Kawartha race report/results 2001-07-06

Canadian Dave Mcknight Takes Kawaratha Speedway ISMA Inaugural Peterborough, Ont. - Dave McKnight topped the ISMA field at Kawartha Speedway Friday night in the their inaugural event there. McKnight grabbed the lead from a strong-running Jon...

Canadian Dave Mcknight Takes Kawaratha Speedway ISMA Inaugural

Peterborough, Ont. - Dave McKnight topped the ISMA field at Kawartha Speedway Friday night in the their inaugural event there. McKnight grabbed the lead from a strong-running Jon Henes on lap 28 and went on to his second ISMA feature win of the season. He fended off Canadian-American exchange attempts with first, point leader Lou Cicconi, and near race end with Joe Gosek. McKnight slammed the door on Gosek more than once in the waning laps, leaving the potent Dunigan team without a victory since last September. McKnight had several close calls along the way to the win before the large crowd on hand to watch their first supermodified event here.

"What can I say. Hats off the Patco team," said Brampton, Ontario's McKnight. "They did an excellent job. We chased the track all day today and we got it at the end. I didn't see Joe right there at the end on the back straightaway. We got together. I didn't mean to get into him. It was the checkered flag - the last lap - and everything is on the line. Anyway, hats off to crew, the Patco supermodified team. Everyone did a great job tonight. Thanks to them all."

Joe Gosek, who had the very last chance at McKnight commented in victory lane, "The car started out so-so and then it got pushy and we got back a ways. But that red changed the brakes and the car hooked up. We needed a few more laps. I think we were quicker than Dave and then we came together there. I guess he realized that that was the last lap. That's racing. Things happen. He won and we were second. We'll take that. The crew did a great job tonight. We struggled and then to come back for a second place is great. I'd like to thank everybody who came out to watch."

Third place finisher, Howie Lane, probably had the biggest smile with his best finish to date after a year or so hiatus, "This felt good. I'll tell you. The longer we ran green, the better my car was getting. We created a push in the front, and those two guys up front, they were running good. Nobody was a problem at all out there tonight. They all ran a good line. If they saw you, they let you go. I thought it was a great race I had no trouble with any traffic. I'm just really happy to be here in third."

Ohio rookie Jon Henes took up the early lead in the 75-lapper at Kawartha but a broken wing bracket on the Sammut 78 slowed things soon thereafter. Mark Buonomo's 88 also took to the infield with fatal motor problems.

Henes was off at the restart trailed by Joey Hawksby and Brad Lichty, while attrition came fast and furious as Doug Kells pulled the Tetrault 38 smoking on lap 7 and a lap 10 tangle took out second-place-in-points, Chris Perley and Joe Grunda, up from Georiga, on hooks. Brad Lichty also had to park the 84 McKnight team car here due to motor ills.

Green fell as Henes continued to lead with young lions Joey Hawksby and Jamie Timmons battling for second as Joe Gosek, Joe Petro, Lou Cicconi and Joey Payne were making their way forward.

Yellow flew again on lap 14 for the 29 of Russ Wood and the 14 of Scott Martel. Wood suffered terminal damage while Martel would come back later in the event to finish 13th.

Henes could feel the boys bearing down on him on the restarts, but Jon held the upper hand until Dave McKnight pulled into third with Gosek, Cicconi and Payne hounding second place runner Timmons. McKnight got Timmons several laps later.

Joey Hawksby pulled out of a good run on lap 28 when the rear end let go, putting him into the pits with a growing crowd.

On this restart, McKnight put the 94 past Henes, but Jon held a good line to hold back Timmons, Cicconi, Gosek and Joe Payne.

Unfortunately, the next yellow was for Timmons who took a hard left off four into the inner cement wall. Red fell for refueling as the Timmons 27 was removed.

Fourteen cars remained on the track, but the racing continued hot and heavy. McKnight slowly found Lou Cicconi knocking at the back door as Lou moved closer lap after lap. Payne, Gosek, Henes and Howie Lane remained in a tight pack right behind.

As lap 40 ticked off, Cicconi and McKnight approached some slower cars and the fun began. Lou took the lead getting under a lap car but McKnight grabbed it right back. The Canadian-American exchange began to heat up. It was McKnight the leader on 41, and 42, but Cicconi was out front on lap 43 as the duo came around the 63 of Burdett Bennett.

Cicconi led on lap 44 with Bennett creating a little added cushion between he and the 94, but McKnight came right back up to challenge. A brush between the two on the front straight caused Cicconi to come around and bring out the yellow and pick up a trip to the rear.

McKnight commented on the incident in victory lane, "Lou got by me in traffic as he got under a slow car in two. I caught him back in three and we were wheel to wheel coming up on four. I went as close to the wall as I could. But, it was just one of those things. We got together, unfortunately. It wasn't a big bump, but Lou just came around. It wasn't intentional, that's for sure. Everybody is a hard runner - Lou, Russ, Chris, Joe - it's hard to win in this series. Those guys will be just as tough tomorrow." Now the challenger was Joe Payne with Howie Lane, Joe Gosek and Howie Page the top five.

It looked like McKnight was opening up a good lead while Cicconi moved back up through the depleted field. But a lap 55 yellow, the last, for debris, bunched the boys for the last time.

McKnight was able to pull away slight on green, but it was Gosek who got a renewed breath here and he took over second one lap later, with Howie Lane also getting by Payne, who appeared to be losing ground. Cicconi was up to fifth by lap 57.

Once again the lead duo took a few laps to get back into slow traffic, but when they did the crowd sat breathless as the 94 and 26 diced back and forth. Gosek pressured McKnight hard for the last five laps with the aforementioned brush of tires coming out back on the final circuit. McKnight crossed the line in first, amidst the cheers of the partial Canadian crowd with Gosek, Lane, Cicconi and Page the top five. The tired ISMA contingent, some with a lot of work to do over night, packed it up and headed south west to the Cayuga 2000 Speedway for Saturday evening's event. <pre> SUMMARY ISMA Event #6: Heat 1: Joey Hawksby, Joe Gosek, Jamie Timmons, Jon Henes, Ken Bell, John Payne, Wade Litt, Doug Kells, Charlie DiRosa.

Heat 2: Brad Lichty, Dave McKnight, Joe Petro, Howie Lane, Chris Perley, Randy Ritskes, Scott Martel, Jennifer Chesbro, Burdett Bennett

Heat 3: Joey Payne, Lou Cicconi, Russ Wood, Joe Grunda, Howie Page, Mark Sammut, Jim Shirey, Mark Buonomo

Consi: Martel, Litt, Kells, Chesbro, Bennett, Buonomo, DiRosa, Shirey dns

MOLSON 75: 1. Dave McKnight(94), 2. Joe Gosek(26), 3. Howie Lane(97), 4. Lou Cicconi(75), 5. Howie Page(18), 6. Joey Payne(66), 7. Ken Bell(32), 8. Jon Henes(36), 9. Joe Petro(99), 10. Randy Ritskes(16), 11. Wade Litt(07), 12. Jennifer Chesbro(33), 13. Scott Martel(14), 14, Burdett Bennett, 15. Jamie Timmons (27), 16. Joey Hawksby(2), 17. John Payne(67), 18. Russ Wood(29), 19. Brad Lichty(84), 20. Joe Grunda(1), 21. Chris Perley(11), 22. Doug Kells(38), 23. Mark Sammut(78), 24. Mark Buonomo(88)


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