ashbacher, Rockland; 3. Mary Schill, Burnsville, MN; 4. Dan Secor, West Salem; 5. Bill Inglett, La Crosse

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