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Rowe Slips By Fraser For First IPSC Victory Halifax, Nova Scotia (July 24) - Many followers of the International Pro Stock Challenge (IPSC) have said it was only a matter of time before Turner, Maine's Ben Rowe scored a win on the ...

Rowe Slips By Fraser For First IPSC Victory

Halifax, Nova Scotia (July 24) - Many followers of the International Pro Stock Challenge (IPSC) have said it was only a matter of time before Turner, Maine's Ben Rowe scored a win on the series, but no-one was more surprised than Ben Rowe when the win came in Saturday night's Copenhagen Inc./Ultramar Corner Stores 150 at Scotia Speedworld. Rowe literally grabbed the lead from Scott Fraser of Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia on lap 145 of 150 as the two were passing lapped traffic. "I was ready to settle for second," said an elated Rowe in Victory Lane. "Scotty (Fraser) was strong. I figured I could catch him but I knew I wouldn't get by him - like I said second was looking pretty good." The win was worth $6,250 for Rowe from the $30,975 posted awards for the event. Fraser collected $3,700. Mike MacKenzie, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia was third, with Bub Bilodeau, Standish, Maine and Steve Henderson, Truro, Nova Scotia rounding out the top five. Dan Eddy, from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, added $1,200 to his winnings for the night by accepting the Copenhagen Inc./Ultramar Corner Stores Pole Challenge. Eddy forfeited his earned fifth-place starting spot to start at the rear of the pack with an opportunity to earn a $3,000 bonus if he had won the race or a guaranteed $100 bonus per position passed. He finished eighth, recovering from a couple of early race spins. Total winnings for Eddy - $2,100. Rowe and Fraser are locked in a tight points battle for the series title. Rowe led by one point heading to Scotia Speedworld for this event and Fraser leads by two after the race (598-596). With $15,000 and the Kelly Cup on the line for the champion, both drivers have points on their minds, but are taking it one race at a time. "Yeh, we think about the big picture," said Rowe, driver of the Tartan Textile Pontiac, "but - man, this is a sweet win." Fraser agrees with his adversary. "We're out there to win races," Fraser said. "If you win, the points will sort themselves out." Both second generation drivers, Rowe and Fraser seem to have been riding similar paths in their racing careers but until the IPSC have not had the opportunity to compete with each other on a regular basis. Rowe is the son of New England short track standout Mike Rowe, and Fraser the son of Eastern Canadian racing legend Frank Fraser. Fraser has an average finish of 3.75 after the first four rounds of '99 IPSC competition - Rowe of 4.0. In Snap-on Tools Time Trial competition for the Copenhagen Inc./Ultramar Corner Stores 150, Rowe ran a first lap of 14.33 seconds and set fast time for the day with a new track record on his second lap of 14.02 seconds. Amazingly, Fraser ran a first lap of 14.34 seconds and a second lap of 14.04 - just 1/100ths slower the first time around and 2/100ths slower the second time. With two races left on the '99 schedule - the August 28th Atlantic CAT 150 at Scotia Speedworld and September 11th Citra 150 at Oxford Plains Speedway, there is one race on each drivers "home turf". Fraser has spent much of his racing career at Scotia Speedworld and Rowe at Oxford Plains Speedway. Fraser won Round 1 of the '99 series at Oxford on May 22nd. Now that Rowe has won at Scotia, the playing field would seem to be leveled in spite of both insisting there is a home track advantage. "We'll have to just wait and see," they joked together in Victory Lane. Rowe started on the pole and led until Fraser ducked under him in traffic on lap 11. Fraser held the point to the lap 145 pass by Rowe. Fraser picked up the Provincial Electric Most Laps Led Award. He also was the winner of the Linco Fisheries Halfway Award. Bilodeau was the Snap-on Tools Teamwork Award winner. Rowe picked up the Motor Mart Dash For Cash and the Snap-on Tools Teamwork Award.

FINAL RESULTS (Unofficial): St. Driver/Hometown/Winnings (Total includes contingency programs) 1. 1 Ben Rowe, Turner, Maine, $6250 2. 5 Scott Fraser, Shubenacadie, N.S., $3700 3. 4 Mike MacKenzie, Dartmouth, N.S., $2000 4. 17 Bub Bilodeau, Standish, Maine, $1975 5. 2 Steve Henderson, Truro, N.S. $1500 6. 14 Doug Stokes, Dartmouth, N.S. $1000 7. 6 Kirk Thibeau, Fort Fairfield, Maine $1050 8. 20 Dan Eddy, Dartmouth, N.S. $2100 9. 16 Bobby White, Kennetcook, N.S. $850 10. 9 Tim Brackett, Oxford, Maine $900 11. 3 Gary Drew, W. Buxton, Maine $850 12. 18 John Flemming, Halifax, N.S. $700 13. 11 George Koszkulics, New Glasgow, NS $650 14. 13 Leo Cochrane, Halifax, N.S. $600 15. 10 Cy Harvey, Elmsdale, N.S. $550 16. 7 Scott Robbins, Dixfield, Maine $500 17. 12 Jerry Babb, Windham, Maine $475 18. 15 Marty Prevost, Fall River, N.S. $450 19. 8 Adam Friend, Pittsfield, Maine $425 20. 19 Mike Riley, Halifax, N.S. $400 21. 21 Johnny Clark, Hallowell, Maine $375

POINT STANDINGS AFTER ROUND 4 OF 6: 1. 598 Scott Fraser 2. 596 Ben Rowe 3. 542 Tim Brackett 4. 534 Adam Friend 5. 502 Scott Robbins 6. 500 Gary Drew 7. 492 Bub Bilodeau 8. 490 Mike MacKenzie 9. 483 John Flemming 10. 477 Jerry Babb 11. 426 Dan Eddy 12. 394 Kirk Thibeau 13. 394 Steve Henderson 14. 386 Johnny Clark 15. 348 Leo Cochrane 16. 339 Bobby White 17. 306 Derek Lynch 18. 300 Bill Zardo 19. 292 Ralph Nason 20. 284 Mike Riley 21. 284 Sam Sessions 22. 272 Marty Prevost 23. 271 Scott Chubbuck 24. 264 Cy Harvey 25. 258 Doug Stokes 26. 246 Dave Dion 27. 244 Peter Melanson 28. 236 Louie Mechalides 29. 216 Nick Nichols 30. 216 Trevor Hold 31. 214 Stan Dicks 32. 210 Jim McCallum 33. 207 Tommy Tompkins 34. 202 Chris Staples 35. 182 Steve Knowlton 36. 180 Bob Gerry 37. 172 Mike Rowe 38. 164 Larry Gelinas 39. 160 Todd Fitz 40. 158 Dana Staples 41. 152 Alan Wilson 42. 152 Glenn Josselyn 43. 148 Gary Bellefleur 44. 142 Henry Hudson 45. 136 Jeff Taylor 46. 130 Tom Mayberry 47. 126 George Koszkulics 48. 126 Stan Meserve 49. 124 Chuck Lachance 50. 120 Glen Luce

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