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Cywinski Looks Forward To Shot at A Title in Atlanta ASA Finale ...

Cywinski Looks Forward To Shot at A Title in Atlanta ASA Finale #His Third ASA National Championship at Stake, WLG Has Big Plans

LAKEVILLE, MN (October 26, 2004) -- As Kevin Cywinski heads into the ASA National Tour's season ending race at Atlanta Motor Speedway (GA), he finds himself in the point lead. That's not unusual since he's won two previous ASA championships and has been the leader for this year's title all season long.

What is a little bit different in the scenery in his rear view mirror.

"It's been a weird year for everyone," said Cywinski. "Nobody has been able to take over for very long when it comes to the points. Mike Garvey has been there all year long, but now Reed (Sorenson) and Bryan (Reffner) are right behind us. We've got a little bit of a lead, but we can't give up much at all going into this last race."

Cywinski won last season's championship and thinks that this season the series has gotten even tougher when it comes to winning.

"It would mean a lot to win back-to-back championships," Cywinski said. "The competition hasn't gotten softer, even with some of the things that have happened in ASA. Everyone has gotten stronger this year."

Should he win his third title, he would join the likes of Mark Martin, Mike Eddy and Butch Miller as the only drivers to win three or more ASA National Championships in their storied careers. The last driver to win back-to-back championships was Eddy in 1991 and 1992.

Sorenson is 45 points behind Cywinski. The two racers have had a little history between them and Atlanta should make for a good title fight.

"Reed's only been in the series for a few years, so I haven't raced him as much as some of the other guys," said Cywinski. "It seems to be either hot or cold with us. We had an altercation with him at Elko earlier this year when he got together with the #4 car (Stephen Leicht) and took us out, but we've also had some good races. At Mansfield, he ran us clean and we had a great race together."

The championship won't be the only thing on Cywinski's mind at Atlanta. The city is home to his new sponsor, World Leadership Group, and there are a few exciting things in store for the weekend.

"We signed WLG at Milwaukee and they are getting their feet wet in racing," said Cywinski. "They are really looking forward to this event because it's in their backyard. They are renting a condo for the whole weekend and will have plenty of people there for the races."

The most significant thing for Cywinski though is the fact that WLG will have a vintage racecar at the track and will be letting their driver take it out for some pace laps before the Nextel Cup race. It's not just any racecar though. It's the car that Dale Earnhardt used to win at Atlanta with in 1989.

"Without a doubt, this is something that I will remember forever," said Cywinski. "Earnhardt won all of the time and whether you loved him or hated him, you were a fan of his if you followed racing.

Cywinski would like to also add his name to the list of winners at Atlanta. His team has struggled through a few of the speedway races this season, but look to have improvements ins tore this weekend.

"We've made quite a few changes since Charlotte," said Cywinski. "We're bringing a different car to Atlanta. We've been working feverishly to try and not incorporate some of the bad things from the other car into it. We're optimistic. We had a good test at Atlanta back in the spring. We'll be in good shape."

Country Joe Racing, with Kevin Cywinski and rookie Joey Miller, is Minnesota's #1 professional racing organization.


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