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October 13, 1995 "Pennsylvania 400"; Jennerstown (PA) Speedway

Finished: 2nd Started: 20th (18.956, 99.135 mph) A beautiful autumn day in the laurel highlands of western PA was the setting for a typical short track classic put on by the veterans of the ASA. At the green flag Bob was in 21st. Within the first 5 laps, Andy Bozell, made contact with Bob on the right rear bumper which only caused minor cosmetic damage. By lap 8 he was 20th, lap 14 -19th, 18th by lap 15. The first caution flew at lap 16 for debris, Bob radioed the crew that the car was "pushing", the green waved at lap 19. He was 17th by lap 26, 16th by lap 27, 14th by lap 29 passing both Nott & Jones on the same lap as the high groove was "working well"; 13th by lap 43, 12th by lap 46, 11th by lap 52, 10th by lap 59. The 2nd caution waves at alp 66, as some of the leaders pit that moves Bob up to 8th, he says the car is "pushing, that we need more stagger...but we'll live with it for now". The race goes back to green at alp 72, he is 7th at lap 83, 6th at lap 89 the 3rd caution waves at the 112 lap mark, Bob pits for right side tires and gas and comes out 3rd with a great pit work from the Senneker Motorsports crew. The race goes back green at alp 128, Bob is 2nd at lap 132 and the "Bluebird" took the lead for the first time at lap 140, Bob led for the next 63 laps until lap 203. The car was "loose with too much stagger", Raines had pitted during the 4th caution and finally passed Senneker for the lead at lap 204. When the 5th caution flew at alp 216, Bob pitted for left side tires and gas, coming into the pits 2nd and coming out first at lap 214 with an awesome 10.6 second stop. When the race goes back green Bob is leading and led for the next 32 laps until the 6th yellow flew at alp 245, Bob pits for right side tires, with the crew performs another great stop, Bob comes out of the pits first but three cars do not pit which leaves Bob running 4th when the green flies at lap 256. Bob gets 3rd at lap 258, 2nd at lap 260 and the veteran from Dorr roars to the front at lap 287 and led until lap 332. During this portion of the race Bob was stout off turn 2, Eddy, Raines, Miller, Hansen all stacked up behind the "master" taking their turn trying to pass Bob and all were denied. When the 7th caution flew at lap 312, Bob elected to stay out as all the other leaders decide to pit. The strategy had worked in earlier races this year as well as earlier in this event, while the other drivers were quick on new tires for about 10 laps, Senneker's Ford has a knack for running its best laps on worn tires. When the race went green at lap 318, Bob was running first again until he was passed by Eddy at lap 333, then he was dropped to third at lap 346, when Mike Miller passed him. At lap 356, Bob radioed the crew that he had developed a miss in the engine, he switched ignition boxes but that didn't solve the problem, Bob said it felt like a plug wire. The 8th Caution flew at lap 377, as a lapped car spun in turn 4, Miller dove low to miss the car but Eddy plowed into the car knocking him from the race. The race went green at lap 384, with the Ford only hitting on 5 cylinders a charge against Miller was not a concern, but holding onto 2nd was as Tony Roper was closing in on Bob at the finish but Bob held him off for 2nd. "The old tires slowed us down at the end, but with the motor hitting on only 5 cylinders due to a plug wire off, new tires wouldn't have gotten us around Miller anyway plus we would have been fighting for 6th and 7th instead", Senneker said. "We were lucky to hold on for 2nd. The track gets slippery and normally easy on tire where, today it was not. The Lane Automotive/JR Automation Ford could run anywhere we wanted to today". The top 10 was Mike Miller, Senneker, Roper, Cywinski, Smokstad, Bell, Loney, St. Amant, Landis and Hansen. This was Senneker's third runner-up finish of the year, he won $11,410 for his efforts pushing his series leading money total to $133,380. Bob was also able to regain the lead in the Goodyear Deal Points over Raines with a 60-55 margin, the winner of the Goodyear program receives tires for the 1997 season. In the points Senneker moved into 3rd place 110 points behind the leader Raines which means Raines must finish 29th or below for Bob to surpass him in the points. Pontiac leads the manufacturers points with 43 with Ford 41 and Chevrolet 30. The final ASA race of the season will take place at Southern National Speedway in Kenly, NC for the "North Carolina 300" on November 17th, the race will be telecast live on TNN at 1 p.m. (EST) **************************************************************************** ************************** AC Delco Challenge Series Points (After 19 events)

1. Tony Raines 2994 11. Ted Smokstad 2489 2. Gary St. Amant 2941 (-53) 12. Mike Eddy 2329 3. BOB SENNEKER 2884 (-110) 13. Harold Fair 2131 4. Kevin Cywinski 2862 14. Carl Miskotten (R) 2097 5. Scott Hansen 2861 15. Bill Baird 2062 6. Dave Sensiba 2803 16. Jack Landis (R) 2001 7. Mike Miller 2716 17. Tom Jones 1930 8. Joe Nott 2679 18. Yale Conley 1907 9. Brad Loney 2640 19. Brett Bell (R) 1878 10. Tony Roper 2573 20. Dennis Lampman 1740 *****************************************************************************

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